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7 Tried & Tested Ways to Use Video for Customer Success

You ran into an issue on your mobile device, and now it wouldn’t play any audio. You can either spend hundreds of dollars on store repair or watch a couple of YouTube videos to see if you can fix it by yourself.

You choose the latter option and discover that all you need to do is install the latest software update that has already fixed the bug.

Sounds familiar? These scenarios are now the norm for customer communication. Your customers want answers, and they want them fast. Customer success now relies on quick, accessible, and timely solutions.

And videos work as the perfect medium to offer quick and effective fixes for all your customer problems. It delivers speedy solutions, so you don’t have to spend hours on customer support calls.

Consequently, it makes your customers super happy with your service. And that, in turn, boosts customer retention.

In this article, we talk about the many ways you can incorporate videos to increase customer success. 

But first, let’s understand why video marketing is so crucial to customer success. 

Why Use Video For Customer Success

Video marketing uses videos to educate your prospects about your product/service and promote your brand. It is becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy, and for good reason. As a marketer, there are several reasons why you should use video for customer success. 

Onboarding new customers? Send them a quick video explaining how your product works. Introducing a new product or feature that adds value to your product?

Your customers may not realize the same value because they don’t even know how to use it in the first place. Give them a quick nudge with a video tutorial to guide them through the process. 

Videos also enhance customer experience by miles. It prompts your customers to engage with your product, leading to strong customer relationships and, eventually, less churn.

Videos perfectly combine sound and visual effects to capture your customer’s attention. It also helps your viewers retain the content. In fact, viewers have claimed that they retain 95% of the information watching a video

Currently, about 86% of businesses use video to generate higher sales and engagement. Evidently, it is a medium that allows you to build an intimate relationship with your customers.

By personalizing your videos and using them to solve customer queries and needs, you are enabling your brand to stand out from the crowd. 

How Video Enhances Customer Success 

Customer success focuses on how well you understand your customers and their pain points to find the right solutions for them. The more you know their needs, the better you can position your product to cater to their problems. 

Consequently, customer success leads to increased customer retention and referrals, higher engagement, and decreased churn rate. However, even with the increase in video marketing, a lot of brands don’t know how to go about it.

Read on as we go in-depth to discuss the 7 tried & tested ways brands can use video marketing to increase customer success!

7 Ways To Use Video For Customer Success

Using Videos for Customer Success #1 - Introduce New Product Launches 

Have a product to launch? What better way to build anticipation than creating an intriguing video? You can also take it up a notch and create a teaser that goes somewhere along the lines of ‘What’s cooking?’

This builds excitement among your audience and encourages them to keep tabs on your brand. According to a Hubspot report, 54% of customers want to watch video content from a brand they support.

The report also shows how consumers today pay the most attention to videos rather than news articles, social media posts, or research reports. And that makes videos the perfect medium for introducing any product.

You can use the video to give a basic overview of everything they can expect from the new product. It helps build up the buzz surrounding the launch of the product. You can also incorporate videos in your email campaigns to step up your email marketing strategy. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #2 - Introduce New Updates and Features 

Notice how every time a brand launches an updated version, it sends you a demo video right away? Platforms like Snapchat make full use of this technique. 

When you introduce a new feature to your app, both long-term and recent users may get confused about navigating the app. So, when you send a demo video or a short clip to your audience to brief them about the new functionalities, they can adjust to the changes without any inconvenience. 

You can also highlight how the new features will help your users navigate better. You can then attach the video to your emails and add a CTA that urges users to download the latest version. 

This way, you engage with your customers, introduce them to new features, and encourage them to get the latest updates - all at one go. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #3 - Solve Customer Queries

Consumers are losing their attention span. They now look for clear and concise information. As such, they’re highly unlikely to read long and complex instructions or call customer service to wait in line. 

As you can tell by now, videos can be handy when it comes to solving customer concerns. How? Well, you can make personalized videos catered to the needs of each customer group. 

If you’re dealing with a SaaS product, you can also record your screen and walk them through the instructions step-by-step. This can be super handy since your video demonstrates the entire process in action. You can also use pre-recorded videos answering frequently asked questions. This saves you a lot of time and effort. 

Tools like Sendspark allow you to record yourself and your screen, personalize the videos according to your taste and send them to your desired audience.

Consequently, customers can follow your instructions at their own speed and replay the video as many times as they want to. Something as useful as this can increase customer satisfaction by miles. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #3 - Initiate Video Onboarding 

Getting the hang of a new product can be challenging. And that’s where videos come to the rescue. Video onboarding includes welcome videos, video tutorials, demos, quick start guides, etc.

Think of it this way. You’ve visited a new website to make a purchase. However, there are no demo videos to help you understand the product or its offerings.

Do you think you’ll move forward with the purchase? The answer is most likely negative. And that is why onboarding videos are crucial to help your customers get introduced to your brand. 

You can create a list of user onboarding videos and send them to all your new users. This will help them get acquainted with your product and make navigation a lot easier. 

Start with the basic features your product offers. Gradually, move to the more complex features. This way, you can educate your users, get them hooked on your product, and ultimately encourage them to promote your brand. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #4 - Build Customer Knowledge Base 

A knowledge base works as a library or storage for all the information about your brand. It consists of all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by the customers. So, when you build a decent knowledge base for your consumers' every need, you are freeing yourself from the burden of constant support tickets. 

If you already have a knowledge base full of blog posts, consider taking it a notch up by incorporating video content. They can very well replace long and cumbersome manuals and PDFs.

The graphic designing tool, Canva, makes the most out of this technique. It hoards a number of video tutorials on its website to guide its users through every step of the user journey. 

Video Tutorials for Customer Success

Users will thoroughly appreciate quick video guides instead of having to skim through dozens of documents. Add tutorials, product reviews, interactive walkthrough videos, and more. This also helps users save plenty of time, which, in turn, leads to a positive customer experience. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #5 - Reduce Customer Churn Rate 

Churn rate is a SaaS metric to monitor the number of customers that stop using your product. A sustainable business model should always ensure a low churn rate. While the average annual churn rate is 5% for most SaaS businesses, a churn rate of 3% or less is considered ‘good’. 

That said, the churn rate goes up when your customers feel like they no longer need your product or service. This can occur primarily due to the lack of engagement. Videos, with their visually appealing content, can leave a powerful impression on your customers. 

Moreover, every time you send them a personalized video via email, you’re reminding them of your brand’s presence. Therefore, you’re giving them a reason to stay. This is a fantastic way to keep your customers loyal to you and consequently decrease your churn rate. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #6 - Encourage Customer Advocacy 

How often have you found yourself talking about a brand you loved in front of your friends and family? Sometimes, you also go that extra mile to leave a positive review on the brands' social media platforms.

Since videos add value to the consumer experience, it transforms your happy customers into brand advocates. Eventually, good word of mouth works its magic. 

This type of advocacy not only builds a solid brand image but also helps you acquire new customers. Using videos, you can also give your customers an incentive to promote your brand with discounts, special offers, etc. 

Since videos get a whopping 1200% more shares than texts and photos combined, they are more likely to grab customer attention.

Customer referral is an effective tool for acquiring new customers. As pleased consumers talk about your service to their relatives and friends, your customer base expands gradually. And this, in turn, increases your revenue. 

Using Videos for Customer Success #7 - Use Emails to Follow Up  

Your customers need to know that you care about them, that you weren’t just another meeting booked in their busy schedules. That’s where follow-up emails come in. 

Once you’re done with the meeting, send your customers a follow-up email summarizing the key takeaways that will help them meet their desired goals. Create a video tutorial they can watch to act on your instructions. This saves you the time and effort you’d otherwise need to follow up time and again. 

If you’ve already solved their issues during the meeting, well done. Now is the time to send them a personalized thank you video. Let your customers know that you appreciate them for their time. 

Customizing your video thumbnail with a caption, brand logo, and timestamp makes your content all the more engaging for your customers. With Sendspark, you can not only customize your thumbnail but also track engagement analytics to know who’s watching your content. You can also embed your videos on your website using a branded video player. 

To Wrap Things Up 

If you want to modernize your customer success strategy, use videos in the following ways:

  1. Introduce New Product Launches
  2. Introduce New Updates and Features
  3. Solve Customer Queries
  4. Initiate Video Onboarding
  5. Build Customer Knowledge Base
  6. Reduce Customer Churn Rate
  7. Encourage Customer Advocacy
  8. Use Emails to Follow Up

Videos foster a lasting relationship with your customers, boosting customer success. If you’re eager to take a stab at it, sign up for Sendspark for free! 

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