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6 Steps To A Better Sales Call Experience With Presentations

Presentations are an important part of sales. They provide information about what you do, how it benefits your customers, and show the product in action. But too often presentations get forgotten or ignored. Here are 7 steps to improve sales calls with presentations with ease!

In the modern world of sales, a presentation is an integral part of the process. One reason for this is because it can be a way to set expectations and get on the same page with your prospect about what you will be discussing during your call by showing them some examples so they have an idea of what topics will come up. 

1. Create A Presentation That Is Tailored To The Customer's Needs

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your presentation is tailored to the needs of the customer. Good content in a good format will provide an audience with what they need and want. 

The first thing we recommend is starting with a few minutes of research about what they do and who their customers are. This will not only allow you to understand their business better but also provide some insight into what type of questions they might ask (and how best to answer them). After this, it's important to identify key points in your story or message so that these topics can be developed further throughout the talk.

2. Keep Your Slides Simple And Concise

The most important point to get across in your presentation is not the bells and whistles that are on your slides. You need to remember that you can't impress people with what's on your screen, so it's best not to have too many words or images on them. Keep things simple and concise for a more engaging experience. 

Some benefits of having an engaging presentation are that it provides you with credibility in front of your audience, helps you convey information quickly, and is less likely to bore them. In order to keep your slides simple and concise, you should avoid unnecessary text or visual clutter on each slide. Need to say more than a few words? Embed videos using Sendspark to enrich your presentation with short, engaging videos.

3. Keep It Short And Sweet; No More Than 10 Minutes Long

It's a well-known fact in the sales industry that you have 10 minutes to make a good first impression. In a time where attention spans are waning, it's important to remember that not everyone has the luxury of listening to you sales pitch for an hour. Make sure to stay on point and leave some time for questions and personalized feature descriptions with real-time onboarding.

4. Know Your Presentation Content Inside And Out

The best way to make a good impression when presenting is to know your content inside and out. This will help you stay organized during the presentation, which will in turn make it easier for you to sell your product or service. The more familiar you are with what you're talking about, the less likely it'll be that someone catches an error or inconsistency in your slides. You'll also find yourself speaking confidently and naturally because of how much time and effort went into perfecting this material beforehand--and because of all these benefits, every presenter should take the time before their next presentation to know their stuff!

5. Practice Your Pitch Before Going On A Call To Improve Confidence In What You're Saying

The first few seconds of a pitch are the most important. You've got to grab your listener's attention and let them know what they're in for. If you don't, then it's much harder to get their attention when needed later on in the sales call.  The thing is when we're nervous about something, our body releases adrenaline which can actually make us seem more confident than we really feel, and that impacts how we sound and look - but only superficially! So if you practice your pitch before going into a call with a potential customer, not only will you be more confident in yourself but also in how your words come out too!

6. Have An Interactive Follow-Up Presentation In Hand 

A follow-up presentation is a key component of any sales process. The days of one-time presentations are over, and good customer service starts with following up after the initial meeting. For this reason, make sure to have an interactive follow-up presentation that will give your customers something they can't say no to, including lots of call-to-actions and interaction items. At this point, we recommend using this tried and tested follow-up template of Decktopus


Decktopus is a presentation tool to create good-looking and actionable slides without editing so that you can spend more time selling and building a strategy. You can add rating and feedback forms inside the live presentation as well as a booking slide, a discount slide, and even a demo section for prospects to try your product.


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