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Dubb vs BombBomb: Which Video Communication Platform Is Best for You?

As of 2023, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, up from 63% in 2017.

Most businesses that use video in sales and marketing use it to post content on social media, send personalized sales-related videos to their customers, or for internal communication.

Every year, marketers increase their budget for video sales and marketing by 25%; if you’re not using videos for marketing, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

But which video platform should you use for marketing and communication?

In this article, we will talk about the two video communication and marketing platforms – Dubb and BombBomb.

We will compare the features both tools offer, their pricing, what existing users say, and more.

By the end of the article, you will be able to decide which of the two tools is right for you whilst also giving you a third alternative option that might fit your use case better.

Dubb vs BombBomb: A Short Overview

Dubb is a video sales system that offers business users a platform to send personalized, trackable videos. 

Whereas BombBomb is used by business professionals to build and nurture customer relationships.

Both tools offer features to personalize your videos, share them via links, and offer various integrations. 

Let's start by looking at what the market says about both tools.

Dubb has 538 reviews on G2, with an average star rating of 4.6 / 5.

Dubb G2 Reviews

BombBomb has 561 reviews on G2, with an average star rating of 4.7 / 5.

BombBomb G2 reviews

You can’t completely rely on G2 to decide which one is better. That’s because not everyone who uses the product leaves a review on G2.

Let's evaluate both tools independently and decide which one is best for you.

Dubb vs BombBomb: Feature Comparison

Here are the eight unique features that we will analyze and compare:

  1. 1:1 video recording
  2. Integrations
  3. Customer support
  4. Insights and analytics
  5. Use of AI
  6. Prospecting at Scale
  7. Pricing
  8. What people say about each tool

Let’s dive in.

1. 1:1 Video Recording

Dubb lets you record 1:1 videos in three ways:

  1. Sign up to  Dubb and create videos from their dashboard
  2. Download Dubb’s Google Chrome extension
  3. Download Dubb’s desktop app

The second and third options let you record your screen and webcam together, whereas Dubb’s dashboard lets you record either the webcam or your screen in a video (one at a time).

Dubb Product Page

Along with video recording, Dubb offers features like:

  • Analytics and insights on KPIs like open rate, click-through rate, reactions, and more.
  • Description tab that lets you fill in details like internal notes, video tag, CTA, playlist, etc.
  • Edit feature that lets you mute, split, and delete clips.
  • The design tab lets you customize video thumbnail graphics and change the video color scheme.
  • Password-protect videos in the Privacy tab.

Like Dubb, BombBomb also has three methods for recording videos: its online dashboard, offline app, and Google Chrome extension.

But it only lets you record videos that have both a webcam and screen if you download its app.

Here are the features BombBomb offers:

  • Unlimited video recording, video length, and storage with any plan you choose.
  • Custom brand your videos using logo, color, and signature.
  • Comprehensive video insights.
  • Embed a call to action link to your videos.
  • Tools to help you enhance video brightness, blurring, and more aesthetics.

BombBomb screen record

🏆 Winner: Dubb, based on the comprehensive features it offers for 1:1 recording like in-depth analytics, AI-use cases, password protection, etc.

2. Integrations

Dubb integrates with 105 third-party applications like – Gmail, ActiveCampaign, Shopify, and more. 

Most of these integrations fall under categories like:

  1. Ad platforms
  2. Collaboration
  3. CRM
  4. Email marketing
  5. Marketing automation
  6. Project management
  7. Sales enablement

Dubb Integrations

BombBomb has more integrations than Dubb. It integrates with apps in multiple industries, from CRM to content to MarTech. 

Bombbomb integrations

BombBomb integrates with apps in 15 different categories, while Dubb integrates with apps in 7 different categories.

Dubb misses out on integration with tools in categories like customer service, recruiting, finance, and more. Videos in such categories are an important means of communication in such categories and therefore, BombBomb offers integrations in these categories.

🏆 Winner: BombBomb, based on the sheer number of integrations across industries.

3. Customer Support

In case you face an issue while creating videos with Dubb, it lets you contact its support team in 4 ways:

  1. Technical support: Offers a knowledgeable base with hundreds of articles related to problems existing users face.
  2. Community forum: User-generated content that covers different use cases of Dubb.
  3. Live chat: Chat with an AI bot to instantly resolve your queries.
  4. Social media: Connect to Dubb’s team via social media channels like Meta, Instagram, X, and Linkedin.

Dubb Support

BombBomb offers 4 sources of customer support:

  • Email 
  • Live Chat with a chatbot
  • Call center – + 1 (866) 209-4602
  • Knowledge base 

Both Dubb and BombBomb offer enough channels for customer support and are quick to resolve queries.

🏆 Winner: It's a tie.

4. Insights and Analytics

Dubb’s insights and analytics are comprehensive, but you can’t access them during your free trial.

With any of the plans you choose with Dubb, you get the following insights:

    • Basic insights: Email opens, clicks, views, CTA clicks, call and email rates.
  • Video analytics:
      • Delivery: Cadence, repetition, fillers.
      • Effectiveness: Positivity, persuasiveness, empathy.
      • Professionalism: Slang, profanity, jargon.
    • Video watches: Graph of the % of video completed vs. time spent watching the video.

BombBomb’s insights and analytics are comprehensive but not as much as those of Dubb’s. Here are the KPIs it tracks:

  • Number of plays
  • The average percentage of the video watched
  • Likes 
  • Comments
  • Video replies
  • CTA clicks

Bombbomb analytics

🏆 Winner: Dubb, based on the comprehensiveness of insights and analytics offered.

5. Use of AI

Dubb uses AI in its platform as an Interactive reaction assistant (IRA). It’s a writing assistant that leverages AI to help you become a better writer.

You can select a specific type of writing application – a blog post, social media caption, email copy, or YouTube video script and then select the topic, industry, and tone.

After you click on Submit, the Dubb AI generates content as per your requirements.

Another use case where Dubb uses AI is one of its features called Caira.

Dubb Caira is an AI-driven, real-time feedback assistant that helps you improve communication delivery, clarity, empathy, and professionalism.

It’s basically used to analyze and improve videos you create.

Both these features are only available to you once you sign up for Dubb’s paid plan.

If we talk about BombBomb, it doesn’t have built-in AI features. To use AI with BombBomb, you must integrate it with third-party apps like Zapier or Pabbly.

🏆 Winner: Dubb, based on the AI features that help you create content and analyze videos.

Both Dubb and BombBomb offer good functionality for recording videos, sharing them, and tracking insights, but both lack the feature of creating videos at scale.

Creating personalized videos at scale becomes essential, especially in certain use cases, such as sales, where video prospecting is effective but requires time, personalization, and effort.

That’s where a tool like Sendspark can help.

6. Prospecting At Scale

The problem with Dubb and BombBomb is that for every video you want to create, you have to start from scratch. There’s no way to leverage already created videos to scale to more people.

This process is often less scalable and time-consuming.

If you want to reduce your sales cycle time and convert more leads, use a tool like Sendspark

The platform comes with dynamic videos, which allow you to send personalized videos at scale (more on this later).

7. Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors when deciding which video communication software to choose.

Dubb Pricing

Dubb offers a free forever plan and two other paid plans to choose from.

1. Starter – Free

The Starter plan gives you access to 10 GB storage / 100 SD videos, a mobile app, a Chrome extension, an Outlook and Gmail add-on, LinkedIn reporting, and basic video insights.

It’s a very basic plan just to test the waters. With the Starter plan, you can’t do your own branding, track videos comprehensively, or use AI in the process.

2. Pro – $59 per month

Apart from everything in the Starter plan, the Pro plan gives you access to several premium features:

  • Unlimited storage and HD videos
  • Custom logo, subdomain, and branding 
  • Teleprompter scripts 
  • Calendar integrations
  • Run email and SMS video campaigns
  • Access to AI for copywriting and Caira
  • Advanced reporting
3. Pro Plus – $129 per month

The Pro Plus plan offers everything in the Pro plan, along with:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-on-one Zoom support
  • Video coaching
  • Automated workflows
  • Customer integrations / API access
  • QR codes for videos

BombBomb Pricing

BombBomb gives you a 14-day free trial, after which you have to subscribe to one of its paid plans.

1. Essentials – $39 per month

Here are the features you get with the Essentials plan:

  • Unlimited camera and screen recording
  • Unlimited video creation, video length, and storage
  • Custom branding
  • Video editing
  • Privacy - your data is never sold
2. Plus Plan – $69 per month

The Plus plan gives you everything in the Essentials plan, along with:

  • Video insights
  • Advanced video interactions
  • Access to automations like mass email sending, email scheduling, and unlimited email campaigns
  • Advanced video editing
  • Admin and team controls
3. Team – Custom Pricing

Along with all the Plus plan’s features, Team gives you access to:

  • Advanced admin controls
  • Security and compliance features
  • Embeds inside your CRM with premium integrations
  • SSO and SCIM / OKTA
  • Custom onboarding and support

To know the Teams plan pricing, contact BombBomb’s sales team.

When it comes to pricing, BombBomb is more affordable than Dubb. But the features Dubb offers are far superior. Dubb also comes with a free forever plan that helps you create ~100 SD quality videos. 

🏆 Winner: Dubb, based on its features and free plan.

8. What Other Users Say

Let's review what existing customers say about both Dubb and BombBomb on a review website like G2.




1:1 video recording 

Dubb lets you record ~100 videos for free, whereas BombBomb has no free plan.


Both platforms integrate with all known third-party apps you might need during video creation, but when compared, BombBomb has many more integrations than Dubb.

Customer support

Dubb offers four options for contacting customer support and resolving your query, and BombBomb also offers four options.

Insights and analytics

BombBomb’s insights and analytics are comprehensive but not as good as Dubb’s.

Use of AI

Dubb lets you use AI to create written content and get AI-driven, real-time feedback. BombBomb doesn’t have any built-in AI features.

Prospecting at Scale

Both Dubb and BombBomb don’t have this capability.


Dubb comes with a free plan and more comprehensive features compared to BombBomb.


Both platforms have great ratings on G2 and mostly positive reviews.

Dubb Review

1. Great Tool to Get Attention While Selling

A reviewer from G2 recently said:

“Dubb is a great way to get attention when you're selling over the internet while also making things way more personal with your prospects.

Sharing videos and getting notified when they are seen, getting reactions, and having calls to action are amazing.”

But Chaz B. thinks Dubb’s Android app can be improved significantly. He can’t seem to close the app properly every time he uses it.

Dubb G2 Reviews


2. Integrates Seamlessly within the CRM

“One of the best features is its seamless integration of video capabilities within the CRM, making communication more engaging and personalized.”

But Key thinks there’s a learning curve for the tool, and beginners might have to spend time learning what each feature on the dashboard does.


BombBomb Review

1. Lets You Distribute Videos to Masses

Rob R. thinks that: “BombBomb is fantastic in allowing me to distribute video to large numbers of people in an easy, professional, graphically pleasing format. The support team at BombBomb is always helpful and answers my questions or handles my issues quickly.”

BombBomb G2 reviews


2. Great Tool to Get Customer Engagement

“Love it. This is the Best Tool to get customer Engagement. - Top of the Class. Have been using this for over 8 years. More so in the last 5 yrs - probably around 3 - 5 times a day.”

But the reviewer – Karen S., also said that their done-for-you templates aren’t great.


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Sendspark

Dubb and BombBomb are both amazing tools for sending videos to the masses and analyzing videos comprehensively. 

Dubb offers a generous free forever plan, gives you vital, in-depth insights for videos, and lets you run email and SMS campaigns.

BombBomb, on the other hand, integrates flawlessly with your CRM and gives you an amazing customer support experience to resolve queries quickly.

But when you want to do prospecting at scale and create hundreds of personalized videos quickly, neither Dubb nor BombBomb is the right platform.

For such a use case, Sendspark is the perfect solution.

Sendspark Feature Outline

Sendspark lets prospects generate personalized videos at scale. 

The platform has built-in AI features to help you with personalization, such as:

  • AI for voice & video cloning.
  • Add dynamic backgrounds (think website or LinkedIn profile) to your videos with a click.
  • Create one video of yourself with a placeholder for your viewer’s first name. This will get filled in with AI.

And much more…

To use the tool, sign up for a 7-day free trial and see if it's the right fit for you.

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