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What Is Video Messaging?

Video messaging is a powerful channel for all customer-facing communications. This includes the entire sales process, from prospecting to pitching to closing deals, but also marketing and support. 

What is Video Messaging?

Video messaging is the process of recording - then sending - asynchronous video messages. This can happen as a part of one-to-many marketing campaigns. It can also happen in the context of one-to-one sales or customer support exchanges. 

Why is Video Messaging Important in Sales?

Building relationships is key to winning new leads. Using video messages differentiates a pitch from the standard email or phone call, each of which only engage one of our senses. It lets salespeople express their authentic personality and passion for their product. 

This helps us close more deals by forging better relationships. It’s why video is consistently a gamechanger in sales communications. 

Video messaging is also inherently scaleable. It takes a lot less time to record a video than type out a long email, for example. This means sales reps can get a lot more work done with video than other channels. 

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Why is Video Messaging Important in Marketing?

Overflowing inboxes and newsfeeds make standing out hard. Integrating video messages into these can be a big difference-maker.

A video thumbnail piques curiosity and increases click-through rates. Once clicked, a video delivers a more engaging and memorable brand message than plain text. Not only that, but you can track view count, session duration, and call-to-action clicks, providing insights.

And as with sales, video messaging can be faster and easier than text messaging. Win-win!

How to Use Video Messages for Customer Support

One obvious thing to do is pre-produce video messages for frequent questions and problems. This feels personal and direct while making it easy to guide customers through solutions step-by-step. 

Another tactic is to make personalized one-off video responses to queries. This lets you communicate with customers asynchronously, no matter where they are. It also gives your support a more personal touch. 

Best Practices for Video Messaging

Make sure you're getting full use out of your videos by following these standard best practices:

  1. Be Authentic: A sincere message is more valuable to your audience than a closely scripted one. Use an outline, but don't be afraid to stray.
  2. Keep it Brief: Attention spans are short. Keep your message as concise as possible.
  3. Don't Neglect Video Production: Videos are fragile. If one element is off (the audio track, video quality, or speaker's performance), it detracts from the entire message. This is why Sendspark has so many tools for improving production value. 
  4. Use Visual Aids: Add dynamic animations and graphs to emphasize vital information, convey complex ideas and improve concision.
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