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The Top 20 Funniest Sales Memes of All Time

Sales is stressful... to say the least. So to get that salesman smile back on your face, we've compiled a list of our favorite sales memes. 

From clever jokes to relatable moments, these memes provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the sales world.

Whether you're considering switching careers to comedy (we wouldn't blame you) or just looking for a good chuckle, these memes are sure to hit the spot. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best sales memes of all time!

#1 Perhaps They Will Someday?

Sales Meme #1Source:

Some prospects will swear that they will call you back, but as time passes, you will realize that they won’t, in fact, call you back. It’s a way for prospects to get out of the conversation with you.

#2 They Kept Their Word!Sales Meme #2


Though most prospects who promise to call back don’t actually do so, there are those who keep their word. It’s always both a surprise and a rush of excitement about the opportunities that are now open to you.

#3 Congratulations on Upselling Successfully!Sales Meme #3


Congratulations! Your boss thinks that you just closed a deal and upsold successfully. Shh, don’t tell them that the customer actually did all the work for you and all you had to do is agree with them.

#4 Realistic ExpectationsSales Memes #4


Sales managers’ goals can be extremely unrealistic. What’s worse is that your boss may be completely unaware of this while you and your colleagues suffer.

#5 Wasting away in the cold email abyss


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#6 Oh My God, Really?Sales Meme #3


Some salespeople are really lucky or savvy in their job, so they keep getting more and more leads. They seem to be doing their job so well that there are no leads left for you! And that’s when you get desperate…

#7 Confidence Is Key

Laughing Men in Suits | And Then I Said meme


After completing your training, it can feel like you know everything about sales. Think again! But on a serious note, you can get some help by hiring an experienced writer from the writing service Best Essays Education who will handle your documentation or content creation while you focus on the sales themselves.

#8 I Did It!

Sales Meme #8


One number every salesperson obsesses over is the monthly sales quota. And once you reach it, the feeling of pride can be infinite (and the jealous looks from your colleagues can be equally flattering).

#9 I’m the Top Salesman Now

Sales Meme #9


It’s a great feeling when you hit that monthly quota, but it’s even more rewarding when you become the top salesman on your team. You feel like a boss and a master of your craft.

#10 Cue Nervous LaughterSales Meme #10


You’ve probably heard things like “sales is easy”, “it’s not that stressful”, “anyone can sell” – and laughed. They don’t know what it actually feels like most of the time. Good for them.

#11 Cold Calling Is No Joke

Source: @sales_humor

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#12 Rejection… It Happens Even to the GreatestSales Meme #12

Source: @sales_humor

No matter how experienced you are, you could still get rejected. And when you do hear that “no” or “not today” or any other variation of the rejection phrase, that’s when it finally hits you. It’s rough, but it’s something salespeople eventually get used to.

#13 Hooray!

Sales Meme #13

Source: @truesalesmemes

Perhaps it was a rocky road for you and there were many hiccups along the way. But you finally closed the sale! It’s time to celebrate!

#14 In Your Dreams!Sales Meme #13


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#15 It’s Hard WorkSales Meme #15


They are a newbie and they are eager to learn, but they have absolutely zero experience with sales. Oh, this will be a long day, week, maybe even month... But everyone starts somewhere!

#16 What’s the Deal, Man?

Sales Meme #16


You’re talking to a prospect and they keep asking the same question over and over again. Do they not understand your answer? Should you explain it again? Do they think your reply will change if they ask the question once more?

#17 Nobody Likes Meetings


Every time another meeting starts, you think it won’t be like the last time. But you are wrong. It drags on and on and makes you feel like it will never end. What was the reason for the meeting? Anyone remembers? Why aren't we having an async meeting instead??

#18 I Need to Talk to My Spouse!Sales Meme #18


How many times has this happened? You spent hours, days, or even weeks on your communication with a prospect yet they tell you they aren’t the decisionmaker. They need to talk to their spouse (or their boss).

#19 Anything for You, My Customer!Sales Meme #19


Your prospect or customer keeps cracking jokes. In an effort to be polite, you fake a laugh once. Then another time, and another one. You’re very funny, keep going!

#20 Right in the Heart!Sales Meme #20


You can be disappointed by the amount of time you spend on a prospect who never calls you back. But what really feels painful and hits you right in the heart is when a prospect says they chose your competitor over you.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the sales department is probably not so stressful, after all. All these memes were created by fellow sales professionals – some of them are reflective of the stressful environment while others look at the “fun” side of working in sales.

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