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Introducing Sendspark Dynamic Videos

At Sendspark we have been hard at work creating the best video tools for sales and marketing professionals.

Video is a great medium with which to communicate to prospects and customers, and at Sendspark we want to make it as easy as possible for people to do this at scale.

That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of dynamic videos  Sendspark, designed to help sales and marketing professionals send personalized videos at scale, reducing the effort required to create and send impactful videos.

The old way of recording and sending videos involved a lot of time, energy and effort....

The old way of recording videos involved:

Selecting a prospect

Opening up the Sendspark App or Chrome Extension and hitting "record"

Copying the link and sending it out to the relevant prospect.

Rinse and repeat.

Still a really impactful, and effective motion of sending video, aside from the time it takes to do this to 10, 50, or 100 times.

The one thing none of us has is an excess of time, and so we set out to solve this fundamental problem.

Enter dynamic videos.

With dynamic videos you are able to create one video, clone your voice, upload a list of contacts, and generate both personalized introductions and backgrounds in minutes.

These can then be added to your sales engagement platform of choice and sent out.

Personalized videos to prospects in minutes not hours.

Lets see how this works inside of the Sendspark platform.

Step 1: Log into the Sendspark Platform, and navigate to the Dynamic Video Section

Image showing where to click in Sendspark to access dynamic videos

Step 2: Record a video that you want to send to your prospects and toggle on our Voice Cloning function,

Step 3: Customize your share page, adding in personalization and calendar embedding

Image showing how you set up a sending template for dynamic videos

Step 4: Add contacts via and CSV, and generate videos

Image showing you how to add contacts to a dynamic video sequence

Step 5: Generate Dynamic Personalized Videos

Image showing how you generate dynamic videos

Step 5: Add to your engagement platform of choice, and send personalized videos out as part of your outreach sequences

Image showing you all the platforms you can send dynamic videos in.

Here are the benefits you can expect from using the Dynamic Video Feature:

1. Time taken to create videos reduces substantially’

Simply record one video, upload contacts and then generate videos, the time to generate 10,100 or 1,000 videos is a matter of minutes.

Compare this to the time required to send 1:1 videos at a similar scale.

Hours of time saved, without losing the personalized touch.

2. Reply and Response Rates of Outreach Increases

I hear the skeptics reading this blog.

A.I generated videos don't work.

People won't interact with them in the same way as 1:1 videos.

This is simply not the case.

Take a peek at the results we drove using AI dynamic videos as part of an outreach campaign vs the results of the same campaign using only email based outreach.

Image showing the results of a dynamic video campaign

Pretty incredible right?

Time saving ✅

Better results ✅

3. Customers and Prospects are genuinely pumped to receive the videos you are creating.

Creating a video shows prospects that you have taken time and effort into your outreach.

It makes them feel appreciated.

But what about a dynamic, AI video?

Do people react in the same way?

Image showing good responses from customers to dynamic videos

Time saving ✅

Better results ✅

Great user feedback ✅

Don't believe us?

Ok, we might still have a few skeptics remaining, even after detailing some real life feedback and data.

How are other people fairing with our dynamic video feature?

We have had several customers beta testing the feature.

And the results are just as impressive.

The team at Warmly, are seeing 2-3x higher engagement in emails with dynamic video, and even surprised themselves with the results. In the month of December, they closed over $100k in ARR within the same month from a single dynamic video campaign targeted towards previous “close lost” opportunities.   

Our dynamic video feature not only significantly reduces the amount of time you spend, but also delivers the outcomes you desire: engagement from your prospects and customers.

If you're aiming to triple your reply rates similar to what Warmly achieved, all while reducing the overall time needed to produce videos, you can gain access to our dynamic video feature today by clicking the link below.

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