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The 3 Best Platforms for Personalized Videos at Scale

Let’s look at the best platforms for creating personalized videos at scale. 

Why Create Personalized Videos at Scale?

Personalized video sees an average of 16x higher click-to-open rates and a 4.5x increase in unique click-throughs in email compared to non-personalized content. 

However, the cost and time of recording personalized videos can make them infeasible to implement at scale in your B2B sales and marketing process. 

So the question is… how can you personalize videos at scale?

We put together a list of the best video personalization software. 

  1. Sendspark – for sales & customer success teams
  2. Hyperise - for email marketers
  3. Idomoo – for advertisers

Why Pick the Best Software t Personalize Videos at Scale?

It’s important to choose the right video personalization platform before you get started, because you’ll want to continue to use the same one for a long time. 

The beauty of video personalization is that you can set it and forget it. Once you set things up, you should be able to use your personalized videos long-term: video emails, website videos, in-product tutorials, or anywhere else you want to humanize your communication. 

While you will want to continue to refresh your content, it’s important to choose the best video personalization platform that will grow with your business. 

How to Pick The Best Platform for Personalized Videos at Scale

These are the factors we recommend you consider as you choose the best video personalization platform. 

  • Does the technology work?  Video personalization is highly technical. This probably goes without saying… But, you want to make sure that the platform you’re using is actually going to work. You don’t want to create personalized videos at scale, only to realize you’re using the wrong names or dynamic variables on each video.
  • Does it help you achieve you goals? In addition to the technical aspect of creating personalized videos, you want to make sure that the software you’re using is going to drive the results you’re looking for. In this post, we’re looking at video personalization in the B2B context to create and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Is it fast and easy to use? Personalizing videos at scale is supposed to save you time… Not cost you more! You want to make sure that the video personalization platform you choose is intuitive and easy to use.  

Is automation worth it?

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  • Does it integrate within your existing workflow? Once you create the personalized videos, you should be able to incorporate them into your existing customer journey – the emails, messages, and webpages that you are already using. You should also be able to measure the video views, engagements, and conversions in your CRM.
  • Is the cost worth it? Price is a big factor considering which video personalization platform to use, especially when you have great options to choose from. 

With all that in mind, these are the three best platforms to create personalized videos at scale:

3 Best Platforms for Personalize Videos at Scale

Best Video Personalization Platform #1: Sendspark

Sendspark is a platform for businesses to create personalized videos at scale. Sendspark is designed to improve communication across the sales process: prospecting, demos, onboarding, customer support, and customer success. 

With Sendspark, you can easily record videos of yourself or your screen, or upload your own. Then, you can share videos in email, with a link, or directly from your CRM or marketing automation platform. 

Best Video Platform #1: Sendspark

Sendspark’s features for Video Personalization at Scale

  • Customizable Thumbnails – are the first things that viewers see when they receive a video in their inbox. You can easily customize these for each recipient to deliver a personalized experience, without altering the rest of the video. 
  • Templates - let you apply the exact same page content to your video, so you can record personalized videos, and then instantly add a title, message, and call-to-action without typing

Who Sendspark is the Best for: 

Sendspark is best for sales and success teams. If you are looking to send personalized videos at scale for sales outreach or other types of customer communication, Sendspark is the best software for you. In addition to the personalization features, Sendspark also includes great branding options, detailed analytics, CRM integrations, and admin features to manage your team. 

And most importantly – Sendspark drives the best results. Sendspark was rated #1 for video email results by G2 for 2022. With Sendspark, you will book more meetings, close more deals, and delight more customers.  

And Sendspark also took home the #1 prize for ease-of-use, so you won’t have any trouble getting starting creating and sharing videos. 

Sendspark offers a free trial, so you can start sending personalized videos at scale for free here

Best Video Personalization Platform #2: Hyperise

Hyperise is a platform for hyper-personalizing images and videos for email marketing. 

Best Video Platform #2: Hyperise

Hyperise’s features for Video Personalization at Scale

  • Video personalization layers – that let you add text to videos and use dynamic variables on different screens in your video
  • Text-to-voice – so you can write a script, and have an AI create modify the video for each of your viewers (with their own first name or other personalization tokens).

Who Hyperise is the best for:

Hyperise is best for email marketers. Unlike Sendspark, you cannot record videos from Hyperise. And while Hyperise general has more features for mass-personalization, it is not easy to make any edits to existing videos, or send videos off of the fly. Each personalized video is a campaign, that you need to put a couple hours into before you embed it in your email marketing.

Also, the personalized videos you send with Hyperise do not look or feel natural (and they’re not supposed to!).

So, while with Sendspark you can create a lot of genuinely personalized videos quickly, with Hyperise you send one bulk video email that acts more as an "email-ad."

Best Video Personalization Platform #3: Idamoo 

Idomoo is a good option to create personalized video advertisements and embeddable videos. You can upload your own videos, and then add dynamic elements that appear native in the video.  

Best Video Platform #3: Idomoo

Idomoo’s features for Video Personalization at Scale

  • Add dynamic elements (like first name, location, real-time data – like the score of a live sporting event)
  • Embed videos on social media feeds and stories 

Who Idomoo is the best for:

Idomoo is best for marketers and advertisers who want to increase click-through-rates with more effective video advertisement. Using personalized videos, advertisers can see up to 8x higher conversion on their videos on their website pages and advertisements. These videos are not made to be shared in email, like with Sendspark and Hyperise, but rather embedded elsewhere online. 

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