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Request Videos from anyone with a link

Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & CEO
January 13 2020

We’re excited to bring you Request Video! We know that you often want to share videos from people outside your organization, so Request Video lets you get a video from anyone with a simple, shareable recording link. 

Why we built Request Video

Video usually captures the voice of the business, and shares it with customers.... But what about the customer's voice? Or the individual voices of the people behind the business - like CEO, engineer, or sales rep? 

All of these people have incredible unique viewpoints and compelling messages that are often left unsaid!

Request Video allows you to capture a video from anyone, and transform it into a sharable video campaign for email, social, or the web… with a single click.

Try It Out Now

How it works:

  1. Simply copy a link from the “Request Video” button in your Sendspark dashboard.
    Click Request Video (1)
  2. Send this link off to whomever you would like a video from. Make sure to be specific on what you would like your recipient to say in the video. 
    Request Video with Link
  3. Your recipient clicks the link to launch a recorder on their phone or computer. After they record a video, they can review it and re-record as many times as they would like to capture the best video recording. 
    Record video on phone
  4. The video auto-magically uploads to your Sendspark account.
    Request Video Dashboard
  5. You can either download the video, or convert it into a Sendspark campaign to share it with the world. 
    Sendspark Video Campaign

Some ways you can use Request Video:

Request Customer Testimonials

Easily get customer testimonials to share by email, embed on your website, or post to social. You can just send a link, and get a great customer video! 

Send Video Emails on Behalf of Colleagues or Clients

Now, you can share videos on behalf of your CEO, product team, and sales reps, without ever having them log in to Sendspark. Just send out a video request, and see the video magically appear in your Sendspark account for you to use. 

Screen Applicants

Before you reserve 30 minutes of your time for a phone screening, ask your applicants to answer a question by video, so you can get a feel for their personality and non-verbal cues. 

That being said... If you’re interested in joining the Sendspark Team, Send us a video! 

Get Community Feedback

Make it easier for users to share feedback with you. They can just record a quick video to share exactly how they feel and how the product is working for them. 

Speaking of which... we would love to know what you think about Request Video! Send us a video.

The best things in life are free…. for 10 video requests. 

Request Video is included unlimited with Sendspark Premium (along with some other cool video marketing features coming soon!). This will start at $59 / month for 3 users.

However, today is Sendspark’s 1 year birthday 🎂, so we wanted to do something special for you. We are giving everyone 10 video requests for free! So what are you waiting for? Login and start requesting videos now

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