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Video for Sales: When and How to Create Videos

Video for Sales

Weird fact: less than a third of companies use video for sales, but more than three-quarters of those that do increase their sales volumes and revenue! 😲

If you’re not in that elite club yet, we’ve got everything you need right here to set you on your way. 

And even if you’re already using video in your sales processes, we bet we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you do even better. 

In this blog, we’re going to show you those points in the sales cycle when a quick sales video can have maximum impact - and then we’ll spell out everything you need to do to make sure your video hits the mark. 

When Video for Sales is Most Effective 

There are certain points in most sales funnels when the appearance of a friendly face can make a big difference to prospects’ readiness to move on. 

#1 Prospecting

Sales prospecting videos are brilliant for getting attention and converting it into interest. When a salesperson introduces themselves and the solution they’re offering with a personalized video (see the ten steps later on for more about personalization!), they will:

  • Stand out from other messages, whether over email or LinkedIn
  • Immediately begin to build a connection with the prospect, by familiarizing them with the salesperson’s face and voice
  • Save prospects and themselves time as against reading or writing tailored messages

If you’re smart, you can combine marketing automation with personalization factors (eg prospect names and logos superimposed into the video) to make a pre-produced video seem as though it’s been made especially for them. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve got a whole host of video message templates you can use in Sendspark! 

Sales Prospect Video Template

#2 Nurturing

When prospects get to the interest stage, they can take a lot of nurturing before they’re ready to move on. 

A quick sales video now and again can make a big difference in maintaining relationships, keeping you and your product front of mind. Chop and change the format - throw a personal video into your drip campaigns to keep prospects engaged. 

When you’ve booked a meeting, why not send a video reminder talking through what’s going to be discussed? With video appointments typically experiencing a 40% no-show rate, simply showing that another person is preparing for that meeting can make a big difference. 

And once you’ve met with a prospect, a video can be a great way of keeping the momentum going and driving the next actions (see Calls To Action later!). Summarise what was discussed, what concerns and next steps were discussed, and provide answers to any questions left hanging. That’ll put the ball back into the prospect’s court.

#3 Troubleshooting 

Emails being ghosted? A video message is a lot harder to ignore than an email or phone call 👻.


When a lead goes AWOL or gets stuck at a certain point in the funnel (for example, needing authorization from other stakeholders to proceed), a friendly, personalized video from the salesperson can get things moving again by putting the conversation back into person-to-person terms. 


Far too many leads get wasted because they’re simply left if they don’t stick to the pre-defined customer journey. Clever salespeople can use well-timed video messages to put them back on track. 

Why Use Video for Sales?

We’ve already mentioned some pretty compelling arguments for using video for sales in the last section. 

If you’re already convinced, you can skip this section and get straight onto our ten tips for producing sales videos that convert 👇.

But if you want a bit more evidence before making up your mind, check out these stats!

You know Hubspot, right? 

Well here are two final facts from them to seal the deal:

10 Steps to Create Killer Video for Sales 

Before you start filming yourself: read these ten top tips and you’ll be equipped to become a sales video master!

Step #1: The Setting

You don’t need Hollywood-standard production values, but a sales video that looks and sounds high quality will give viewers confidence and provide an all-around better experience. If you’re looking to produce video for sales regularly, find yourself:

  • A setting with good, natural lighting - facing a window, and out of strong light sources that will reflect or dazzle
  • Somewhere quiet where background noise won’t be a problem. If that’s not available, get a noise-reducing microphone to eliminate distractions
  • A natural-looking background. If you’re at home, homely touches are fine but keep the backdrop professional and appropriate to the audience. A superimposed background or a pure white studio look detracts from the authenticity of this kind of video

Step #2: The Script

Same as with the setting, there’s a balance to be struck here. 

Clearly, you need to know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it - but if you script your video word-for-word and cling tightly to that, you’ll come across as rigid and unnatural - like Ron Burgundy when his teleprompter leads him astray…

Video Sales Script

On the other hand, too loose and you could sound rambling, unprofessional, and even miss important information out. 

The best approach is to script your talking points, learn them well (or use flashcards with notes on them), and then play it by ear. You may “umm” and “err” a bit, but the authenticity that spontaneity adds will usually outweigh any problem with lack of fluency. 

Step #3: Get Personal

Sales is all about people, and personalization is key to building relationships.

Make sure you use as much personalization in your sales videos as possible, to show prospects that you’re talking directly to them and that their problems are at the front of your mind. 

If a lead thinks you’ve sent them a generic video, they’re much less likely to watch it than if you make it obvious that it’s been made just for them. 

Plus, use these well-established trust factors to build rapport:

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Use the lead’s name 
  • Emphasize your words with hand movements

Get personalization right like this, and your video will be just as effective as a meeting in person. 

Step #4: The Call To Action

Even if you’re not using video as part of a sales funnel (and you should be! Check out why here), it’s important to make it as easy and obvious as possible for leads to do what you want them to do once they’ve watched the video. 

This is easiest when leads are viewing your video on a hosted landing page like this one created using Sendspark. As well as lots of personalization, a clear CTA is driving the viewer to your desired next step.

Anatomy of a Sales Video

Step #5: Don’t Ignore the Text 

This is a kind of flip side of the CTA point. 

It can be tempting to write a long message to accompany your video. But while it’s certainly not good form to send video files out without any kind of explanatory text (messages with nothing but links or attachments are a major spam red flag), you should only write the bare minimum that will entice recipients to view your video. 

Sales Video Message Text

Obviously, if you’re sending an email you need a subject line - but using Sendspark, you can add a caption to your video thumbnail, making it impossible to ignore that play button!

Personalized Video Thumbnails with Captions

Step #6: Add an Animated Thumbnail

And while we’re talking about thumbnails, you can give leads a preview of your video message before they’ve even clicked on it by using an animated GIF. 

This is a great way to grab attention because our eyes are naturally drawn to movement. And when it’s personalized - with a caption, the lead’s company logo, or even their name on display in your background - it’s hard to resist clicking to find out more.

Use Animated Video Thumbnails for Sales Emails

Step #7: Video Email Signatures

More and more salespeople are adding videos to their email signatures. These stats show why:

  • True Focus Media found that videos in email signatures received eight times more clicks than social media links in the same signatures
  • When Wistia’s employees added videos to their email signatures, they achieved an 80% average engagement rate and 87% play rate!

Signature videos provide a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your product indirectly - as a by-product of the purpose of the message, rather than coming as a cold intro by itself. 

Step #8: Send Video for Sales through LinkedIn

LinkedIn supports video in posts and messages, so don’t neglect this increasingly powerful channel. 

Most people’s LinkedIn inboxes are far quieter than their emails, so a message that stands out here is a lot more likely to get attention. 

And it just so happens that we’ve added some extra functionality to the Sendspark Chrome extension - so that now you can record, send, track, and even request videos directly from your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator inbox! Just click on the Sendspark logo at the bottom of your message window:

Send Sales Videos on LinkedIn


It’s super easy to use: just check out the positive response we’ve had for the new functionality on ProductHunt already!

Step #9: Create Bespoke/Generic Hybrid Video Playlists

Why limit yourself to one video when you could send several at once? 

A great approach that lets prospects move through your customer journey at their own pace is to send over a personalized, short intro video that talks about and provides links to other video resources - for example, your full pitch presentation or video sales letter, or FAQs to help reduce objections.

Or, if you have time to spare and video editing chops, why not splice a personal intro and outro onto those core video assets each time you send them out? 

Step #10: Be Interesting!

Surely this goes without saying…? 😉

Getting your video opened is only half the battle. The content of what you have to say needs to convince and motivate viewers to take the next steps!

To maximize your chances:

  • Keep your video short - most sources suggest no more than 70 seconds - with the most impactful information front-loaded (as most viewers will give up before the end)
  • Talk about the prospect’s needs and problems first, and only then start talking about your product as the best solution to them
  • Think outside the box to stand out. Do you need to film at your desk? What about going outside? What about props? Or costumes…? You’re only limited by your imagination…


Don’t get us wrong. There’s still plenty of room for big, glossy promo videos in sales. 

But when you need to balance one-on-one connection with efficient use of your time - whatever stage of the sales cycle you’re working at - nothing beats a quick personal video. And now you know when to use them and how to make them super-effective! 😍😍😍

If you’re searching for the perfect tool to create killer video for sales, then look no further. This is exactly what Sendspark was made for. 💪 

Need convincing? Why not sign up today and try Sendspark for free. There’s no limited trial period, so you can take as long as you need to decide if it’s right for you.

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