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5 Video Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Customer

Video testimonials are the #1 way to add credibility and emotional appeal to your brand. According to some interesting statistics, video testimonials are the highest converting marketing tool.

Video customer testimonials are powerful because they add social proof. Your prospective customers can see people similar to them saying, in their own words, why their lives are better now that they are using your product.

Prospective customers can watch your video testimonial, and feel behind the curve for not using your product yet!

Here are 5 questions to ask customers to capture great video testimonials:

Video Testimonial Questions for your Customer:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Start off by having your customer introduce themselves. They should say their name, their job title, and the company they work for, as well as a brief one-liner about their objectives at work.

2. What problem were you experiencing?

This is the most important question! Let your customer say in their own words, why they tried out your product. It wasn’t because of your awesome features, it was because of a problem they were experiencing.

This is key, because prospective customers who are watching the video might not know what features they’re looking for in a solution, but they will know what problem they are experiencing. So, if your product “worked” for someone with the same problem, it will likely work for them.

3. How did you decide to use this solution?

Let your customer talk a bit about why they chose your solution, and ruled out other options. Why are you the absolute best option out there?

4. How did our solution help you solve the problem?

Close the gap on the problem statement by letting your customers explain how your solution helped them.

Follow up by asking about specific business metrics, so you have a neat video soundbite enforcing that your product helps drive revenue, increase productivity, or drive other important business outcomes.

6. Would you recommend this solution to others?

Most marketers stop after the first five questions, but this question is key for video testimonials.

With this question, you can get a great 15 second video soundbite of your customer saying that they would recommend your platform to other people in your target customer profile.

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