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5 Ideas to Collect User-Generated Video Content (UGC Video)

With the consistently growing social media popularity, customers have shifted to user-generated content instead of ads. Brands are constantly jumping into what’s trending and working their way toward their customers. 

Every other person has an opinion on everything, social media has given them the freedom to voice their opinions. Sharing your point of view about an experience, or a cause is highly appreciated by others. Imagine expressing yourself through a video, and speaking to your peers directly. 

User-generated content is authentic and reliable. People listen to their peers and consider their opinions before investing in a new brand. With UGC you get an organic flow of potential customers and with proper content utilization, you can transform them into becoming your brand advocates. 

As we all understand, videos are more engaging than videos and when customers get engaged in your website to see various UGC videos instead of images, they spend more time increasing your dwell time. Videos attract more people enhancing your social media presence. It is proved that 93% of customers consider UGC videos before making a purchase decision. 

Ideas to Collect UGC Videos

Once you understand the importance of user-generated videos, it's time to understand how can we collect these videos efficiently. Simply sending them emails after purchase would not generate a good amount of content. Let’s look at a few ideas for the UGC video collection. 

1. Harness the power of #hashtags 

Hashtags are the trendsetters and to get into this competitive market you need to understand how hashtags can make your marketing strategies successful. To gather more UGC videos, the hashtag is one of the best options to use. 

Hashtags encourage users to participate in the cause. Also, people love and appreciate the attention, they feel brands listen to them and that their opinion matters. You can request your customers to re-purpose your product in different, and new ways, upload a video of you using the product and add the brand hashtag in the caption. You can collect these videos and embed them on your website. 

This helps your brand increase awareness, drive traffic to your social media profiles, and attain a large number of followers. 

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2. Influence through influencer marketing

This idea can be a little tricky for small businesses as it requires brands to connect with Instagram influencers and get them to use and provide authentic feedback. However, there are many micro-influencers are promote your products and reach out to the ideal audience. 

While people have been considering UGC before making purchases, influencers have been taking the lead in influencing users to use a product or invest in a brand. People have been highly considering influencers’ reviews and feedback. Eventually impacting your conversion rates and sales. 

3. Connect with satisfied customers

Existing customers who have an idea about your brand are your best advocates, it is better to reach out to them to request reviews. They already have a sense of trust and reliability within the brand and would be happy to serve you with their honest reviews. 

This also portrays that their opinion matters and the brand values what they think about their experience. Acknowledging them to become your original content creators is the best way to generate a good amount of authentic UGC. Plus, you get to reach out to a whole new set of users through your existing users. 

4. Curate a video with Social media Mentions

Keeping a track of the number of people mentioning you in their posts and stories will surely be helpful. You can curate all the mentions and create a unique and creative video with them. Keep a tab on all the notifications on various social media platforms. There are various tools as well to help you watch out for your mentions. 

 This video can consist of UGC videos, photos, customer posts, and screenshots. This content is highly genuine giving your brand a positive positioning in the market and influencing new customers to make favorable decisions. 

5. Provide materialistic incentives

Similar to hashtag campaigns, you can organize giveaways in return for customers’ creative reviews. This is one of the most beneficial methods to generate user-generated content and enhance engagement. 

People love participating in simple and easy giveaways. You can request your customers to comment on your post, tag a few friends, write something about the product they used and people whose reviews are genuine shall win a reward. 

The incentives can be in the form of coupons, discounts, new product giveaways, etc. This would not affect your revenues and expenditures instead make your marketing strategies a success. 

Up to you!

UGC curated especially from strong social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be beneficial to your marketing efforts. Incorporating UGC videos into your website would keep your customers engaged and attract new users. 

Everyone spends a lot of time looking at TikTok videos, Instagram reels, etc. so why not transform these into your website and enhance your dwell time while providing honest reviews. This is a great strategy to influence your existing customers into providing more reviews on their own. 

Your chosen User-Generated content platform does most of the work for you. You can efficiently customize them and them to your website and other social media platforms driving more traffic into making positive purchase decisions. 

UGC videos are not something a lot of brands have adapted, making this an excellent way to stand out from the market and encourage more users to benefit from authentic content. Get the most out of your User-Generated by transforming them into videos and making creative content to improve conversion rates and ease the customer acquisition process ultimately enhancing your customer journey.

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