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7 Fantastic Customer Testimonial Video Examples

Need some help producing a customer testimonial video for your business? We compiled a list of some fantastic customer testimonial video examples to inspire you!

If you’re trying to create customer testimonials that appeal to real people, video is the way to go.

Customer testimonials are a great opportunity to showcase your business’ success.

Highlighting someone’s real experience with your product is a fantastic way to appeal to prospective customers.

A captivating video about a current customer’s approval of your product is going to make prospective customers much more likely to engage with your business.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite customer testimonial video examples that promote positive customer experiences in diverse ways.

Some Great Examples of Customer Testimonial Videos:

When splicing together a customer testimonial video, the main goal is to broadcast your customer’s positive experience with your product.

But how you go about doing this is up to you!

Below is a compilation of customer testimonial video examples that represent some interesting and creative ways to approach this task:

1. Slack: Make People Laugh

Breaking out of the typical, professional mold of a business video isn’t always easy to do. Trying to do something unique can sometimes fall flat.

However, Slack succeeded. They created a hilarious customer testimonial video that is both quirky and fun.

But behind "The Office"-esc camera pans and funny quips, there is a lot of content explaining the positives of using Slack. They interview multiple people within the video, giving a few different perspectives.

You’ll finish watching this customer testimonial video example with a stitch in your side and an itch to download Slack.

2. Yum Yum Videos: Showcase Your Product

Yum Yum videos knew they had a product people would love.

They chose to let an impressive customer speak to this fact. The customer is framed perfectly, with a picturesque backdrop to match.

As she discusses the ways Yum Yum Videos has helped her business, the video cuts to examples of their product in use. This is a fantastic way to show the viewer how your product works while listening to a customer rave about its success.

3. Freshbooks: Humanize Your Business

Sometimes a flashy, funny, or ambitious video can be a bit too much.

For a practical business, a practical video is a great option!

Freshbooks - an accounting software - might not work well with a comedic testimonial.

Instead, they chose to zero in on one customer and allow her to describe her experience with Freshbooks. She explains how the software has changed her business, illustrating what her life was like before and after signing up.

It’s a simple, clean, and honest video that shows the individual impact their business has had on its customers.

4. Glassdoor: Communicate Impressive Data

A testimonial video is a great opportunity to advertise your business to future customers.

Glassdoor took this into account when editing this testimonial video together.

The customer compares his experience with other recruiting websites while discussing his approval of Glassdoor.

He also provides specific data while explaining how Glassdoor was a significantly cheaper option than the other recruiting sites used by his company.

Through this customer’s communication of positive data, Glassdoor creates an impressive advertisement for their business.

5. Cohesity: Show Off Your Customers

Information technology and Major League Baseball are not two things that typically go together - conceptually, at least.

But, Cohesity reminds us that there’s a business side to baseball, too!

Cohesity shows off their impressive customer, the San Francisco Giants, in this testimonial video example. They use sweeping shots of Oracle Park filled with fans, backed by upbeat and exciting music.

While looking at images of the Giants’ stadium, the customer cites specific things he enjoys about Cohesity. He outlines their data deduplication software, and the positive impact it has had on the Giants’ technological organization. He also notes how simple and flexible Cohesity is to work with.

By using an impressive customer and highlighting their key features, Cohesity makes a compelling advertisement through this customer testimonial video.

6. UPS: Wow with Animation

When imagining a customer testimonial video, you’re probably picturing a customer sitting in front of a camera, talking about their experience with a product. This is, after all, the typical approach.

UPS flipped this idea on its head. They created an entirely animated customer testimonial video, and it’s wonderful!

UPS displays animated scenes based on comments and feedback made by customers - as certified by their legal team.

It’s lively, exciting, and refreshing.

Who knew a testimonial about a shipping company could be so much fun?

7. Apple: Inspire Your Audience

We would be remiss if we did not include an Apple customer testimonial video example on this list.

Apple’s advertising team is always coming up with new, creative ways to market their products. This Apple Watch testimonial video is no exception.

The testimonial is shot like a short film, with gorgeous cinematography and motivational music in the background.

Within the video, multiple customers describe their own personal experiences in which the Apple Watch saved their lives. Their stories are genuine - these people are real.

It’s emotional, impactful, and incredibly inspiring. You’ll leave this video wanting to run to your nearest Apple store and buy your own watch.

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