Send Personalized Videos with Templates

Want to record a lot of similar — but still personalized — videos? Now, instead of typing out content for each video, you can just select a template!

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When is the Best Time to Send a Personalized Video?

We often get asked about the best time to send personalized videos during the sales process. 

Top 17 Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn in 2022

Following sales influencers on LinkedIn is one of the easiest – and most fun – ways to accelerate your career.

How to Create a Video Email Signature

Over the last week, 3 people asked how I make my video email signature. 

New Instant Integrations: Gmail, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Intercom, and Zendesk

Record and share videos faster! Now you can record and share videos directly from your favorite customer messaging platforms:

17 Best Video Recording Software for Windows and Mac

Did you know that 60% of companies use videos for marketing purposes, while 94% of all marketers want to continue using them? That isn’t surprising, given how popular video is right now in the realm of content marketing. 

21 Email Subject Lines for Sales That are Catchy and Attention-Grabbing

An average person receives 121 business emails every day. So it is no surprise that most of these emails stay unopened. What factors decide which email a prospective customer will open?

Why use CNAME to Whitelabel Videos

Website hosting is a fairly common practice among companies. In this day and age, you are unlikely to find a company that does not use a website hosting service. However, you can host more than just a website using white-label services.

Can You Embed Videos in Outlook Emails?

Recent video marketing statistics have shown that video emails drive more than 300% more email engagement. Videos bring a email to life in a whole new way, adding personalization, visualizations, and context far beyond text alone. Yet, Outlook consistently shows up on the list of email platforms that do NOT support video

New: Sendspark Partner Program

We have a new Partner Program to make it easy for you refer Sendspark and make money!

Send Videos in Calendly Email Reminders

There’s nothing worse than spending 30 minutes preparing for a sales demo… Only to get ghosted. 👻

Sendspark Getting Started Guide

Congratulations on taking your first step towards better communication!

How to Send Videos in Hubspot Sales Hub Emails

Prospecting is hard. Even with great tools like Hubspot Sales Hub it takes time, effort, and creativity to cut through the noise.

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