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How to Use Video for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing and Videos

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based, where businesses pay commission to affiliates only when they drive conversion or sales. This is one of the reasons global brands are taking advantage of affiliate marketing to increase awareness and sales.

Affiliate marketers need to think out of the box to create an effective affiliate marketing program because of growing competition in affiliate marketing. One significant way is to make engaging video content to promote your affiliate links. Video or visual content is considered one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and boost conversions altogether.

Affiliate networks like, Clickbank, Awin help affiliate marketers choose from a variety of products that can be promoted via Video, and in this article, we discuss the top categories of affiliate marketers that can utilize the power of Video for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing for Vloggers, Product Review Websites

Affiliate marketing is the best way vloggers or websites can turn their visual content into a passive income stream. Vloggers can search for a relevant affiliate program relevant to their niche and then focus on maximizing affiliate links' effectiveness to generate more revenue from every click.

Using Video for eCommerce affiliate programs

Over the last few years, affiliate marketing has become a popular marketing tactic for eCommerce related blogs, especially product review websites and blogs. Many youtube channels and blogs focused on product reviews focus on creating trust with their audience by making video reviews of a category of products and promoting them. Videos are much better than just written content, and showing a product in Video also creates a more convincing argument. According to Forbes, 90% of people find product review videos helpful in making purchasing decisions. According to a Word Stream survey, 59% of people prefer to watch a video than read the text. 

Using Video for Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

People nowadays prefer to watch a video instead of reading a long article. This trend is visible on social networking sites, where video content has been becoming quite popular. According to Word stream, around 80% of users on Twitter watch video content. So, if you want to obtain fruitful results from your affiliate marketing strategies, incorporate effective video content in your marketing. So, if you're not using the video content as part of your affiliate marketing campaigns, try it now. Video content plays a significant role in boosting your affiliate marketing conversions and sales to a large extent. 

There are plenty of ways you can use videos in your marketing. For example, you can create a video newsletter to showcase exciting features and use cases. Apart from this, you can create a video portal to produce helpful videos related to your products or services for your subscribers. You may also make YouTube videos to retarget customers who land on your website. Creating affiliate marketing videos is not complicated and expensive anymore, mainly if you use Sendspark to create these videos. 

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