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Top 6 Video Sales Letter Examples That Convert & Why They Work

Video sales letters are pretty much becoming a staple point in any serious business’s sales strategy for one simple reason – videos work like a charm when it comes to conversions.

Video Sales Letters In fact, as many as 80% of marketers say that video has helped them directly increase sales. And that’s just one of the many stats that prove just how invaluable videos have become in contemporary sales and marketing.

We bet you’re more than eager to start making your own video sales letters with a video sales letter software of choice…

Video Sales Letter Software

…But maybe you’re unsure where and how to begin, and could use some actual video sales letter examples to give you some inspiration?

In that case, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve laid out several top-notch video sales letter examples to help you get on track with creating your own ASAP.

We’ll also explain what makes each of them work and where they can get a bit tricky, so you’ll be well equipped with all the necessary know-how after reading.📖


  • Video sales letters can follow a wide variety of different templates - from the straightforward piece to camera, to the highly-polished mini-feature
  • But what matters most - format notwithstanding - is creating rapport and trust, providing a clear call to action, and fitting the content to the funnel stage your video is aimed at
  • Every video sales letter example has its potential pitfalls you should be aware of, and we’ve flagged the biggest ones to make sure you don’t fall into them!

Video sales letter example #1 – The simple & straightforward

This type of video sales letter is our personal favorite as it’s the easiest to create – all you need is a good pitch and a webcam and you’re ready to go.

However, just because it doesn’t have any special visual effects does not make this kind of video sales letter any less efficient, on the contrary.

Keeping it simple often goes a long way – and here’s why.

Why it works

A video sales letter that consists of you and your pitch alone is a golden formula for success.

This type of video sales letter is the next best thing after actual face-to-face contact with a prospect for several reasons:

  • You can use non-verbal communication to persuade them more easily;
  • Eye contact, gesticulation, and facial expressions are crucial for creating genuine rapport;
  • You’ll appear more trustworthy - like you don’t have to hide behind fancy post-production and glitzy effects;
  • You help prospects put a face to the brand, making it more human, likable, and approachable.

So, keeping it clean and simple, with a clear focus on your product and the way it can address your leads’ pain points, with an effective CTA at the end is more than enough to drive more sales your way.

With Sendspark, you can create a smooth and clean video sales letter like this in a matter of minutes. Sign up now and start recording and sharing videos for free. 

Where it can get tricky

If you’re camera-shy, creating a video of yourself can be a bit of an issue at first.

However, that’s not something that can’t be overcome. With some practice and goodwill, you’ll get comfortable in front of the camera in no time.

Video sales letter example #2 – The live-action type

Grammarly has surely popped up at least a dozen times on random videos you were watching on YouTube, so chances are you’re well familiar with the brand and their video sales letter style.

They’re fun, they tell a story that’s supposed to both engage their prospects and convey why their product is a necessity, and they contain the holy grail of every video sales letter – a call to action.

Why it works

This approach is handy for entertaining and engaging your target audience at the same time.

By telling them a story in a visually attractive and witty way, you nudge them towards conversion without being too salesy and giving off the stereotypical obnoxious salesperson vibe which is a major put-off.

Where it can get tricky

As polished and compelling as they can be, these video sales letters are always at risk of being a bit of an overkill.

Overkill video sales letters

Creating a video sales letter that is overly produced, too obviously orchestrated, and acted out can make your leads wonder why you have to try so hard to convince them.

Having too much going on - and especially if you cross that fine line between giving a friendly nudge and being in-your-face kind of pushy - can work against you.

Moreover, these video sales letters can seem like more of a regular ad than a sales letter per se, especially since they are often pretty impersonal and cannot significantly leverage the power of building trust and rapport with your prospects.

So, finding the right measure of high-class production while keeping as genuine and personalized an approach as you can is your key to success with these video sales letters.

Bear in mind, however, that making this type of video sales letter is only possible with a hefty budget at your disposal.

After all, they are practically mini-movies – and these tend to cost a lot of money.

Video sales letter example #3 – Animation or stock videos with a voice-over

Some businesses opt for this version of video sales letters, which include animated, stock, or kinetic text videos with a voice-over.

This type of video sales letter is usually not overly complex to make, and it can sure add some visual pizzazz to your sales strategy.

Why it works

Fun doodles or high-quality stock videos can make quite an impression on your target audience since visuals do matter, as we’ve mentioned before.

And when you make an original and catchy video, with a good voice-over and striking imagery that focuses on your product, magic is bound to happen.

Video Sales Letter Magic


Plus, you can let your imagination run wild here since you can make practically anything you want, by adding fancy effects and playing around in whatever way you feel like.

Where it can get tricky

Just like with the previous example, there’s always a danger of your video sales letter drowning in the noise of similar videos that reek of ordinary ads.

Whenever you miss out on making that face-to-face, personal contact with your prospect, you often lose a crucial opportunity for steering them towards conversion.

Personalized videos are the best possible way of building trust and genuinely connecting with your leads, which further increases your chances of customer retention in the long run.

Putting a friendly face that customers have learned to trust and like to your product is always a good idea, especially when you’ve only just begun to create a brand and get it out there.

Video sales letter example #4 – A VSL fit for different funnel stages

Many businesses make one common mistake when it comes to video sales letters – they limit their use to just one stage of the sales funnel.

The truth is that there is no reason not to include videos in as many different stages of your sales process as you possibly can.

In fact, nothing is stopping you from creating an entire video marketing funnel, just like Chris did here, and you’ll see an increase in your lead count in no time.

Why it works

Making video sales letters part of different funnel stages - from first introducing your brand to the market, to prospecting, nurturing leads, and creating highly-personalized custom-made offers for a single lead alone - has never been easier.

You can do all that and more with simple several minutes long videos just like this one.

All you need to do is make sure you personalize your offer for the one lead you’re making the video for by:

Video Sales Letter Page Layout


  • Including your or your prospect’s logo in the video;
  • Emphasizing all the vitals with options such as a camera spotlight that help with being more convincing and making a stronger impression;

Video Sales Letter Example


  • Including a nice, big CTA button at the bottom;
  • Customizing your video thumbnail – you can even make it a GIF for additional sparkle✨.

Personalized Video Sales Letter


Where it can get tricky

Once again, if you’re not used to being in front of the camera, the first couple of attempts at making these sorts of video sales letters can be a little awkward.

If you need additional tips on how to make professional-looking personalized videos that will wow your customers, we have a blog covering that in detail as well, so feel free to go check it out.😉

Video sales letter example #5 – Showcase your product’s specific use case or give a one-time offer your leads can’t refuse

Videos are an awesome way of showing your product to the world without having to go door to door or organize conferences or live presentations.

What’s more, you can always take advantage of one particular aspect of human nature – the fact that we tend to covet the things that come in limited numbers and love chasing sales, discounts, and special offers like our lives depend on it.

So, why not make the most of it by creating a video sales letter that’s going to do just that – both showcase your product and edge people on to try it out by promising a one-time offer that’s been custom-made for them alone?

Why it works

As we’ve said, one-time offers or special deals that have been triggered by a specific action a lead took, are bound to make an impact.

It’s hard to resist an offer that’s been tailored for you and you alone, especially when a product seems to solve your key problem or perform a task you need be done.

And since people are visual creatures - meaning that videos tend to engage us more than any other type of content - why not take the best of both worlds and use a video to both showcase your product and make an offer that simply cannot be refused?

Better yet, your leads might want to see the product in action, especially if it’s something complex or new on the market - and that’s another type of video you can make with a tool like Sendspark at your side.

After all, your overall sales strategy would be much better off should you include videos such as:

They can further engage hot leads and warm up those cold leads who might not even know yet that your product could be the best solution for their pain point.

Where it can get tricky

The only aspect where this approach can go awry is if you don’t have a good product-market fit or your pitch fails to hit the bullseye.

Video Sales Letters Hit the Target


So, just make sure to pinpoint the main issue your targeted audience has and proceed to show how and why your product is the best solution for it.

And don’t forget to include those one-time offers, as they motivate people to make a purchase more quickly and smoothly, especially when the offer’s been properly customized for a specific lead.

Video Sales letter example #6 – Include social proof

Another key component of a good video sales letter is social proof.

Potential prospects always value hearing about your product from someone other than yourself.

There’s no better ad than a testimonial from a happy customer who’s already had a chance to test and try out your product.

That’s why making customer reviews or testimonials part of your video sales letter is a step you should not overlook.

In fact, Sendspark’s special option for requesting videos enables you to ask your satisfied customers for an honest opinion on your product, which you can then use as social proof of your product’s value.

Request Video Sales Letters


The best part is that they don’t have to install anything – all they need to do is click the link you’ve provided them with, make a short video with Sendspark and it will be directly uploaded to you.

As easy as that.

Why it works

Your leads love hearing about your product right out of the horse’s mouth – that is, from other people such as themselves who’ve already purchased and used your product.

After all, it comes off naturally to have more trust in other customers over the person whose livelihood depends on selling the product in question.

Where it can get tricky

When it comes to social proof, there is literally not one downside to it.

Providing customer feedback is never a bad idea, particularly when it comes in the form of a video, as it conveys much more emotion and is more personal than any other type of content.

So, if your product does the job it’s supposed to, you have nothing to worry about – request videos from your users and watch as your sales letters become even better at converting. 

The Bottom Line

Video sales letters don’t have to follow a fixed format. While we have some examples here, and even more video scripts for sales prospecting here, the trick is to fit the content and the offer to the audience.

Start creating and sharing your own video sales letter right now with Sendspark. It’s never been easier to create and distribute any type of video sales letter all over the web.

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