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7 Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

Looking for a screen recorder extension for Chrome?

You’re in the right place. At Sendspark, we’re the creators of a top-rated screen recorder for Sales teams (and other professionals). We know video recording technology inside and out…

And on this page, we’ll share our top 7 choices for different use cases. 

1. Sendspark - Best Overall

Pricing - Free (basic version), $15/month (pro), $29.80/month (business)

Screen Recorder Extension #1 - Sendspark

Sendspark is a free screen recorder available as a Chrome extension or desktop application. It’s safe and easy to use; you can record from your browser without installing an extra app. This makes Sendspark lightweight, safe, and compatible with office computers. 

With a click of a button, you can instantly record your screen, your camera feed, and any audio connected to your computer. The core features are robust and Sendspark is adding new ones - like custom thumbnails for your videos - all the time. 

What sets Sendspark apart is how easy personalizing and sending videos is. You can record, edit, and share a video in just minutes. The whole app is web-based, so you don’t need anything other than a browser. 

Something else that’s cool about Sendspark is its long list of integrations. Sendspark makes it easy to embed videos in LinkedIn, automate with apps like Zapier, and more. If you can’t find an integration you need, let the Sendspark team know… And they’ll do their best to add it. 

Top 3 Highlights of Sendspark

  • Easy-to-use interface of core screen recorder
  • Create personalized templates to reach out at scale
  • Easiest extension to share recorded videos with: LinkedIn, email, social media, and more are all compatible

One Drawback

  • You need to install Chrome to use Sendspark

2. Wondershare DemoAir - Best for Demos

Screen Recorder Extension #2 - DemoAir

Pricing - $45/year (standard), $65/year (premium), $75/one-time fee (perpetual)

Wondershare's DemoAir is a free screen recorder for Chrome that specializes in screen editing. You can record your entire screen, or only parts of it, then draw on your videos. Useful if you give demos, webinars, or lessons often. 

You can use your webcam while recording your screen. The process for uploading your recorded videos to Youtube or email is fast. 

The software is good for demos, but not the best for other use cases; especially client-facing videos. Sharing videos is also difficult, and uploading can take a while. Good for teachers and web event hosts; not so great for most of us.

Top 3 Highlights of Wondershare DemoAir

  • Drawing tool for highlighting important areas of your video
  • Integrations with popular sites and apps like Youtube
  • Perfect for recording technical videos

One Drawback

  • Lack of sharing options

3. Screencastify - Best Free Option

Screen Recorder Extension #3 - Screencastify

Pricing - Free (basic version), $7/month (starter, billed annually), $10/month (pro, billed annually)

Screencastify is a free Chrome extension that lets you record your screen and webcam. It’s free, it works fast, and it’s versatile. 

Some important features are lacking. Videos take a while to upload and often end up broken or low-quality. Waiting for them to go up can take a long time. You can’t choose thumbnails, create personalized landing pages, or do the kind of customization Sendspark makes possible. 

One thing we didn’t like with Screencastify is its reliance on third-party hosting. The app works with Google Drive, YouTube, and other video hosting services. The quality for viewers is low on these - and also, uploading takes a very long time. 

Screencastify works if you need a quick-fix solution… But it’s not the best for more advanced use. 

Top 3 Highlights of Screencastify

  • The browser-based editor is very fast
  • Creating and Sharing videos is done in seconds
  • Great tool for teachers and students to finish projects through video, because students can use the software for free

One Drawback

  • The features are minimal

4. Drift Video - Best for Quick Use

Screen Recorder Extension #4 - Drift

Pricing - Free. 

Drift Video is a Chrome extension that lets you use a front facing camera or webcam to record your screen. The screen recorder function allows you to create and share videos and gifs, separately or in sync with the cam feature.

The editing features consist of trimming, audio tweaks, and custom thumbnails. The ability to edit the audio, even in a limited capacity, is very helpful. The custom thumbnail feature is a little limited but still nice to have. 

Drift is solid, but very light on features compared to a modern app like Sendspark. It has some nice extras - smart notifications let you know when your video is being played - but is a fundamentally basic app. 

Top 3 Highlights of Drift

  • Ability to tweak the video's audio is a nice feature
  • User friendly
  • Smart notifications 

One Drawback

  • Uploading the videos can be a slow process
  • Need to use Drift to get the most out of the platform

5. Fluvid - Best for Collaborating

Screen Recorder Extension #5 - Fluvid

Pricing - Free (basic), $8/month (pro)

Fluvid is a Chrome extension that allows its user base to communicate with each other through recorded videos. This includes collaborative videos featuring multiple speakers. The recordings are saved to a secure cloud storage account, from which they can be shared.

Fluvid is fast, with decent quality. The extension lets you add personalized logos to your screen recordings; a nice feature. The editing feature allows you to click anywhere on the video and edit it on-the-fly; a cool feature. 

Fluvid’s decent quality and separate cloud storage are strong benefits. The video quality isn’t too strong, and outside of collaborations, we wouldn’t use the app for too much. The limited featureset and weak video quality aren’t worth it.

Top 3 Highlights of Fluvid

  • Simple editing features
  • Videos are secure in sperate cloud storage account
  • Collaborations through recorded videos 

One Drawback

  • Limited features in the free version

6. ApowerREC - Best for Personal Videos

Screen Recorder Extension #6 - ApowerREC

Pricing - $69.95/one-time fee (lifetime), $39.95year (annual), $19.95/month (monthly)

This Chrome extension gives you the ability to record from your desktop or browser. The sound recording is high quality, ApowerREC great for meetings and phone calls. There is no time limit to your recording sessions and fidelity is high.

ApowerREC is easy to use for creating and sharing videos. There is a cool zoom feature that is functional and holds good resolution. There are also a series of helpful hotkeys you can take advantage of.

ApowerREC is missing effective sharing features. There’s no easy way to upload and send recorded videos, and given that the Lifetime version is $70, we were a bit disappointed with that. 

Top 3 Highlights of ApowerREC

  • Quality of Audio and Video
  • Hotkeys for quick edits
  • User friendly 

One Drawback

  • Most expensive option for advanced features

7. Vidyard - Best for Professionals

Pricing - Free (basic version), $19/month (starter, pro annually), talk to sales (business)

Screen Recorder Extension #7 - Vidyard

Vidyard is a screen recorder extension for Chrome. The integrations are extensive, including Gmail, Outlook, and virtual sales tools.

The HD screen and video recording are both high quality, as is the feature set. Vidyard has analytics similar to Sendspark, a nice user interface, and their own, dedicated hosting.

The only downside to the tool is that videos are capped at one hour. You do sometimes want to go beyond that, but Vidyard makes it impossible to do so. 

Top 3 Highlights of Vidyard

  • Analytics suite
  • Recording from Chrome is super easy
  • Sleek features geared towards corporate sales

One Drawback (Well, Two)

  • Sharing videos is time consuming, and restricted length of one hour is limiting


The best overall screen record extension for Chrome is Sendspark. It’s free, it comes with lots of storage space, and it’s good for multiple use cases: sales, teaching, internal use, and more. 

Close behind Sendspark are DemoAir and Screencastify. DemoAir is excellent if you want to draw on a screen featuring images or videos. Screencastify is nice if you need a free tool that other people can use for free as well. 

Ready to start recording your own videos with a screen record Chrome extension? Then you’re in the right place. 

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