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9 Must-See Sales Training Videos to Turn Your Team into Winners

Sales have changed. As consumers become more educated and B2B buyers - more sophisticated, selling requires more finesse and empathy than ever before. Wolf-of-Wall-Street style push tactics are becoming less and less of a thing. 

As a star-up that serves salespeople and marketers, we’ve seen the evolution first-hand. That’s why we curated this list of 9 sales training videos that will transform the way you and your team sell.

Watch these and learn what it takes to survive (and thrive) in the new status quo. 

Robert Cialdini on selling more with reciprocity

Robert Cialdini is the bestselling author of "Persuasion". But his best advice on changing people’s minds isn’t to pressure, sweet-talk, or trick them. In this video, he sits down with to discuss his #1 tip: practicing reciprocity. 

Cialdini suggests that you focus on adding value for the prospect. People naturally respond to a dynamic of give-and-take. When you add value, you create gratitude and prime your target to do something for you in return. 

This video is fun to watch but heavy on practical knowledge. Cialdini and Gong’s Devin Reed are both heavyweights in their respective fields, and is a sales software company. Insights abound. 

Chris Voss on how to win any negotiation

Chris Voss is an ex-FBI hostage negotiator. Here, he shares critical lessons he learned from negotiating with some very unreasonable people in extremely high-stakes, high-pressure situations.

The skill Voss recommends you develop? Listening.

People who don't feel heard are unlikely to change their minds, try new things or compromise. Rather than push your point of view, make sure you’ve heard theirs. Save your objections for later.

In the video, Voss demonstrates how a few simple conversational techniques can ensure that your prospect perceives you as an ally who "gets it" rather than an outsider with an agenda.

If you were taught that effective selling is about being pushy, Voss' active listening techniques are a revelation. This is an excellent video for sales reps covering challenging territories.

Marc Wayshak with 6 proven ways to build rapport

In this short video training, Mark Wayshak gives you six ways to quickly and easily build rapport with potential clients. He breaks down behaviors you want to avoid; ones that make you seem sales-y.

More importantly, he gives you a sales process roadmap for approaching prospects. For example, you want to match your prospect's energy level instead of coming in at a higher one. You also want to break patterns by starting a sales conversation with an unexpected line. 

This video shows salespeople how to “act natural” and still close sales. Valuable for any sales professional, regardless of experience level. 

Jill Konrath on the #1 rule in effective sales

Here, Jill Konrath talks about the most common mistake in sales: multitasking. Trying to focus on more than one thing at a time doesn't allow us to prepare for important conversations properly. (It also takes your sales IQ from "Harvard Grad" to "eight-year-old.”)

In this simple-but-effective video, Konath explains how planning and single-tasking are the most important things you can do for sales success. “Winging it” is the worst thing you can do ,according to her. She recommends mapping out a strategy and blocking off time to prepare before each sales call. 

Show this beginner-friendly video to new sales reps. Encourage more experienced reps to re-watch to remember to single task and practice fundamentals.  

Bob Annoni on the importance of failing in sales

If you want to win, you must first learn how to fail. 

Many salespeople, especially new ones, want to "win" so badly that they come off as pushy and overbearing. Annoni explains that when we accept failure, we move beyond seeing "wins" and "losses" as reflections of our value, competence, or success. 

Once this happens, we can form meaningful connections with others. Letting go of the need to close makes space for genuine rapport - something you need to succeed in sales.

Like Jill Konrath, Bob Annoni's video can help sales reps build the mental resilience needed to accept setbacks. 

It's an especially important video to watch if you're selling on social media. On social, you give value first - and sell later, sometimes much later... So Bob's lessons hit home.

The Wolf of Wall Street on building rapport the right way

Hate him or love him, the real-life Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort - is a master of building rapport. We included him here for two reasons.

First, he's an incredible sales person. Watching him deliver this video is a masterclass all on its own. His body language, energy, and tonality are all top-notch.

Second, Belfort covers a common mistake new salespeople make: being too friendly for no reason. Belfort explains that building rapport means shaping a conversation. His tips are:

  • Start by establishing that you are the authority on your product or service.
  • Next, ask thoughtful questions to guide the conversation.
  • Avoid standard small talk or scripted questions. 

Show your sales team this video, and they'll know...

  • How to position yourself as the expert and use that authority to drive a conversation before attempting to build rapport; and
  • How to ask smart questions that guide conversations towards the sale.

Even expert sales representatives will learn something new from Belfort. That being said, the video is helpful for anyone looking to improve their sales techniques.

Jeffrey Gitomer on 9 key questions that close sales

If your pitches aren't landing, it may have nothing to do with how you're selling. The problem might be the pitch itself. As Jeff Gitomer explains, good selling is more than "This is what we do and how we do it." To succeed, you need to focus on perceived and expected value to the customer.  

Instead of pitching your product, Gitomer recommends zeroing in on the key concerns of any target: "What's in it for me?" and "How do I profit?" When you ask these questions, you won't need to worry about the "How much does it cost?" price objection. 

Check out the full video for Gitomer's nine questions to help you clarify your value propositions.

Karie Kaufmann's 7 killer sales questions

Kaufmann explains that when you allow targets to speak freely, you gain insight into what matters to them most. She then covers how a good salesperson uses questions to control conversations, collect valuable information, and handle objections.

Some of Kaufman's suggestions - "Can you tell me more about that?" and "How does that fit with what you had in mind?" - sound deceptively simple.

That being said, these simple questions may be the most practical. The more advanced questions she asks are tricker to use, especially for a new sales rep - but immensely effective.

Have your sales team watch this video before cold-calling important lists, key meetings, and as part of your sales training program.

Vanessa Van Edwards shows you how to talk to anyone with ease and confidence

Effective salespeople know that you begin by talking - not selling. In this video, self-taught communication expert Vanessa Van Edwards breaks down the fundamentals of a good conversation. She also shows you how to engage intentionally to make the most of any discussion. 

Van Edwards' number one piece of advice? Ask yourself, "What do I want to accomplish?" before starting a conversation. Knowing the purpose of a discussion will help you stay focused when speaking. You'll also listen more carefully.

As a little bonus, Van Edwards teaches you to exit a conversation gracefully. Very cool.

This is another excellent video for new sales recruits. Van Edwards' techniques give new sales reps the tools to overcome nervous energy and engage confidently.

The best sales video you won't find on the list

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