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11 Best Chrome Extensions for B2B Sales Teams

There is no second thought about the widespread popularity of Google in the digital world. It’s also not surprising that people across the world are highly relying on chrome making a giant figure of 3.2 billion active users. Chrome extensions can potentially allow your business to break into sales. 

Chrome has more than 188,620 extensions on its store—many of them are time-savers —allowing you to be more productive during work. These enhancements dramatically revolutionize the way you perform your day-to-day tasks by making your browsing easier, more precise, and on the spot. It adds functionality by blocking unnecessary scripts or ads that speed up your search results. It offers secure browsing that gives you control over configurations without putting your privacy and data at risk. Most chrome extensions come with an integration feature with the Google Suite (e.g. Google Docs, Sheets, Google Drive, etc.) that makes your work tasks unbelievably faster and easier.

The best part is that most of these extensions are totally free…so there’s absolutely no harm in giving them a try. So, let’s begin the journey of equipping your B2B sales teams with the 10 best chrome extensions! 

11 Best Chrome Extensions for B2B Sales Teams

1. Send Personalized Videos with Templates With Sendspark

Sendspark Chrome Extension

When it comes to communicating with clients, email is a powerful tool for any company. You need to find a way to get seen among the hundreds of emails that some customers receive every day. Wondering how to make your emails stand out with a personalized video email solution and help you make meaningful relationships with your audience?

Sendspark's video email features give you an edge over the competition by facilitating more effective outreach and more transparent communication. If you use the Sendspark Chrome extension, you can record new videos with just one click, directly in your browser. (Sendspark also has a desktop app if you prefer).

With Sendspark, you can create quick videos on the fly to serve as instant tutorials, product demos, follow-ups to conversations, and more for your customers. Moreover, Sendspark helps you to create customized videos in bulk using a floating bubble that records you, your screen, or your face. After creating your own video message in Chrome, you can add branding and personalization to make the experience more engaging. It's also possible to include the video in a standard email or message to your customers, giving you a more personable and memorable presence in their inboxes.

Steve Elliott, Franchise Owner, Restoration1 recommends “When it came to providing customers with videos, there are different services. The reason I chose  Sendspark is that it enables me to do so in addition to providing me  so many more features, such as call to action, branded videos, and the ability to request videos from my customers." 

2. Improve Customer Relations with Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insights Chrome Extension Hybrid B2B sales are going to be everywhere by 2024. It is going to make more than 50% of additional revenues by engaging the B2B customers in advanced ways. Traditional ways of knowing and interacting with B2B customers are not going to suffice in the near future! Therefore, designing a hybrid sales and marketing strategy is the need of the hour. 

Cirrus Insight is a Chrome extension that brings professional email tools to your inbox to boost your productivity as a B2B sales team. It comes with advanced features that automatically keep CRM up-to-date by syncing all the emails, upcoming tasks, and calendars directly to Salesforce. It removes the need for manually entering everything. It comes with a sync solution that automatically enters all email and calendar activity, and on top of all—sales activities and wide-ranging customer engagement data.

Alex Savy, Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief at ComfyNorth add “Talk about having everything you need on the same app where you check your email. Cirrus gives you a great email enterprise experience that lets you keep track of everything and stay focused and organized. Additionally, the integrations with Salesforce make it useful by making it simple to archive and categorize the most important email threads. It also has a lot of useful integrations, like Google Calendar, Salesforce, and many more.”

3. Increase Work Efficiency with Everhour

Everhour Chrome Extension

Productivity is highly crucial for B2B sales teams and whatever works best in increasing productivity must be instantly adapted. Chrome offers various extensions to help increase productivity. Everhour is a Chrome plugin that helps you track your time in multiple ways. It allows you to know how much time you’ve spent on a certain task.  It comes with time trackers to watch your productivity over a definite course of time—giving you insights about where to improve yourself. This chrome plugin can integrate with other tools to add efficiency to your overall performance, without switching tabs.

Robert Warner, Head of Marketing at VirtualValley tells “I've been using Everhour for almost 2 years, and it's been very helpful for keeping track of time spent on different tasks across multiple projects and invoicing at the end of every month with a nice breakdown. The ability to write quick, off-the-cuff comments about each item is one of my favorite features of the notes section.”

4. Plan your Days with TODOIST

TODOIS Chrome Extension

Knowing what to do next—keeps the B2B sales teams more organized and high yielding. TODOIST gives B2B sales teams a clear insight into their hourly, daily, and weekly goals—leaving no space to be unproductive. It prepares a task manager for sales professionals and small businesses in the form of a to-do list.

It prepares a dashboard having upcoming tasks, projects, comments, attachments, notifications, and more. It helps the sales teams by streamlining their efficiency at work. You can set reminders, mark deadlines, and organize your projects by breaking down larger goals into smaller objectives. It comes with a feature to collaborate with your B2B sales team on shared projects. Integrating it with Gmail maximizes its utility for a sales professional even more. 

Joe Troyer, CEO & Head of Growth at Digital Triggers recommends “Todoist is a tool for managing tasks and getting things done at work. It's great for day-to-day task management and getting things done at work. Its cross-platform compatibility enables me to use it on my mobile device while keeping everything in perfect sync with the online and desktop apps, which is a major benefit of this tool. Also, I can sort tasks by priority and other custom categories using the task filtering feature.”

5. Grow your B2B Sales Better with Hubspot Sales

HubSpot Sales is downright the most beneficial Chrome plugin for B2B sales teams and professionals. It offers extensive insights about the businesses and individuals on the internet or whom you've exchanged emails with. It brings you information about their title, company, contact information, social media profiles, and even recent social posts. If connected with Gmail, it is a useful tool to track emails, design and share email templates, and meeting schedules to improve your efficiency as some sale personnel. 

Kenny Kline, President of Barbend recommends “The most helpful thing about HubSpot for our company is that it gives us a central place where all of our team members can see and access all of our data. This helps everyone stay in touch and on the same page. Help tech support members is an additional useful feature provided by HubSpot. I've called and emailed those diligent people a lot, and they do a great job explaining everything and resolving any problems that may come up.”

6. Build Profitable B2B Relations with Copper CRM for GMAIL

Copper CRM Chrome Extension

When it comes to B2B sales—customer relationships are worthier than jewels. Only a few loyal B2B customers can potentially earn billions of dollars—making it central to maintain and build strong customer relations. Copper is the finest customer relationship management solution for B2B sales teams. It can work in integration with Google Workspace, Gmail, and Calendar. It brings you closer to your B2B customers to make follow-ups easy with instant and added visibility. You can also mark their big days to make them feel special and make your customer relationship even stronger. 

Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Joy Organics adds “One of the most significant advantages offered by this CRM system is native integration with Google Workspace. It works excellent with putting data out to Google Sheets, which helps you slice and dice the sales data even further, and it synchronizes emails automatically. Calendar events are also displayed very clearly in the dashboard.”

7. Reach the Potential B2B Clients with Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider Chrome Extension

Do you know, that 85% of B2B sales personnel consider lead generation as their #1 challenge? Fortunately, you can enhance lead generation using innovative chrome plugins. Datanyze Insider is streamlined for sales teams trying to access contact and company data directly from LinkedIn.

It works as a well-versed built-in research tool for reaching B2B sales prospects, nurturing accounts, and discovering relevant contact information. It is an influential tool of lead generation that empowers B2B sales teams to capture prospective companies on a number of factors. You can access lead data directly from LinkedIn using this legit chrome extension.

Ellie Shippey, E-commerce Growth Specialist, EZContacts says “I like how datanyze integrates with Chrome and can immediately offer insights I can act upon in real-time. Without datanyze, I'm not sure I would be as good at my job. Additionally, the support team at datanyze has been excellent whenever I've needed assistance.”

8. Communicate Effectively with Outreach Everywhere

Outreach Chrome Extension

When it comes to sales—communication is the key to success. Outreach Everywhere is another Chrome extension that adds value to the effectiveness of B2B sales teams by facilitating communication inside Gmail. It can be integrated into a Gmail account of the sales professional to enable its features. Outreach Everywhere automatically identifies prospects, schedules meetings, and adds recipients to the sequences that make it even more practical. 

Martin Lassen, Founder & CEO, GrammarHow recommends “I like the system's real-time alarms and notifications, which let our team communicate with potential customers quickly and effectively after they receive, open, and respond to an email. Through its analysis, it also enables us to see the stage each customer is in as well as the reasons why a funnel exists that prevents us from successfully closing deals.”

9. Boost your Productivity with Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang Chrome Extension

You can also enhance your email productivity using Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang is another chrome plugin that offers more control to your B2B sales team over their communication while sending and receiving messages. It offers tracked email responses and Respondable—an AI-powered assistant— predicting the probability of response from a prospect's B2B customers. It offers sales forecasting this way with its real-time analysis that adds productivity to your B2B sales team. 

Jake Cowans, Founder, and CCO of CompanyScouts say “Boomerang for Gmail is a Chrome plugin that smoothly connects to Gmail and offers users an intuitive, simple-to-remember interface. Additionally, by sending communications later and retrieving them at a predetermined period, I can manage big tasks with ease. In relation to this, we should be aware that many of the people we email have different business hours. When emails are delivered at a time that is convenient for the receiver, response rates have grown dramatically and correspondence has become more natural.”

10. Make Better B2B Teams with Hiver 

Hiver Chrome Extension

Teams are made to work in close collaboration and when it is a B2B sales team—it is certain. Hiver is a chrome extension that helps you access and manage shared inboxes in Gmail to bring more efficiency to work.

Whenever, new lead emails the shared address—you can assign a sales professional to track the status of their process, and connect and collaborate with other team members.  You can also save and share email templates with your sales teams for faster responses.

Hiver also allows you to avoid any duplications and inconsistencies by notifying you if you get a response on any emails in the shared inbox. It also integrates analytics and automation into the Gmail interface, making it stress-free for your team to handle workflows. 

Lachlan de Crespigny, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Revelo adds “Hiver is a great addition to any work team and offers a lot to issue solving and customer communication. I love that Hiver can assist us with all of this. Its use as a ticket manager is very good and effective, and it has worked well in my organization. In addition, the ability for work teams to set up a shared email inbox keeps the group in better sync, ensures that much less information is overlooked, and speeds up response times.”

11. Bookmark your Tabs with Toby for Chrome

Toby Chrome Extension

Toby is another chrome plugin that allows you to bookmark your tabs with ease to access them later. You don’t need to go through a long and exhausting list of bookmarks to sort through and find what you’re after. Toby lets you organize the browser tab that you can access from any device. No need to keep hundreds of tabs open for fear to lose them when needed. It also keeps your mind clear by keeping your working stuff sorted. 

Abdul Saboor, Full Stack Developer at The Stock Dork says “I love how Toby saves the day when I need to shut down my laptop while working on anything that calls for a set of 8 or more open tabs. It enables me to preserve a "session," which is essentially the set of open tabs, and then resume where I left off. Additionally, it can function as a rather effective bookmark organizer, and its sharing functions are really helpful for teams to build mini-tool knowledge libraries.”

Final thoughts

Google Chrome is one of the basic parts of our day-to-day work activities. The chrome plugins add more functionality to your sales team with their sophisticated solution that also comes with privacy protection. So just, level up your browser game as a B2B sales team--using these chrome extensions to make your work life smooth and stress-free while being highly productive.

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