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12 Best Calendar Tools to Schedule Sales Meetings

There are a ton of online calendar tools - here are 12 that are used most by our customers and what we’re even using here at Sendspark.

  1. Book Like A Boss is pretty cool, they allow you to not only have an online scheduler but a way to allow people to pay you for your services.
  2. Calendly the tried and true scheduling tool that everyone knows, a 🦄!
  3. CalendarHero the calendar app formerly known as - They have a ton of video integrations, which is great!
  4. Doodle can send a visual snapshot of your availability - no more back-and-forth emails!
  5. Hubspot this is what we’re currently using at Sendspark, along with the majority of our users… super simple and straightforward!
  6. MeetFox besides just scheduling meetings you can host video calls, and collect payments.
  7. ScheduleOnce is built for teams with round robin and pooled resources abilities as well as a bit of integrations.
  8. SavvyCal is built with a real attention to detail (great UI). A scheduling tool both the sender and the recipient will love. Check out this article to see how to add your SavvyCal to Sendspark videos.
  9. Sidekick uses a simple AI to help remove the back-and-forth with scheduling. You can easily sync your Gmail and outlook.
  10. TidyCal brought to you by our good friends over at AppSumo.
  11. automates the most tedious parts of scheduling by finding compatible times to meet with large groups, sending follow-ups, and rescheduling meetings.
  12. YouCanBookMe you can add customizable confirmations, reminders and follow-ups for you and your customers.

Did I miss anything?

I’m always interested in hearing about the latest and greatest calendar tools tweet me!

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