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9 Tips for Video Prospecting

Today, it has never been easier to send an email. Email platforms like Outreach, Hubspot, and MixMax have made it easy to send thousands of emails and automate follow up messages.

But how do you show prospective customers that you’re different from the other 100+ sales emails they receive every day? That you genuinely want to connect and make their lives better?

Video prospecting helps you stand out from the crowd, build human relationships, and make more money.

Stats show sales teams who start using video increase email replies 25% or more. 

And with video selling tools like Sendspark, it’s never been easier to quickly record and share personalized videos with your prospects.

Follow these steps to make amazing prospecting videos in less than 5 minutes.

Video prospecting tips

Use Sendspark to record videos for each of your prospective customers. In your videos, make sure to...

  1. 👋 Start with a smile and wave! Friendly faces get more views.
  2. Talk about the other person first. Research your prospect, and customize your message for them. As Dale Carnegie says, “talk to someone about themselves and they'll listen for hours.”
  3. Don't read from a script. It looks unnatural, and people love raw, authentic video.
  4. Keep it short. While 52% of people will watch a video all the way through, regardless of length, more than two-thirds of people will stick around to the end if it’s less than 60 seconds long.
  5. Don't hard sell. People don't like that and closing your video just takes one click.
  6. Keep your CTAs soft. Most CTAs with calendar links are never opened. Try linking a piece of content or your LinkedIn profile instead!
  7. Personalize video thumbnails. Add your viewers name and logo to make it clear you’ve made the video just for them
  8. Share in the best channel. Send your videos off in the channels your prospects are most likely to see it - perhaps email, LinkedIn, twitter, or wherever they spend most of their time.
  9. Track engagement. Monitor when prospects view your video, click your call-to-action, and schedule meetings with you - and follow up accordingly!

Here’s an example of an awesome prospecting video James Barry, Head of Business Development at Beacon Talent sent to us recently:

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