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What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales tactic that encourages customers to purchase a higher-end product or add-on, boosting the transaction value. From e-commerce giants like Amazon to SaaS platforms like Dropbox, upselling is used to enhance customer value and drive revenue.

What is Upselling?

Upselling, at its core, is the practice of encouraging customers to buy a superior, more feature-rich version of a product. It can also take on the form of enhancements, e.g. additional features or complementary add-ons. 

Skilled upselling it's not just about maximizing the sale; it's about understanding the customer's requirements. Effective upselling ensures that customers genuinely benefit from their upgraded purchase, creating added value with a brand or product.

Why is Upselling Important?

Upselling represents a harmonious blend of business and customer satisfaction objectives. When done right, customers receive more value, feeling content with their upgraded choices. This boosts their trust and confidence in the brand. 

For businesses, upselling achieves greater average transaction values. More importantly, it fosters customer loyalty and creates advocates out of buyers. After all, a customer who believes a brand has their best interest at heart is more likely to return!

Upselling vs Cross-selling

While both strategies aim to increase transaction value, they differ in approach. Upselling focuses on an upgrade or enhancement of the original product. 

Cross-selling, on the other hand, promotes entirely different products that complement the original purchase. Imagine buying a laptop. Upselling would be suggesting a model with better specs; cross-selling would involve proposing a mouse or a laptop bag.

When Should You Upsell?

Identifying the right moment is key. 3 good times to upsell are…

  • During the Purchase: Here, the upsell feels like a seamless part of the shopping experience. It’s like a store associate suggesting a higher-quality material when you're buying a shirt.
  • Post-Purchase: After customers have had a chance to experience the product, they’re more open to enhancing it. For instance, after using software, they might see the value in its premium features.
  • During Product or Service Renewal: The customer is already engaged, presenting an opportune moment to introduce enhanced versions or features.

An Example of Upselling

Zoom, the video conferencing software, provides a brilliant example of upselling in SaaS. The example is notable because many SaaS products, including Sendspark, have a free tier! 

A basic user might initially opt for the free plan, which limits group meetings to 40 minutes. As companies or individuals find value in the platform, they may consider upgrading to the Zoom Pro plan. 

With the promise of longer group meetings, social media streaming, and more, it's a valuable upsell. The enhancement is not just in terms of duration but also feature richness, making it appealing to professional users.

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