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Loom vs Vimeo: Which One’s the Right Fit for Your Business?

17 hours – that was the global consumption of video content by people every week in 2023!

One reason for increased video consumption among professionals in the last couple of years is the rise of remote teams and asynchronous communication.

The uptick in people watching and learning from videos made platforms like Loom and Vimeo popular.

In this Loom vs Vimeo article, we compare both platforms based on their features, pricing, and pros and cons.

Loom vs Vimeo: Short Overview

Let’s see real quick what Loom’s and Vimeo’s ratings are on G2.

Loom has a whooping rating of 4.7/5 with 1800+ reviews.

Loom G2 ratings

If we look at Vimeo, it also has a 4.7/5 rating but with 437 reviews.

Vimeo G2 ratings

From first impressions, it seems that people prefer using Loom more.

But let’s not make up our minds only by seeing reviews; they can be misleading.

Let’s compare the two tools comprehensively and see which one’s better.

Loom vs Vimeo: Feature Comparison

In this section, we compare Loom with Vimeo based on 7 parameters:

  • 1:1 video recording
  • Integrations
  • Customer support
  • Insights and analytics
  • Use of AI
  • Pricing
  • What people say about each tool

So let’s get started.

1. 1:1 Video Recording

Both Loom and Vimeo come with a Google Chrome extension that lets you record free 1:1 videos for all your asynchronous meetings.

Loom’s Chrome extension lets you:

  • Record videos in 1080p
  • Edit and trim videos
  • Share videos with your teams in just a few clicks
  • Comment on the videos or send an emoji reaction
  • Upload the video in HD to your Loom library

With Loom’s paid plan, you can also blur information on your screen that you want to keep private, add a canvas, and add effects to your video.

Loom recording view

Vimeo also offers similar 1:1 video recording features, but it falls behind Loom in a couple of aspects. For example, Vimeo's free plan only lets you record asynchronous videos in 720p, and it doesn’t have as many personalization features as Loom does.

🏆 Winner: Loom

2. Integrations

Loom integrates with all major platforms, such as Jira, Gmail, GitHub, Notion, etc. These integrations make life easier for remote teams that occasionally send explainer videos to each other. 

Loom integration list

However, Vimeo integrates with a large number of third-party automation tools from several sectors:

  • Record: Jira, GitHub, Figma
  • Upload: Rev, Zoom
  • Share: Pintestes, Meta, Instagram, etc.
  • Create: Wix, TikTok

And more.

Loom and Vimeo have similar integrations, but when we compare the number of applicable integrations that help you record videos as a part of your everyday workflow, Vimeo has a slight edge over Loom.

🏆 Winner: Vimeo

3. Customer Support

Loom gives you three ways to contact their customer support:

  1. Live chat: Loom’s live chat is powered by Cohere. You can chat with an AI bot to learn about Loom, solve technical issues, manage accounts, or check bills and payments.
  2. Raising a ticket: Raise a ticket and explain your issues via a form. Expect a reply in 2 business days.
  3. Feedback: If you want a feature or integration added to Loom, you can write feedback to their team. There’s no guarantee they will make it happen, but if Loom wants, they might add the functionality you asked for.

Loom customer support option

Vimeo has two sources to help you out when you’re stuck:

  1. Knowledge base: Vimeo’s help center has several articles and videos on all the potential issues you might run into when using the tool. All you have to do is search for your problem in the search bar of the help center and read.
  2. Chatbot: If the solution to your problem isn’t in the knowledge base, you can chat with Vimeo’s digital assistant and see if that helps.

So, which tool has better customer support? We think it’s Loom, as it gives you more options to connect to a human customer support team and doesn’t just allow you to read resources or chat with a bot.

🏆 Winner: Loom

4. Insights and Analytics

When it comes to insights and analytics, Loom tells you a couple of things about the video.

It tells you who has viewed it and their emoji reaction (if any).

According to Loom, when a person watches the Loom video for at least 5 seconds, or 75% of the total duration, or if they scrub all the way to the end of the video, that is 1 video view.

To see the name of the person who saw your Loom video, the viewer must have a Loom account; otherwise, you will just see Anonymous in your analytics.

Loom Analytics


Vimeo gives you much more comprehensive insights and analytics for your videos. With any of Vimeo’s paid plans, you get an analytics dashboard that gives you insights into content, source URL, region, devices, and more.

You can filter data based on:

  • Most views by city
  • Most views by device
  • Most views by source URL 
  • Total time watched
  • Average time per view

What’s more, you can also filter views and impressions based on top regions and top sources.

Vimeo Analytics


Vimeo offers far more comprehensive analytics and insights than Loom.

🏆 Winner: Vimeo

5. Use of AI

You get to use Loom AI if you’re a paid plan user.

Loom’s AI offers features that make video editing and beautification easy. The AI:

  • Lets you generate an automatic share message or email that goes along with the video.
  • Automatically embeds a CTA to your videos.
  • Adds titles, summaries, and time-stamped chapters to save you time.
  • Removes filler words so your videos are always polished and high-quality.
  • Remove silent pauses with a single click to avoid re-recording sessions.

Loom AI has new features, like auto-add thumbnails, auto-create Jira and Linear tickets, auto talking points, etc., which are coming soon.

Loom AI features

When we used Vimeo, we found that you can only use Vimeo AI if you subscribe to Vimeo’s Standard or Advanced plan. In fact, the tool gives you all AI features only if you’re an Advanced plan user (which costs $108 per seat per month). 

Vimeo’s AI features focus on saving time and helping you increase video engagement. The AI:

  • Generates complete video scripts in seconds. All you have to do is type a brief description of the video and give Vimeo AI your preferred tone and length.
  • Autogenerate video details like title, tags, and text summary.
  • Generates auto chapters to make your videos more digestible.
  • Enables creators to share pre-generated Q&A relevant to the video or as open-ended questions to viewers.

 Vimeo ai features

Comparing the AI features of Loom and Vimeo is tough. It’s a bargain between quality and cost.

Loom gives you access to AI at affordable prices but has basic features, whereas Vimeo has more robust AI features but is expensive.

🏆 Winner: It’s a tie

While both Loom and Vimeo offer AI features that support your video creation process, one aspect both lack is personalization.

👀 Note: Both these platforms miss features like AI voice and video cloning, dynamic backgrounds, or creating personalized video pages. You get these features in a tool like Sendspark (more on this later).

6. Pricing 

Loom and Vimeo let you get started for free. But let's take an in-depth look at their free and paid plans.

Loom Pricing

Loom offers three plans:

1. Starter - Free Plan

The free plan lets you create 25 videos per person with up to 5 minutes of recording per video and unlimited screenshots. You get all basic features like screen recording and cam bubble, unlimited transcriptions, viewer insights, etc. 

What it doesn’t include is the Loom AI add-on, blur feature, video editing capabilities, and some more premium features.

2. Business - $15 per creator per month

The business plan, when billed monthly, costs $15 per creator and $12.50 per creator per month when billed annually.

This plan lets you create unlimited videos and has no time constraints per video. Apart from all the features in the free plan, here’s what the Business plan offers:

  • Access to Loom AI add-on
  • Lets you remove Loom’s watermark
  • Edit by transcript
  • Password protect videos
  • Import and download videos
3. Enterprise - Custom Plan

With Loom’s Enterprise plan, you get everything in the Business plan plus features like:

  • Salesforce integration
  • Request email to view
  • SSO and SCIM admin controls
  • Dedicated customer support

Loom Pricing

Vimeo Pricing

Vimeo offers five plans to choose from:

1. Free

Vimeo’s free plan is extremely limited and gives you 1 seat to create 3 videos. 

It has some basic capabilities like editing, screen recording, and sharing videos via a link, but that's about it. 

If you want to create videos at scale or want to personalize videos and use AI, you must have an active paid plan.

2. Starter - $20 per seat per month

With the Starter plan, you can create 60 videos per month and get access to premium features like:

  • Privacy control
  • Custom video player
  • Custom URLs
  • Review and collaboration tools

And more.

Some features the Starter plan misses are access to Vimeo AI, virtual events and webinars, and in-depth analytics.

3. Standard - $33 per seat per month

The Standard plan doubles the number of videos you can create (120). Along with all the features in the Starter plan, you get access to premium features like brand kit, teleprompter, text-based video editing, and more.

But guess what? Vimeo still doesn’t let you use AI in your process; that’s where the Advanced plan comes into play.

4. Advanced - $108 per seat per month

With the Advanced plan, you can create 500 videos each month and use AI to generate chapters and text summaries, enable creators to ask questions on videos, host live broadcast webinars, and do much more.

5. Enterprise - Custom pricing

If you want more storage and bandwidth, more seats, custom permissions, SSO and SCIM, and other advanced features, contact Vimeo’s sales team, and they will let you know about the pricing.

Vimeo Pricing

7. What People Are Saying About Loom and Vimeo

We’ve used both Loom and Vimeo and were not disappointed with their video creation process. Don't just take my word for it. Let's see what Loom and Vimeo users have to say about the platforms.


1. A User Friendly Software


Christopher loves Loom. He finds the tool easy to use and quick to plug into Google Chrome. He uses the Loom AI to generate video topics, which saves him time. One thing he finds can be improved is the UI when sharing videos with your team, client, or customers.

2. A Great Way for Asynchronous Meetings


Loom is a great alternative to replace meaningless synchronous meetings. You no longer need to find the perfect time slots to coordinate cross-functional teams.

However, the reviewer thinks that Loom's pricing is a little unfair for solopreneurs, as it only lets them make 25 videos for free.


1. Great Hosting Tools for Client Videos


Mikey finds Vimeo to be a great video tool for controlling who can download videos. The software has features ideal for hosting client videos and tracking analytics.

Mikey also thinks there’s a need for a nested folder option in Vimeo.

2. High-Quality Software But Limited Free Plan


Vimeo provides crystal-clear video hosting for showcasing videos, has a thriving community for filmmakers and artists, and gives viewers an ad-free viewing experience.

However, Vimeo's free plan is extremely limited, as it gives only 1 seat with just 3 videos to create.

🏆 Winner: It’s a tie.




1:1 video recording 

Loom lets you record your screen in 1080p with its free plan, while Vimeo’s free plan has a quality cap of 720p


Both platforms integrate with all known third-party apps you might need during video creation, but when compared, Vimeo is better than Loom.

Customer support

Loom gives you three options to contact customer support and resolve your query, but Vimeo only offers two.

Insights and analytics

Vimeo’s insights and analytics are far more comprehensive than what Loom offers.

Use of AI

Although both tools lack the right AI capabilities, Loom is slightly better than Vimeo, and it lets you use Loom AI at comparatively affordable rates.


Both platforms have great ratings on G2 and mostly positive reviews.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Sendspark

Loom and Vimeo both have great features for recording, editing, and polishing videos. They have an amazing Google Chrome extension that gives you high-quality screen recordings and integrates with almost every tool you might need in your video operations. 

If you want to use videos for internal team collaboration - Loom and Vimeo do the job perfectly. But if you want to use video creation for specific use cases, like sales or sharing videos with your customers or prospects, that’s where Sendspark thrives.

Why is this the case?

That’s because Loom and Vimeo have not yet fully understood how to incorporate AI into their software. You can do basic things like generate transcripts, create video titles, summarize videos, etc., but what about personalization? 

The real value of AI in the video market is when it's used to hyper-personalize videos at scale, and Sendspark has cracked it!

Sendspark Homepage

Sendspark helps prospects generate personalized videos at scale. It’s a tool built specifically for sales teams. 

The platform leverages AI for personalization. Some of the AI features you get when you sign up are:

  • AI for voice & video cloning.
  • Add a dynamic background (think website or LinkedIn profile) to your videos with a click.
  • Create one video of yourself with a placeholder for your viewer’s first name. This will get filled in with AI.

And much more…

Another aspect where Sendspark is better (at least from Loom and the same as Vimeo) is video analytics. Like Vimeo, Sendspark shows you comprehensive details of the viewer – location, device used, CTA, date, time, and more. 

Sendspark Analytics

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