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Top 17 Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn [Updated for 2023]

Following sales influencers on LinkedIn is one of the easiest – and most fun – ways to accelerate your career.

When you just want a few minutes to recharge, you can scroll through LinkedIn to engage with leaders in the space and learn how to do your job better.

Sir Isaac Newton Quote: If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Sir Isaac Newton, 17th century thought leader

Here, we’re sharing our favorite sales thought leaders. They consistently post actionable advice, reflections on new trends, and other high quality content.

By following them, you’ll see industry topics right as they unfold. And you can jump in with your own opinion to shape the trends as they are happening. 

And, who knows… you might also pick up how to build your own social media presence, so you can join the greats as a LinkedIn influencer (or should we say “LinkedInfluencer?”) one day soon. 

Daniel Murray Tweet

Daniel Murray, featured below

Our Criteria for Identifying Best Sales Influencers on LinkedIn

To make our list of top sales influencers, we started with the people we actually follow, and get the most value from. Sendspark is a platform for creating personalized sales videos, so we need to stay ahead of the curve.

Then, we polled our friends, customers, and advisors in the space to see who they are learning the most from.

And finally, we adjusted for…

  • Frequency of posts – Did this person have one viral post, or are they consistently putting on great content on a regular basis?
  • Engagement on posts – Someone might have a lot of followers, but how much activity do their posts get? We want to make sure if you’re taking the time to engage with someone, you’re getting involved in the most important conversations. 
  • Quality of content – This is a judgment call… And note, just because we’re listing someone here does not mean that we agree with everything they are saying. It just means that they are sparking important conversations worth participating in.

Top Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

  1. Scott Leese co-hosts Thursday Night Sales and shares all kinds of useful tips for developing a sales career, like how to make a 30-60-90 plan for a VP of Sales role 
  2. Amy Volas co-hosts Thursday Night Sales with Scott and is an absolute icon. She posts actionable advice to see results right away, like how reduce meeting no shows how to unplug without losing leads, and the formula to scale and sustain business
  3. Kevin Dorsey has great tactical advice and really nails the mental game. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or behind, read some of his recent posts to get your head on right in no time. (Be a damn buffalo!)
  4. Jill Rowley has literally shaped the sales industry over the last 20 years (first 100 employees at Salesforce #13 at Eloqua), and is our go-to for long-term thinking. Jill shares a breadth of knowledge, not only on day-to-day sales tactics, but also on high level trends and shifts in the industry, like customer-centricity and the era of ecosystems
  5. Mark Roberge, the co-founder and former CRO of Hubspot, Managing Director at Stage2 Capital, professor at Harvard Business School, and author of the Sales Acceleration Formula is a unique voice in the space. Mark applies a very technical perspective from his his engineering background to building sales teams and go-to-market strategy.
  6. Jared Robin co-founded RevGenius and consistently shares great advice for building your career in sales, but with his own no-BS flair. His points are short and to the point. For example, here are Jared’s 3 steps to get promoted from SDR to AE
  7. Richard Harris is must-follow for sales leaders. Richard was ranked a top sales influencer to follow by Salesforce for 2021 and 2022 and consistently shares high posts on managing and supporting sales teams
  8. Sam Jacobs is the founder and CEO of Pavilion. He shares insight on how to succeed... And how to avoid embarrassing mistakes that will make you look amateur.
  9. Sydney Sloan posts awesome tips on sales, marketing, and how to live a better life. 
  10. Scott Brinker is one of the most fun to follow because he shares a lot of visuals: images, charts, videos, and comics. (Although Scott’s feed is not for the easily offended… Sometimes they hit close to home) .
  11. Jeff Kirchick is the author of Authentic Selling and has led Sales at a startup from 10 people to successful exit. He shares insights that are relevant for both startup founders and employees, such as how to understand stock options
  12. Ben Wright shares some of the best content on developing a partnership strategy, like what do when starting a new role and how to develop key traits for success
  13. Daniel Murrary has nearly 90,000 followers on LinkedIn… Despite the fact that nearly all of his posts are screenshots of his tweets. Daniel hosts The Marketing Millennials Podcast and each post is a nugget of wisdom.
  14. Nate Stoltenow shares a steady stream of sales advice on what to do – or not to do – to get better results right away. (And other posts to make you laugh)
  15. Hilary Headlee posts all about strategy, operations, and enablement… As well as strong motivational content to make you feel up to the challenge. 
  16. Will Frattini posts a ton of actionable tips for SDRs and AEs to get better at selling
  17. Carson Heady hosts Salesman on Fire and shares awesome content from his own experience and interviews with others in the space. 

Final thoughts

While we definitely recommend following these influencers on LinkedIn to stay up to date on sales topics, we urge you to have your own opinions, too.

Sales strategies, frameworks, and best practices change all of the time. And one thing that works for one person or one company might not work for you. 

So please don’t follow anyone blindly. Stand on the shoulders of these giants so you can see further, become a leader, and pave the way for the next generation. 

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