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Send a Video in SendFox

Brandon Escalante, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
April 21 2021

We’ve been getting the question “Does Sendspark work with SendFox?” a lot - and the answer is… Yes!

The best part? You can send videos in Sendfox in just a few steps!

Why Send a Video in Sendfox

Before we get to the “how”, let’s talk about the “why”… Sending videos in Sendfox can increase your email engagement 300% or more, crazy right?

Sendspark videos in your Sendfox emails are a sure way to stand out in your newsletters!

How to Send Videos in Sendfox with Sendspark

1. Go to Sendspark and record a new video, or find an existing video you’d like to put into your newsletter.send-a-video-in-sendfox-with-sendspark-12. Use the Copy Video preview email option. This is what you will use to share your video in email.

send-a-video-in-sendfox-with-sendspark-23. Paste your video into Sendfox’s draft… and you’re all set to schedule/send away!


Questions About Sending Videos in Sendfox?

Email their support team! ...just kidding - we’re always here for you 👍

Shoot us a message through our chatbot and we’re happy to help you start sending videos in Sendfox.

And as always, happy recording!


✨ Want to see an official SendFox integration with Sendspark? Let us know!

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