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Introducing Viewer Insights

We’re excited to release Viewer Insights! This provides more context on who is watching your videos. 

Please note, Viewer Insights is still in beta. We have more improvements coming to our video analytics features over the next few weeks. And – of course – we would love your input! Record feedback for our product team here

What’s New

Sendspark Video Analytics and Viewer Insights

  • See viewer sessions (instead of just “totals”) for video plays, call-to-action clicks, and likes
  • Track viewers by city and state (or country), device, browser, and IP address
  • Identify viewers by name if they have a Sendspark account and are logged in

Is Viewer Insights included in my plan?

Viewer Insights is included in Sendspark Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. Sendspark Free users can still see total page views, video plays, call-to-action clicks, and likes, and can upgrade anytime to access Viewer Insights. View Sendspark pricing options here

Can I see Viewer Insights from before today?

No. You can only see the engagement that occurred AFTER we released Viewer Insights on January 19th, 2022.

Implications for Existing Videos and the Admin Dashboard

The new way we are tracking analytics DOES affect the Admin dashboard. To make sure we’re using the newer improved system, we reset the admin dashboard at the time of release on January 19th, 2022.

However, all of your original data is still there!

Click “view legacy dashboard” to view analytics from all time.

Sendspark Admin Portal

This will show all of your viewer analytics, however, because we’re using a different method to track the data, you might notice some inconsistencies with the legacy data and new analytics view. We intend to phase out legacy analytics over the next 6-12 months.

Similarly, video engagement data on existing videos has been reset to 0. If you need to see video engagement for any video prior to January 19th, 2022, please shoot us a message on Intercom chat or an email at, and we will pull the data for you. 

Thank you!

Login nowto see Viewer Insights! And please feel free to read our Analytics Help Article or reach out to us with questions. 

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