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March 30 2022

Picking the best LinkedIn video maker for your business can be a minefield…

“Should I be thinking about using video at all?”

“And if I should, what sort of LinkedIn video should I be producing? For what purpose?”

LinkedIn Video


Well, we think there are loads of good reasons to be looking for a LinkedIn video maker and loads of great options to choose from. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at four of them, and explain which use cases each one excels in. That should make picking the right app for you a little easier!

Best LinkedIn Video Makers

There are four main use cases for LinkedIn video - in posts, messaging, ads, and live streaming. Each of the four LinkedIn video maker tools has its specialism from these use cases:

Why Use Video On LinkedIn?

That’s an easy one - because it’s super-effective!

Prepare to be shocked…

Video on LinkedIn is Amazing


We could go on, but with LinkedIn having 800 million users in 2021, 90 million of whom are senior decision-makers, those figures alone should be enough to get you interested. Take a look here if you need more convincing. 

OK, ok… just one more then. 😉

🔥🔥🔥 45% of marketers have won new business through LinkedIn, and studies have shown it to be 277% better than Facebook in generating leads 💥💥💥

LinkedIn video is not only super-effective. It’s also really easy to get started and there are loads of different ways in which you can use it. That’s what we’re going to look at in the next section. 

How To Use Video On LinkedIn

You have a lot of options when it comes to the technical specifications for LinkedIn video.

👉 LinkedIn supports these video formats: MP4, ASF, FLV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4, MKV, WebM, H264/AVC, VP8 and VP9, WMV2, and WMV3

👉 LinkedIn does NOT support these video formats: AVI, ProRes, MPEG-2, Raw Video, VP6, WMV1, QuickTime, or .MOV

👉 LinkedIn's minimum file size is 75KB and maximum file size is 5GB 

👉 LinkedIn requires a minimum video length of 3 seconds and maximum video length of 10 minutes

👉 LinkedIn's video resolution can be between 256x144 and 4096x2304.

👉 LinkedIn supports video aspect ratios ranging from 1:2.4 to 2.4:1.

👉 LinkedIn supports Frame Rates between 10 and 60 FPS

👉 LinkedIn allows Bit Rates between 192 kbps and 30 Mbps

On top of that, there are many different ways to use video on LinkedIn. The main ones we’ll be looking at are as follows:

  • Video content for posts - Share videos with your network by either uploading them as attachments to your posts (native video) or linking out to third-party video hosts like YouTube

LinkedIn Video Posts


  • Video content for profile and company pages - With so much content being published on LinkedIn daily, posts can disappear from view fast. So, give your video content a longer shelf life by either adding it to a Company Page post and then pinning it to the top of the newsfeed; or by adding your own post as Featured content on your Profile Page

LinkedIn Video Profiles


  • Video messaging - Since 2019, it’s been possible to send video messages on LinkedIn to connections via their inbox. This is a fantastic way of getting through to busy executives on a one-to-one basis, bypassing their overcrowded emails and cutting through the LinkedIn messaging noise
  • Video ads - It can be tough engaging the right audience through organic content. LinkedIn lets you create and run paid advertising campaigns to get around that reach issue, with video one of the top-performing media. 
  • LinkedIn Live - LinkedIn also supports live video streaming for certain members, via their Profiles, Company Pages, or Event Pages

LinkedIn Live


If you’re looking for a LinkedIn video maker, you’ll want to select your tool depending on which of these use cases is most important to you. 

So in the next section, we’ll spell out which of these apps is best at what. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #1: Sendspark

If you’re planning to send video messages over LinkedIn, check out Sendspark. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #1 Sendspark


Sendspark gives you:

  • An exceptionally easy-to-use browser extension-based screen and webcam recorder
  • An instant integration with LinkedIn that lets you use most of Sendspark’s features from within the LinkedIn app itself. Not only can you record a video directly from the compose message window, but you can also send over a calendar invite or request a video response!

LinkedIn Video Maker #1 Sendspark LinkedIn Integration


  • Rather than adding the video file to your message, Sendspark adds a preview image and a link to a dedicated video landing page - which you have the power to customize with your own branding, a welcome message, a call to action button, and more

LinkedIn Video Maker #1 Sendspark Video Landing Page


  • A host of video templates and the ability to design your own, enabling you to save a massive amount of time when producing videos en masse for prospecting

LinkedIn video messaging is very powerful for getting traction with senior leaders who can be hard to reach by other means. 

A video stands out from the rest of the messages leads will see in their inboxes, and with 59% of executives expressing a preference for video over other media, you’re far more likely to get a hearing. 

Webcam and screen recordings are ideal for this kind of one-to-one messaging, as you’re able to look your lead in the eye (virtually) and address them personally. 

This helps to replicate the kind of authenticity and rapport that make good face-to-face meetings so successful (as much as 95% of buying decisions depend upon non-verbal factors) - but with the benefit of not having to book an appointment or travel! 

No matter how glossy an advert is, it’s no substitute for personal connection. 

You can also use Sendspark for producing quick and simple “piece to camera” videos to post on your Profile or Company Page. This kind of candid, off-the-cuff video tends to perform well, because - like one-to-one messaging - it helps to capture your personality. And LinkedIn is all about making human connections!

LinkedIn Video Maker #1 Sendspark Pricing


While Sendspark does offer a free-forever option, the Pro package costs just $12 per month - a lot less than the over video messaging platform we’re going to look at later…

LinkedIn Video Maker #2: is a video maker tool that is particularly well suited to creating video ads

LinkedIn Video Maker #2 Promo


It provides thousands of short video clips which can be customized to produce eye-catching adverts for LinkedIn and other social media. 

You can upload your own video, images, and music - and on the paid-for plans, your own brand kit - to combine with the stock clips, so that you can produce truly bespoke video ads. But having said that, many of the template clips are good enough to be ads in themselves!

When it comes to paid advertising, LinkedIn is a fairly easy platform to use. In the Campaign Manager dashboard, you begin by choosing a goal:

LinkedIn Video Maker #2 Promo Dashboard


You then build out a target audience, using a wide range of criteria: job title, industry, location, company name, personal interests, etc. This can be enhanced with your own data using Matched Audiences, enabling retargeting across multiple platforms. 

Then you create a Sponsored Content campaign, set a budget and bid limit, and you’re away. Just remember to install the LinkedIn Insight tag on your own website so you can track how many leads LinkedIn is sending you!

It’s important to note that video ads have different technical requirements from other LinkedIn videos:

👉 Maximum file size is 200MB

👉 Maximum video length is 30 minutes

👉 You have to provide a target URL for the call to action, which can be any one from this list: Apply, Download, View Quote, Learn More, Sign Up, Subscribe, Register, Join, Attend, or Request Demo

If you want to use for creating LinkedIn video ads, you will have to subscribe - the free version doesn’t let you download your handiwork or share it directly - but with a starting price of £18/$25 per month for the Basic package, it’s an inexpensive way to start running ads fast. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #2 Promo Pricing


LinkedIn Video Maker #3: Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is a live streaming platform that lets you create and stream video to LinkedIn and other platforms from any setup: from a single iPhone to as many as nine simultaneous cameras or video sources. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #3 Switcher Studio


Not all third-party broadcast tools are approved for use on LinkedIn, but Switcher Studio is. Not only is it a preferred LinkedIn Live partner, but it also offers a native, no-code integration via its dashboard or app. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #3 Switcher Studio Dashboard


Rather than using a built-in webcam or requiring high-spec video equipment, Switcher Studio is designed to use the powerful video capabilities of devices most people have access to - that is, iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. This is a great shortcut to producing high-quality video! 

And if the prospect of coordinating nine different cameras in a live situation is a bit scary - don’t panic! Switcher Studio offers remote production services to handle the switching and editing remotely. 

It’s not cheap - prices begin at $49 per month - but if you want to give Switcher Studio a test drive, or you’re only looking to run one live event, there’s a 14-day free trial available. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #3 Switcher Studio Pricing


But be warned! Not all LinkedIn users are approved to use LinkedIn Live. You need to have at least 150 followers or connections, a history of recently sharing original content, and a track record of abiding by LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies.

If you meet those criteria, you should be approved - but there are a whole lot more steps you’ll need to take before getting started.

LinkedIn Video Maker #4: Animaker

Like Vimeo and, Animaker provides a huge range of live-action video templates for users to customize. 

Where Animaker stands out - and the reason why we’ve included it on this list of LinkedIn video makers - is how easy it makes creating animated videos

LinkedIn Video Maker #4 Animaker


We particularly like the character design tools (above), that let you design a cartoon avatar and program them to move and speak (by lip-syncing an audio track). On the subject of movement, Animaker claims that 80% of animators’ time is typically spent making objects move around - so a straightforward point-and-click interface for achieving that is really valuable. 

Animaker also lets you upload subtitles to your videos, which is very handy when 79% of all videos on LinkedIn are viewed on silent mode

Most of the animations you see on LinkedIn are ads, but there’s nothing to stop you from publishing them in posts as well. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #4 Animaker Animations


The main problem with Animaker is that the content looks a bit generic. Anyone familiar with Animaker will be able to recognize where your animations have come from! If you want something really distinctive for a high-profile, high-budget ad campaign, you might be better off working with a professional animator. 

But with a starting price of just $10 (£7.50) per month, Animaker represents really good value for money. 

LinkedIn Video Maker #4 Animaker Pricing


The Bottom Line

The best LinkedIn video maker for you will depend on the use cases you want to prioritize. Here are the video applications that each of our four LinkedIn video maker tools are best suited for:

  • Sendspark - One-to-one video messaging, mass video messaging, quick and simple video posts
  • - Video ads, sponsored video InMail messages
  • Switcher Studio - LinkedIn Live video streaming
  • Animaker - Quick and easy animations for posts and video ads

Sendspark makes it easy to create or import videos and distribute them across LinkedIn, email, and the web. Sign up now and start recording and sharing videos for free. 

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