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AI-Generated Scripts: Crafting Engaging Sales Videos for Your Business

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to introduce a business. While not all users have time to look through the website, they can click the video and get the needed information within minutes. Videos offer various benefits to entrepreneurs:

  • Videos engage viewers.
  • Video retain people on the website longer.
  • Videos tell a story and humanize the brand.

However, developing such a video takes time and effort. You need to produce an engaging script to outline topics to bring up during the video to give a clear understanding of your purpose and persuade people to buy. Is the situation of staring at a blank page and not knowing what to say usually for you? You can resolve this issue thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Generative AI has proven its efficiency in overcoming writer’s block, creating articles, and optimizing content based on input. It can also help with producing scripts for your sales videos. Let’s look at the importance of AI and how to use it in shooting sales videos.

Understanding the Role of AI-Generated Scripts in Sales Videos

While AI can streamline various sales video creation steps, we will zero in on the first. We’ll analyze what AI can do for scriptwriting.

Robots rely on commands. There are various ways to interact with them, such as clicking buttons or sending messages in a chat. The more detailed information they get, the better result they will present. Thus, you will get more relevant and higher-quality content, increasing an eCommerce conversion rate or other metrics relevant to your niche.

Here are the reasons to utilize solutions for AI-powered video creation:

  • Boosting efficiency. AI produces content in seconds, allowing you to share more information with the audience. It decreases barriers to accessibility, increases search engine visibility, and saves you many hours of human transcription time. All you need is to check the completed text and record the video with your voice. You can focus on other duties when you outsource specific tasks to AI. For example, on those where robots can’t replace humans, such as practicing creativity and adding a human touch.
  • Personalizing videos. AI uses data about your company and customers. It analyzes the information you feed the system and returns a personalized script. As recent statistic show, impersonal communication may decrease the loyalty of 62% of consumers  . This figure increased from 45% in 2021. It shows the growing demand for personalization, which you should implement in your AI marketing videos
  • Speed. You can use AI to automatically personalize videos with your viewers' first name to generate thousands of prospecting videos at one time, instead of recording each video one-by-one.
  • More meaningful storytelling. AI tools can research your brand’s niche, target market, and industry trends. It can provide you with compelling ideas to maximize your video potential. And if you employ storytelling, it can recommend character development, pacing, and story organization. 

Creating a Compelling Sales Video Using AI Scripts

1. Defining the Objective of Your Sales Video

The first step in writing the sales script is understanding what you want to achieve with this video. That’s where you need a solid strategy, such as:

  • Remember the target audience, their issues, goals, and preferences.
  • Describe how your product or service helps consumers achieve their goals or addresses their most pressing problems.
  • Determine what action you expect viewers to take.
  • Outline the forms of social evidence or data that can prove your business’s reliability.
  • Specify key performance indicators to measure the video’s success, such as the number of clicks, shares, comments, or conversions.

2. Choosing the Right AI Scripting Tool for Your Business

Next, analyze existing tools to find the best fit for your case. One of the best things about AI scripting is that it’s free in most cases. So you not only earn money by selling your products, you don’t spend a dime on AI-based solutions. For example, consider Sendspark’s AI video script generator

AI Video Script Generator Screenshot taken on Sendspark 

Screenshot taken on Sendspark

This tool lets you create AI-generated scripts for various types of video messaging, such as:

  • prospecting
  • follow-ups
  • welcoming new users
  • customer success.

You can choose the needed type and style of the video script and personalize it based on the product, audience, and what you want the video to achieve. You can adjust the generated script to the user preferences. Sendspark also provides an email copy with a subject line and an email message to copy and send to users.

3. Creating a Structure for the Video Script

There are various ways to start a sales video script. It may even be based on your existing blog post. However, it doesn’t mean repeating everything word-for-word from the article. Even if you’ve written it in a conversational style, the video should contain pauses and explanations. But having a foundation will help you create an outline of the video. But if you develop a script from scratch, the structure should include the following sections:

  • an introduction raising the viewer’s interest
  • a problem
  • a conclusion with a call to action to encourage people to do something.

You can use ChatGPT to generate an outline. Look at the example below how it may look.

ChatGPT response

Screenshot taken on ChatGPT

4. Writing a Compelling Opening That Grabs Attention

Your video’s first seconds matter a lot. Use a strong hook or opening phrase to catch the audience’s interest and entice them to keep watching. Clearly state who you are and what you’re offering at the beginning of the video. Any viewer who clicks on your video will likely be looking for something, so you should tell them immediately whether they’ve found it. Here is what you may include:

  • your name and the business you represent
  • how long you’ve worked in this industry
  • social proof like famous brands and celebrities you’ve partnered with
  • the number of clients.

The first 30 seconds of the video can also include your message or goal. Simply express it in one line. Here is how you may build your introduction, according to ChatGPT:

ChatGPT response

Screenshot taken on ChatGPT

5. Developing the Body of the Sales Message

The body of the sales message should eliminate people’s doubts and provide a solution to their problems. Remember the following rules when planning your sales script:

  • Write as you speak. A sales pitch isn’t marketing research or a college paper. You may use colloquial expressions common in informal settings, like “gonna,” “wanna,” “y’all,” and “hang tight.” Use short sentences and avoid flowery language and fluff.
  • Mention all the details. A script goes beyond a monolog or dialog. Describe what shots, characters, or scenes the video will include. Ideally, your document should contain all the information so that another person would understand it without your assistance.
  • Align the script with the platform, your tone of voice, and the audience. For example, a LinkedIn video will differ from a TikTok video. TikTok videos are more fun and catchy from the first seconds, while a LinkedIn audience expects professional and educational content.
  • Be specific. You may think that you will mention the main points in the script and improvise on camera, especially if you are familiar with the material. However, don’t fall for that. You may need many revisions, and something will get lost in this process. Scripting every word will let you stay organized and save lots of time.
  • Give yourself time. Keep in mind that you need to pause in certain places to create an effect. So your dialog may be slower than an average person speaks. Remember about it when drafting the script, and don’t rush so that viewers can understand you.

6. Choosing the Right Visual Elements

Once you’ve identified the general idea and tone of the video, you need to choose visuals. That’s where you can leverage free and paid tools. They should contain templates and user-friendly interfaces to streamline video editing. Some examples are as follows:

  • Jasper Art, an AI image generator. This software costs $40 to $82 monthly and offers a free trial period.
  • Descript. It’s an AI-powered tool for audio and video transcription and editing. It also provides a stock footage library. For example, you can upload your script, highlight the moments where to insert the image or video, and choose the element from the library.
  • Canva, a tool with hundreds of templates, animations, music files, etc. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface and is available for free. If you pay $12.99 per month, you can access premium features.
  • Lightworks. This solution contains pre-made titles and transitions, a library of stock films and royalty-free audio clips, multi-camera video editing, video training, etc. It’s free or $23.99 per user per month to access more features.
  • Vimeo Create. It offers over 1,000 themes, a music library, integration with iStock for stock photos, and a wealth of customization options. You can try its free version, but you need a Vimeo Pro account or above to open up more capabilities. It will cost you $12, $20, or $65 per seat/month, depending on the needs.

7. Concluding the Video with a Strong Call-to-Action

A call to action is one of the essential elements in the script. Even if you make people watch the video till the end, they may not act as expected. That’s why you should include a link or a button to the needed page. It can encourage people to take the desired action, like subscribing to your channel, scheduling a call, or visiting a lending page and leaving their contact information.

I made such a request to ChatGPT:

“I’m creating a sales video script. I want to encourage people to schedule a call to discuss my product. I offer customer management software for enterprises. So I want to appeal to this audience. Suggest some possible calls to action at the end of the script.”

That’s what it answered me:

ChatGPT response

Screenshot taken on ChatGPT

To Sum Up: Enhance Video with AI

AI has revolutionized various spheres, including video content production. It’s now simple, quick, economical, and, most importantly, completely scalable. As online video is predicted to make up 82.5% of all web traffic in 2023, you need to leverage this type of content most effectively. AI can help you with that.

You can automate video production, personalize content, and save money. The best part is that technology constantly improves. So the more it interacts with people, the more accurate it will become.

We’ve looked at some tips for writing sales video scripts via AI tools and examined an example of an AI video script generator from Sendspark. As you can see, this process becomes two times faster thanks to AI, as you can delegate some of the time-consuming tasks to it. So start developing your sales videos now with this devoted and intelligent assistant. And you will see how optimized and tailored messages will attract more customers.

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