New Feature

A Brand New Video Player!

Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & COO
February 11 2020

We’re so excited to announce our brand new video player, it’s completely responsive, embeddable and customizable for your brand!

What's new


This means...

    •  No more square videos! You can now have videos of ANY size. So feel free to share videos recorded from a mobile device, or upload pre-existing video content. As you can see, our CTO, Josh Freeman, is very excited about this....
  • Your viewers have controls. They can now scroll through the video, change the audio, or watch in full-screen, all from the video player.
  • Videos are embeddable on your blog or website. Just copy the embed code from the Sendspark share modal to embed your video into any html document. 

Thoughts, feedback, questions?

Let us know! We would love to hear your feedback at We respond to all emails promptly.

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