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Vidyard AI Avatars - What To Know

On April 16th, 2024, Vidyard launched an AI Avatar Video feature to create Sales videos with avatars.  

On the surface level – this sounds remarkable: With Vidyard’s AI Avatars, you can create videos without recording yourself.

If it’s late at night, or you’re just having an off-day, you can still create videos where you look great. This should reduce friction to creating videos, and allow you to create more personalized video messages. 

However, after digging in, there are some limitations with the feature that are not obvious at first glance:

Vidyard AI Avatar Limitations

  1. Voice Not Included – While you are able to generate videos of your face, you are not able to generate videos with your voice automatically. For every AI video you create, you need to read from a script. This does reduce some effort to create videos, but you will still have to create individual videos for every prospect.
  2. Not Self-Service – AI Avatars are only available on Vidyard’s Business plan. To use Vidyard’s Business plan, you need to talk to their sales team, and set up a custom plan for your team. Vidyard AI Avatar
  3. Very Expensive – Even for Vidyard Business customers, users are limited to 50 AI Videos per month. We have gotten some information that Vidyard must pay their AI video generation service ~$1 per minute of generated video (much higher than Sendspark’s price of $0.12 per minute), so it could be prohibitively expensive to use AI avatars to reach out to prospects at scale. 
  4. Slow to Generate – And if the price doesn’t deter you, the time to generate videos might. It takes about 20 minutes to generate one minute of an AI avatar video, so you can not use this to “quickly send off a video message.” It would be faster to just record a video (or 20) yourself. 

To be clear, we think this is a cool concept, and we have something similar on our roadmap. However, we’re working through these limitations ourselves to make sure that when we do introduce AI Avatars for Sales, the feature will be fully functional to your team. 

In the near future, with Sendspark, you’ll be able to create videos from a written script (with your own face and voice) and instantly generate videos, all for a reasonable price. The tech isn’t quite there yet, but when it is possible, we’ll built it for you. 

In the meantime, Sendspark has a powerful Dynamic Video feature that lets you take one video, and personalize it at scale with AI. 

While you do still have to record the first video yourself (it’s not an avatar) it unlocks scale in a way that Vidyard’s avatar feature does not.

With Sendspark's Dynamic Videos, you can….

  1. Generate personalized videos for prospects in a matter of seconds
  2. Send videos in your sales & marketing automation (integrations with HubSpot, Outreach, Apollo, Instantly, and 80+ other platforms available)
  3. Send thousands of personalized videos per month for a reasonable price
  4. Start yourself for $49 / month, or talk to our sales team to set up a custom plan for your business. 

At Sendspark, it’s our mission to help you personalize your outreach at scale. (Our name “Sendspark” comes from “Send a video, spark a conversation.” We can be your trusted partner to make sales videos that drive success. 

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