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8 Deadly Mistakes Killing Your Lead Generation Strategy

You can't optimize sales without working on a good lead generation strategy. Lead generation is an essential aspect for sales-driven companies that rely on leads. 

Simply put, it is the beginning of a person's journey towards becoming a loyal customer. Moreover, having a steady influx of customers into the sales funnel is significant for business growth. 

Knowing this, most companies attempt to work on lead generation to bring in new customers and increase sales. However, when it comes to lead generation, most companies work on a trial and error basis. 

If it gets difficult to figure out the target audience, it'll impact your lead generation strategy. 

Lead generation is a slow process, and you must implement it with patience. Besides, you shouldn't rely on goals that are unmanageable or far-sighted. When you relate to small achievable goals, it can lead to a successful closing of the sales. 

While having a proper lead generation strategy adds to sales growth, it is not the only thing you need to succeed. Brands and companies must focus on the lead generation strategy along the way, so the results are quick. 

Plus, lead generation mistakes can waste energy, resources, budget, and time. Let's dive deep to understand 8 mistakes killing your lead generation strategy. 

1. Starting too early 

Lead Gen Mistake #1

Every business needs leads or customers, but getting them too early could kill your strategy. Before you start with lead generation, ensure your offer can satisfy a need in the market. And if you can't, driving traffic to your site is a waste of time. 

Additionally, your team should be able to handle all the incoming leads as there is no point in leads if there is no person to close them. Also, never start with a lead generation campaign if you don't know the basics. You'll need to ensure you have the automation and creativity before you go with the strategy. That said, knowing about your audience is critical. 

2. Relying on a sole source of leads 

Lead Gen Mistake #2

Most brands tend to collect leads from a single source. But, this can impact the strategy as a single source is not sustainable and reliable. Different platforms use different business models. If the platform makes changes, it can affect how you depend on the source. 

With these possible occurrences, companies must be flexible and look for other ways to mine leads. Besides, it is essential to ensure a strong presence on multiple platforms and make it possible for prospects to find you. 

You can use the top lead sources like - Quora, Slide share, and LinkedIn. Also, LinkedIn is the top social platform that helps generate leads and pitch your services. 

3. Confusing call to action 

Lead Gen Mistake #3When a marketer tries to be too smart, it results in a confusing call to action with two meanings. Marketers try their best to make the journey beautiful, not thinking about the final destination. But, this is a deal breaker for most customers. 

To avoid this mistake, be honest with your customers. Confusing call-to-action can attract clients, but it does not deliver results. Besides, the CTA mistakes can impact the whole lead generation process. If they are aware of what they will find next, it won't lead to disappointment. 

4. Using a single communication channel 

There are scores of ways to communicate with potential clients. Brands can connect through messaging applications, emails, social media, and other mediums. However, if you stick to a single approach to communication, you'll lose out on potential leads

For instance, sending messages via messaging app to a person who isn't familiar with the app is of no use. Plus, in this scenario, you might not be able to convince the customer or talk properly. 

By using different platforms and mediums, you can connect to customers in a better way. A lead generation strategy will become successful with two or three modes of communication. 

5. SEO mistakes 

Lead Gen Mistake #5

SEO mistakes can harm your lead generation strategy. For instance, the wrong choice of keywords can make your content difficult. And in a worst-case scenario, your content will not make sense to your potential customers. 

Also, when you ignore the quality linking opportunity, it affects your site relevance. Additionally, mobile optimization is an essential part of your marketing and lead strategy. A mobile-friendly website is more responsive and loads more quickly, that not only helps in getting a boost in search engine ranking but reduces the bounce rate, which plays a crucial factor in user engagement. Creating a website that follows google mobile friendly tests is a bit difficult and expensive. 

India is developing as a tech giant in the development field, the programmers are known for solving complex website problems, one can hire a programmer in India that will help you build a website that gives a streamlined experience across devices, Improve mobile conversion rate for local SEO 

Local SEO is essential for generating more leads as more than 70% of people search for something nearby from their smartphones. Plus, building site authority can attract more leads to the site. 

6. Not embracing marketing automation 

Lead Gen Mistake #6

Marketing automation is the best software that assists in the planning and execution of marketing strategies. The marketing teams can obtain many benefits from user segmentation, content optimization, lead scoring, and attribution of goals. 

Additionally, automation improves lead sale conversion rates and customer retention. Lead generation is an indispensable step in marketing. By automating the process, the company can step up the growth of its business and attract new customers, 

In short, marketing automation offers a detailed image of potential customers' behaviors. It helps them understand the interest of prospects throughout the buying journey. 

7. Buying leads 

Lead Gen Mistake #7

Most startups look to buy leads to get faster results, but this will impact the process in the long run. When you buy potential leads, 99% of people don't know you. To be honest, most don't care about your brand or company. And, it's unlikely that these people will convert to leads. 

Buying leads offers no stable data, so you can't build a successful lead generation strategy. Besides, it is unethical to buy leads, and people are aware of how their data is misused. It's better to design and personalize a lead generation campaign based on your customer's needs, which will lead to a loyal customer base. 

8. Being directionless and disorganized 

Lead Gen Mistake #8

The companies don't have a clear picture when it comes to marketing and lead generation. Plus, the sales teams are clueless about - how to generate a lead. Most of them are clueless regarding closing a sales pitch, which affects the whole process. 

It's significant to keep in touch with the customer no matter how the situation is. The team should communicate with the prospective client and organize the process. It's essential to track every plan and interaction to use it in the future. Planning and organization are the two most important aspects of lead generation strategy.

In conclusion, 

A comprehensive and well-sought lead generation strategy can increase sales. 

  • You need to create interesting content and team up with like-minded companies. 
  • Simplify the demo booking process and test everything for results. 
  • Keep a flow in social media conversations and try personalizing the direct messaging with potential customers. 
  • Consider remarketing or retargeting your campaigns if they fail to work. 
  • If possible, target your competitor's audience to optimize the leads. 
  • When you apply an error-free lead generation strategy, it can get you positive references and long-term clients. 

Do avoid the above mistakes to save your money and time. 

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