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10 Best Tools for Sales Teams (2022 Edition) | Sendspark

In the new normal, sales processes change quickly and new apps appear every week. Knowing which tools your team needs for remote work and remote selling can be tricky. 

For individual tools, you can check out our list of top tools for sales professionals. For prospecting tools, check out our list of top Chrome extensions for prospecting

But today, we'll talk about tools for teams (including remote teams). These will cover...

  • Sales productivity tools
  • Messengers
  • Business apps
  • Collaboration tools for sales reps

Our goal is to help you choose the best team to manage your remote team, maintain a great culture, and keep culture up. 

Best Tools for Remote Sales Teams

Here is the shortlist of the best tools for remote sales teams:

  1. Best Messenger - Slack
  2. Best Video Recording App - Sendspark
  3. Best Shared Workspace - Notion
  4. Best Video Call Tool - Zoom
  5. Best Business App Tool - Google Workspace
  6. Best Video Conferencing Tool - GoToMeeting
  7. Best Project Management Tool - Asana
  8. Best Project Planning Tool - ProofHub
  9. Best Document Collaboration Tool - Quip
  10. Best Secure Meeting App - WebEX

1. Best Messenger - Slack

Best Sales Tool #1: Slack

Slack is a messenger app that includes a suite of tools and features, e.g. drag-and-drop file sharing and an automated appointment setter. Slack is extremely popular with sales teams, and for good reason. 

Slack gives you the ability to organize your team into channels. You can create custom channels for projects and groups - or invite people outside the sales organization into a channel. You can also set manual tasks and deadlines, use dozens of integrations (e.g. Google Drive and Office 365), and more. 

There is a smooth feature set for 1.1 audio and video conversations with screen sharing. Teams using the paid version can video conference with up to 50 people. Advanced security measures ensure that your data is safe.

Slack is an excellent choice for collaboration and communication. The free version works great for smaller teams and has a 90 day storage for message history. Admins get access to a comprehensive user management system.

Pricing: Free Version, Pro $7.25, Business $12.50, (Per Month) and Enterprise with customer pricing.

2. Best Video Recording App - Sendspark

Best Sales Tool #1: Sendspark

How do you communicate with coworkers and potential customers in the new normal?

Jumping on a Zoom call every time you need to talk is excessive. Sending emails all the time takes time and energy. Not communicating isn't an option. 

Enter Sendspark! 

With Sendspark, you can send customers and colleagues videos in minutes. Just install the free Chrome extension, click a few buttons, and wait for your video to upload to our server. Once you're done, you can send your video as a link.

Sendspark videos let you communicate with your team and clients asynchronously. They increase open and conversion rates for marketers and businesses (OmniPanel Case Study). And they're easier than writing emails or hosting Zoom calls. 

To see how Sendspark can help your sales team with internal and external communications, click here

3. Best Shared Workspace - Notion

Best Sales Tool #3: Notion

Notion is a note-taking app with advanced shared workspace features. It's perfect for planning and team management as well as documentation, e.g. Standard Operating Procedures and sales scripts.

With Notion, you use data blocks to create pages for your team. These blocks are diverse; from images and text to embedded Google Maps locations. You can use the text editor and blocks to create a shared workspace and populate it with everything your team needs.

Notion is versatile. It can be used as a digital filing cabinet, brainstorming whiteboard, sales process repository, etc. Extra features, like a shared team calendar, give Notion added depth.

The free version gives you unlimited pages and blocks - and the ability to share your space with up to 5 people. Paid versions let you share and collaborate with unlimited guests.

Pricing: Free Version, Personal Pro at $4/month, Team at $8/month, and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

4. Best Video Call Tool - Zoom

Best Sales Tool #4: Zoom

Zoom is the most well-known cloud-based video conferencing tool. It has become even more popular due to the COVID pandemic.

Zoom lets your team host and attend audio and video calls online. Zoom works well with scheduling apps like Calendly. It has nice extras, like digital whiteboards and a feature that lets prospects and sales people call in from mobile phones.

Other features include virtual backgrounds, keyboard shortcuts, and integrations with third-party apps. The video is HD, and both the sound and video have consistent high quality - even on weaker connections.

Both your reps and your clients are likely familiar with Zoom's feature set and interface. Its core features are free to use, with meetings for up to 100 participants and 3 white boards. To go beyond the 40 minute time limit on meetings, get the Pro version.

Pricing: Free Version (perfect for small businesses), $149 year/user for Pro, and $199 year/user for Business.

5. Best Business App Tool - Google Workspace

Best Sales Tool #5: Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a free cloud-based tool suite. Familiar apps like Gmail, Drive, and Docs make up its wide range of tools. There are also specialist tools like Data Studio and Sites.

You can collaborate in real-time with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Instant file-sharing is easy with Drive. And you can use Google Workspace from both computer and mobile devices.

The main reason we like Google Workspace is its familiarity. Most people already use apps like Docs, Sheets, and Drive at home. Letting them use the same tools at the office makes collaboration easier and rarely requires installing new apps.

Workspace very safe, with industry-leading security features. Business reporting tools help you stay on top of your team's performance. When you need business apps, it's hard to go wrong with Workspace.

Pricing: from $6/month/user.

6. Best Video Conferencing Tool - GoToMeeting

Best Sales Tool #6: GoToMeeting

Need to host a video conference or large meeting? Want to host more people than Zoom lets you - and with better video quality?

Then you need GoToMeeting: the best video conferencing tool for sales.

HD video and web audio are standard features. The app's meeting capacity can easily handle 150-250 people (and more). You have unlimited meetings and can set up different types of meeting rooms.

The more expensive Business version offers unlimited cloud recording. This gives you a useful option to create training videos from your recorded meetings. It's also handy for sending out meeting recordings.

GoToMeeting is good for smaller meetings too. It uses less bandwidth than Zoom, feels more reliable, and is highly secure (unlike Zoom). The only problem is that way fewer people have GoToMeeting, which can be inconvenient.

Pricing: Pro ($12 per organizer/month), Business ($16 per organizer/month).

7. Best Project Management Tool - Asana

Best Sales Tool #7: Asana

Asana is a project management and communications tool for your sales team, with an emphasis on the former.

With the free version, you can set unlimited tasks and break down those tasks into parts. Collaboration starts with 15 members and extends to an unlimited number of people (with paid subscriptions). Assigning tasks and following up on their completion via comms features is easy.

A lot of newer project management tools have popped up on the market recently (think and ClickUp). Still, we like Asana for sales teams because it's easy, fast to use, and familiar to most.

Pricing: Free version, Premium at $10.99 per user/month, and Business at $24.99 per user/month.

8. Best Project Planning Tool - ProofHub

Best Sales Tool #8: ProofHub

ProofHub is a high-level project planning tool that's perfect for large, distributed sales teams with lots of documentation. It's also useful for strategy and project planning. Table views, project boards, and Gantt charts are all available options.

Unlike Asana, which is task-based, ProofHub is file and event-based. It helps your team track sales leads, communicate with clients, analyze customer choices, visualize sales pipelines, and a lot more.

You can track projects through shared monitoring tools to keep tabs on your progress. The built-in proofing tool for file approval helps catch errors, which is useful if you work with lots of documents. You can customize team member roles and the activity logs are very detailed.

Pricing: Free Trial, Essential version at a $45 flat rate/month, Ultimate Control at a $89 flat rate/month

9. Best Document Collaboration Tool - Quip

Best Sales Tool #9: Quip

Quip helps teams create and edit documents together inside Salesforce. For communication, you can use a group chat and a 1:1 chat service. The user interface is friendly and easy-to-navigate.

Quip simplifies account planning, qualification notes, close planning, and more. It works inside Salesforce, adding a whole new dimension to the latter. You can literally create collaborative documents, updated in real-time, inside your Salesforce records.

The coolest thing about Quip is its Live App feature. You can use it to create custom mini-apps that combine blocks like Kanban Boards, progress bars, polls, and more - then give your whole team access. This is a cool and unique feature other document collaboration apps don't have.

For teams that spend a lot of time strategizing and planning, Quip is a must have!

Pricing: Quip Starter ($10 user/month), Quip Plus ($25 user/month), and Quip Advanced ($100 user/month)

10. Best Secure Meeting App - Webex

Best Sales Tool #10: Webex

WebEx is a video conferencing tool that specializes in webinar and team training. This is the best communication platform for on-boarding your sales team.

You can create personalized meeting rooms and there is a free screen share function. The reliability of the video meetings are strong. This kind of stable platform is perfect for managers who spend a lot of time training their sales team.

During a meeting, the user roles have customization options. This helps you control the flow of the meeting by setting people up as a host, presenter, or attendee.

Some option screens are difficult to navigate and could be more aesthetic. This is something we would like to see fixed in the future. With that being said, WebEx is easy to use and is an all-star for managers focused on training.

Pricing: Free Basic version, Business ($22.50 user/month), and Enterprise for custom pricing

In Summary

Teams, especially remote teams, need different tools than individual sales professionals. Now you know what the best of those tools are. 

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