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What Is Sales Enablement?

For businesses to grow and succeed, it’s essential to empower sales teams. They need the right tools, resources, and - of course - training in order to succeed. Embracing sales enablement can instantly turn an average sales team into a high-performing one.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is designed to increase sales results and productivity. This is done by providing integrated content, training, and coaching to sales teams and managers. The term refers to anything and everything that will help sales professionals close more deals faster. 

Sales enablement focuses on the entire sales process and pipeline, from lead generation to discovery calls all the way through to conversion. It covers both sales-specific knowledge and product knowledge, i.e. what the product can do to produce value. 

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

Sales enablement provides professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to guide buyers through the sales journey more effectively. It gives them best practices that help sell more effectively and close more deals. 

This feeds your bottom line. It also means less efforts are wasted through lost sales, burned leads, etc. In the long run, prospects that are sold to well tend to enjoy more customer success. They have realistic expectations and a positive image of your product from the beginning. 

Content vs. On-the-Job Training

Sales playbooks and product datasheets are structured resources that can be used as an ongoing reference. Content-based resources like these are often called structured learning. 

On-the-job training offers a more practical perspective. It nurtures skills that are often missed in written content. It also gives your sales team more opportunities to ask question and learn directly. 

Both structured learning and on-the-job training have their unique benefits. Ideally, businesses should opt for both types of sales enablement. Structured content can be used for foundational knowledge, while training offers real-world application. 

What Does a Sales Enablement Manager Do?

A sales enablement manager helps align sales and marketing efforts. They also ensure sales teams are operating at their full potential. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Identifying areas of improvement in the sales process
  • Curating and creating sales content and resources
  • Driving training initiatives
  • Implementing technologies designed to boost productivity

Content Marketing vs. Sales Enablement

Content marketing and sales enablement have some similarities but serve different purposes. 

Content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of content that will attract and engage potential customers. This type of content instills brand authority and generates interest in products or services. 

Sales enablement is also content-based except it has sales-specific outcomes. Sales enablement helps sales rep tailor their pitches and presentations to a prospect’s needs. This content generally only comes into play internally. 

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