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11 Prospecting Video Examples [2023 Update]

Using videos to prospects lifts response rates, wins leads, and saves time. It's a powerful way to get more sales with cold outreach post-pandemic. But there's one important caveat.

Most sales teams have never made a prospecting video - and don't know where to start. After reading our article on video prospecting best practices, we've received emails asking us for specific prospecting video examples.

That's why we made this post, sharing 11 outstanding prospecting video examples for you to learn from!

Share these with your sales team. Watch them while imagining yourself as a buyer to see what works - and what doesn't. And keep track of video elements you like to re-use in your own content.

But first, let's talk about...

What is a Prospecting Video?

Sales teams use prospecting videos to connect with potential customers (prospects). They’re used in cold emails to start conversations that eventually turn into leads, proposals, and sales. 

Prospecting videos used to be a rarity. Prospecting phone calls and emails were way, way more common.

This is no longer the case. Today’s buyers want something less intrusive than a phone call, but more personal than an email. Video prospecting is a perfect fit - and has seen booming popularity over the last few years.

Why Use Prospecting Videos?

We’ve all been sending and receiving more emails since the pandemic started. 6 in 10 companies have increased sending volume, and that's just for email. Slack, LinkedIn, etc have all grown in usage too.

With that in mind, your buyers don't want to read more text. Enter prospecting videos. They’re easier to consume, more entertaining, and more personable than just text. Case in point:

  • Video emails get twice as many opens as text ones (Sendspark)
  • Adding videos to emails increases CTR by 300% (Omnipanel Case Study)
  • 90% of sales reps say videos help prospecting, lead-gen, and sales (Businesswire)
  • 26% more prospects reply to video emails than text ones (SalesLoft)

To learn more about why prospecting videos work, check out our article on 9 tips for outstanding video prospecting. We explain the channel's effectiveness in-depth there.

Now let's dive into what you're really here for... 

11 Prospecting Video Examples

Example 1: Vidyard’s Simple Pitch

Type: Selfie Video

This is a video pitch from Vidyard to Daily Sales Tips. It’s an example of a simple-but-effective “selfie” style video. 

Vidyard’s rep, Jason, opens by holding up a whiteboard with his prospect’s name. He makes eye contact, smiles, and shows that he knows Shaney’s company and its needs. Then he does something very smart.

Instead of pushing his product on the prospect, he starts a conversation. He explains they’ve helped similar companies before and asks if they might be a fit for Daily Sales Tips.

What we like about this video is that it's simple but effective. The camera and background are both lofi, but the details - eye contact, addressing prospect by name, etc - make the pitch work. 

Example 2: Kayla Sings for LinkedIn

Type: Musical Selfie Video

This short-but-sweet pitch has LinkedIn’s Kayla croon her offer to potential customers. This is a strong example of how you can add fun elements - music, rhyming, props - without going overboard.

The video is short and sweet. It’s fun, but not too much fun; it's still very professional.

One smart detail we liked is that the video is reusable. It doesn't refer to the prospect by name or brand. If you make a video like this, you can send it out in video marketing blasts or reuse it for multiple prospects.

Example 3: #Paid pitches Lafco

Type: Prop Video

The prospect's company (Lafco) sells candles. As the video starts, we see the sales rep holds up candle wax in the video. This shows he did his homework - and wants the sale.

This is a good example of a cheap-but-effective prop. If you're really smart, you can buy props in bulk once you know who your main targets for the next few months are. In return, you get a personalized video, a rocking thumbnail, and your prospect's attention.

Example 4: A Canny Pitch from Canny’s Kayla

Type: LinkedIn Pitch

In this video, Canny’s Kayla Cytron-Thaler pitches Apollo’s Krishan Patel with a unique angle. 

She starts by explaining that she’s an Apollo power user - and that she’s disappointed by the absence of an important feature. She then explains how her current company could help bring this feature to Apollo, then asks for a meeting. 

A few things to note here. First, Kayla is a real-life Apollo user and fan. She demonstrates first-hand knowledge of their product. This is something you can do by assigning reps to accounts that have meaning to them.

Second, Kayla emotes with her body language and tone of voice. Sales prospecting online can be a little dry because you don't see the viewer in real-time. This is a good example of emotion working to the sales rep's advantage.

Example 5: JDR Group’s LinkedIn Pitch

Type: LinkedIn Pitch

In this video, Will Williamson pitches Vidyard’s Yaniv Siegel. The video combines self-style webcam shots with screen captures of Yaniv’s LinkedIn profile. 

What we like here is that Will spends most of the video talking about Yaniv and rather than himself. Once he’s done, he thanks Yaniv for watching and signs off with a smile. Excellent example of putting the prospect first in sales messaging.

The takeaway here is that you don't have to be emotional like Kayla (Example 4) to be personable. Being polite and considerate in your outreach efforts works just as well.  

Example 6: Woodway to Body Shop

Type: Problem-Solution Video

In this video, Woodway’s Matt unboxes a Bodyshop package. He then shows the paper lining the box is 7 meters long; extremely wasteful. He closes by explaining how his company, Woodway, can help create more sustainable packaging. 

The simple set-up - showing a real problem, suggesting a meaningful solution - is very persuasive. You can use it to prospect, but also to give your next sales video a little extra oomph. Just remember to take the time to identify real problems, like Matt did with Bodyshop's packaging here.

Example 7: Sam Kean (Fresh Relevance) to Indoor Sports Services

Type: Prop video

While pitching a sports company, Fresh Relevance’s Sam Kean starts doing overhead presses. He continues to do them through the whole video, even when visibly uncomfortable.

This makes for a quirky visual... But it feels right for a sports good company. Athletes (and athletic brands) prize energy, commitment, and grit; everything Sam shows in this video.

Making ultra-personalized video content like this is risky because it takes a lot of effort. Still, we're fans of how he went above and beyond to impress the prospect with this video email.

Example 8: Vouris

Type: Selfie Pitch

This is a friendly, personable pitch from one of Sendspark’s customers. Short and to the point, with a beautiful background that's easy on the prospect's eye. Something that stands out here is the personalized landing page. Together with the tasteful background, it makes for a clean, professional-looking video that's a cut above regular selfie pitches.

Example 9: Acme

Type: Prop Video

This energetic video pitch from Terminus’ Morgan Gillespie is pretty straightforward. What's special is the first shot, which is also the video's thumbnails.

Morgan holds the customer’s product in one hand and a whiteboard with the prospect’s name in the other. She has a wide smile on her face. This is a textbook example of personalizing videos with props; perfect planning, perfect execution.

Example 10: Chris Smiley

Type: One-to-Many Selfie Pitch

In this video, Sendspark client Chris Smiley introduces himself to Captiv8 event attendees. This is very smart prospecting; sending an appropriate, relevant one-to-many video without selling anything directly. Very smart.

The lesson here is that simple one-to-many videos work well in the right context. Just find the right situation and cohort, record a video that starts conversations, and you'll have chances to close sales later on.

Example 11: Big Sun

Type: On-Premise Selfie Pitch

Big Sun is a Sendspark client. In this video, they film on-premise from an open-air Heritage carport. They highlight a simple offer - limited-supply solar panels - and the benefits of buying now. 

The video works because a professional pitching their offer on-location is more enticing than reading about the same offer in an email. The personalized landing page with a big CTA button is a nice touch, guiding people towards the sale with no friction.

In Closing

Now you've seen 11 examples of excellent prospecting videos. Use them to teach and inspire your sales team. 

Want more? Check out our list of 9 prospecting best practices - or our LinkedIn prospecting tips

If you want to see how videos can help you get more out of your sales process, check out this OmniPanel case study. In it, you’ll learn how our free video tool - Sendspark - helped a client close big deals and increase email engagement 20%. 

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