6 Video Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rate

Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & CEO
August 6 2020

Video email can increase email engagement by huge magnitudes. Studies and AB tests have shown 300%+ increases in email click-through-rates when using a video instead of plain text.

However, if no one opens your email, no one is going to know there is even a video to click on!

Great subject lines are key to ensuring that your video emails actually get opened, so people can enjoy the awesome content that you created for them.

Here, we’re sharing some great video email subject lines that you can start using today. These subject lines are hand selected - not because they are flashy or witty - but because they do a great job of synthesizing why a reader should open the video email.

Note, we grabbed these examples from Really Good Emails. Be sure to check out their video email examples page if you’re looking for more video email inspiration!

Great Video Email Subject Lines

  1. Video story: Why Spotify uses Framer X
  2. How to use Platforma in Figma
  3. A message from American's CEO, Doug Parker
  4. Setup your Shopify store in 25 minutes
  5. Outlook opens decrease 33%
  6. Can I trust a stranger?

Okay, let’s go through why we love each of these subject lines one by one!

1. Video story: Why Spotify uses Framer X

Sender: Framer

Category: Customer Story

Video stories are a great way to share how your product is helping real people. Starting the subject line with “video story” helps recipients know that they are in for a treat when they open the email. Also, calling it a “story” instead instead of a “customer testimonial” makes the content sound more fun and engaging.

Video Email Example: Customer Story

2. How to use Platforma in Figma

Sender: Design Files

Category: "How to" video

This is a great video email subject line because we know exactly what we are going to get when we open it. While this isn’t going to excite 99% of the population, recipients who use both Platforma and Figma will be delighted to see a video tutorial showing how they can use both platforms together.

Video Email Example: How to video

3. A message from American's CEO, Doug Parker

Sender: American Airlines

Category: Personal video update

Sending a video message from your CEO is a great way to connect with your community. It’s authentic, it’s real, and it’s personal. When you send something personal, you don’t need a click-baity title. It’s more important to be genuine.

4. Setup your Shopify store in 25 minutes

Sender: Shopify

Category: Video tutorial

This is a good video email subject line because it tells readers what they can expect from it, and in what time frame. Setting up an entire online store in 25 minutes certainly seems like a worthy time investment!

What’s even better, in the email they break down the important steps by time in video, so users that need help with just one thing can jump right in, without sitting through the whole video.

Video Email Example: video tutorial

5. Outlook opens decrease 33%

Sender: Litmus

Category: Marketing Engagement

We like this subject line because it gives recipients value right away. For Litmus’ target customers, email marketers, it’s important to know that Outlook opens are decreasing. Readers can open the email to learn that a lot of these emails that weren’t open on Outlook were opened on mobile devices, and adjust their marketing accordingly.

6. Can I trust a stranger?

Sender: TrustedHousesitters

Category: Marketing engagement video

Asking a question, and then answering it in the body of the email is a good way to ensure that people open and read more. We love this title because it really piques your interest. Can you trust a stranger? As kids, we’re taught not to trust strangers, but how well does this really apply as adults? Let’s open to find out!

The video here also fits especially well, because after watching, the people featured do not feel like strangers anymore.

Video Email Example: Catchy

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