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Sendspark vs. BombBomb: Side By Side Comparison [2024]

Looking for a video tool? Then you’ve most likely heard of Sendspark and BombBomb. 

For those who haven’t (or just want a refresher), here’s a quick breakdown. 

Sendspark and BombBomb are popular, easy-to-use tools that are great for folks looking to personalize their communication with video. But just because they do mostly the same things doesn’t mean it’s an apples-to-apples comparison. 

From features to pricing to roadmaps, the details are what differentiate Sendspark and BombBomb and make them great choices for specific use cases.  

So, let’s take a look at Sendspark vs. BombBomb and see how they compare. 

Sendspark vs. BombBomb: Primary use cases

One of the most important things to consider when comparing two tools is what use cases each platform is built to serve best. 

Sendspark: Best for marketing and sales teams

Sendspark is great for sales outreach, marketing campaigns, and boosting customer engagement: 

  • It leverages AI to personalize video content at scale, which is particularly useful for crafting compelling sales pitches and targeted marketing messages. 
  • The platform allows extensive customization of the video player, including logo addition, playback control, and color choices, ensuring all videos maintain a consistent brand identity. 
  • Detailed analytics such as video views, engagement metrics, and geographical insights help sales teams track prospect interactions and refine their strategies. 
  • Marketing teams can also use Sendspark’s analytics to evaluate campaign performance, with metrics like click-through rates and engagement levels informing future content strategies.

BombBomb: Best for customer communications

BombBomb excels in customer communication. Here’s how: 

  • Users can easily integrate their brand elements, such as logos and colors, into their video emails, maintaining a professional appearance. 
  • The platform offers a variety of customizable email templates, suitable for different types of messages, from sales follow-ups to customer support. 
  • Features like custom video thumbnails and personalized calls to action help make communications more engaging. 
  • BombBomb’s integration with tools like Gmail and Chrome streamlines the workflow, allowing users to send and track video emails seamlessly, making it an excellent choice for enhancing customer relationships and engagement.

Side-by-side feature comparison 

Here’s a quick overview of how Sendspark and BombBomb stack up against one another in terms of each platform's features.




Meeting recording

Webcam and screen recording

Video sharing options (private and public) 

Video templates


Closed captions

Dedicated team channels

File uploads

Video downloading

Customizable thumbnails

Browser extension

AI functionality

Data encryption 

Image capture

Scrolling capture

Recipient tracker

Campaign performance tracking

Thread length tracking

Viewer reactions

Engagement insights

Viewer insights

In-depth feature comparisons

Here's how BombBomb and Sendspark compare in terms of key video creation features.


Sendspark has straightforward, easy-to-use features that make it a great option for teams who don’t need to beat out James Cameron for an Oscar but want to still send a high volume of professional, personalized videos to prospects. 

BombBomb is considered a bit more tricky to navigate by users. It has some more advanced features (as we’ll discuss shortly), making it a great option for teams who need to create detailed, pillar videos (think: product demos, customer support videos, etc). 

AI functionality

Sendspark is using AI to help users create sales or marketing videos at scale without sacrificing personalization. This is done via features like voice cloning, script generation, dynamic backgrounds, and landing pages — users can record one video and then personalize it for thousands of recipients. 

BombBomb leverages AI to streamline post-send functionality. This includes things like personalized video suggestions based on past interactions, email engagement analytics, and automated follow-up reminders. 

Video player customization

Sendspark has great customization options, letting users use their own logos and colors, create custom landing pages, and control playback settings. 

One standout feature that marketers in particular love is customizable video request forms. If you want to collect testimonials or have other personalized video requests, you can do so with your branding. 

BombBomb allows users to add logos and brand colors. It includes a variety of email templates that can be customized to fit different messaging needs. Features like custom video thumbnails and calls to action help enhance engagement. 

Video templates

Sendspark video templates lead with ease of use and customization and have all of the basics needed for sales and marketing teams. They’re customizable, support combination videos (merging a personalized intro with a pre-recorded sales pitch), and are quick to stand up. 

BombBomb also offers video templates. Theirs are a bit more advanced, including CTA buttons, dynamic fields, template variations, and A/B testing. This is great if you need more extensive template options (product demos, customer support videos, etc.). 

Engagement and viewer insights

Sendspark keeps things streamlined and straightforward on the analytics front. The tool offers the basics for monitoring prospect engagement and marketing campaign success: playback locations, viewer engagement, device analytics, and video views. 

BombBomb goes a bit more in-depth on this front. They offer: 

  • Detailed tracking of email opens, click-through rates, and engagement time.
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting.
  • A/B testing capabilities.
  • Heatmap analytics for visual engagement insights.
  • Advanced CRM integration analytics.
  • Engagement scoring systems.
  • Real-time reporting features.

Collaboration features

Sendspark definitely outshines BombBomb in this category. Sendspark’s multiple workspaces and admin/owner permissions help users share, discuss, and edit videos as a team. It also allows for the creation of shared libraries, making it easy to maintain a consistent brand message across all video content. 

The video request feature enables team members to solicit videos from colleagues or clients, streamlining the process of gathering personalized content. 

BombBomb’s collaboration features, while useful, are not as comprehensive as those of Sendspark. BombBomb allows team members to share video templates and assets, ensuring consistency across communications. Users can assign videos to specific team members and track their performance through detailed analytics.

However, BombBomb lacks real-time collaborative editing capabilities, which can limit its effectiveness for teams needing to work together on video content creation.


With Sendspark, you can customize:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Thumbnails
  • Video request forms
  • CTA buttons
  • Landing pages
  • Personalized links

The customizable video request forms feature is especially helpful for marketers trying to gather client video testimonials.  

BombBomb’s customization options are notably harder to use than Sendspark’s, albeit similar in terms of scope. Users can integrate logos and brand colors into their video emails to ensure brand consistency. 

Additionally, BombBomb allows users to create custom video thumbnails and calls to action, making their emails more engaging and interactive.

Browser extension

Sendspark's browser extension is straightforward and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can record videos, copy thumbnails, and share URLs directly from your browser. 

This streamlined process is especially useful for sales and marketing teams who need to quickly create and share personalized video content.

BombBomb's browser extension provides similar features, allowing you to record and send videos straight from your browser. However, some users have noted that the extension can be a bit clunky and might take up a lot of space in your inbox, which can make it less convenient to use.

Webcam and screen recording

Sendspark makes it easy to record videos using your webcam, screen, or both at the same time. This flexibility allows you to create a wide range of video content, whether you're giving a presentation, conducting a tutorial, or just sharing an update. 

You can access this functionality through both the desktop app and the Chrome extension, so it’s convenient no matter which platform you’re using.

BombBomb also lets you record videos with your webcam and screen. You can use this feature through their web application and browser extension. It’s straightforward to set up and use, allowing you to create different types of content to meet your communication needs.

Video sharing options

Sendspark offers a variety of ways to share your videos. You can send links, create GIF thumbnails, or use embed codes. This gives you the flexibility to share your videos in a way that best suits your audience, whether it's through email, social media, or on your website.

BombBomb provides multiple options for sharing your videos as well. You can share via direct links, embed videos in emails, or post them on social media platforms. 

BombBomb’s strong integrations with email clients and CRM systems make it easy to incorporate videos into your existing communication workflows.

Video downloading and file uploads

Sendspark emphasizes straightforward video creation and sharing through hosted links, with less emphasis on downloading capabilities. They provide a simplified upload process for quick integration of videos into emails or social media, focusing more on ease of use rather than supporting a wide array of file types. 

On the other hand, BombBomb excels in video downloading with extensive options for offline use. Users can download videos easily and distribute them widely. They support uploading videos from multiple platforms like Gmail, Chrome, iOS, and Android, accommodating various file types for flexible use.

Sendspark vs. BombBomb: Pricing

In terms of pricing, Sendspark and BombBomb are both priced similarly for their individual plans, but Sendspark is more transparent with its pricing for teams.


Sendspark has four tiers of pricing: 

  • Solo ($39/seat/month)
  • Team ($129/team/month)
  • Scale ($449/team/month)
  • Enterprise (custom pricing)

There’s also a 7-day free trial, so you can test drive the tool before you buy it.


BombBomb has three tiers of pricing: 

  • Essentials ($33/month)
  • Plus ($49/month)
  • Teams (customizable)

The Essentials and Plus plans both have 14-day free trials.  

Choosing the right platform for your business 

When it comes to choosing between Sendspark and BombBomb, the decision largely hinges on your specific needs and how you plan to use video in your communications.

Sendspark stands out for its robust capabilities in marketing and sales contexts. It leverages AI to create personalized video content at scale, making it a potent tool for targeted outreach and engagement. 

The platform’s customization options are extensive, from video player branding to dynamic request forms, making it ideal for maintaining a strong, consistent brand presence. 

Additionally, Sendspark excels in team collaboration, offering shared libraries and real-time editing capabilities that foster a cohesive workflow.

On the other hand, BombBomb shines in customer communication scenarios. Its integration with popular email clients and CRMs, along with advanced features like detailed email engagement analytics and A/B testing, makes it a powerful choice for nurturing customer relationships and improving communication strategies. 

BombBomb’s ease of use might have a bit more of a learning curve compared to Sendspark, but its in-depth tracking and reporting tools offer significant advantages for teams focused on customer support and detailed video interactions.

In summary, if your focus is on creating a high volume of customized marketing and sales videos, Sendspark's user-friendly interface and AI-driven capabilities are likely to meet your needs. 

However, if your priority is enhancing customer communications with detailed analytics and robust CRM integrations, BombBomb offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can enhance your video email efforts. 

Both platforms bring unique strengths to the table, and the best choice depends on aligning these strengths with your specific use case and goals.

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