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9 Best Virtual Selling Tools for Smart Sales Pros | Sendspark

75% of sales interactions now happen online. If you want to hit targets, feed your pipeline and help your company win, that’s where your sales process has to be: online. 

But simply being online isn’t enough. Succeeding means being online, knowing what to do, and using the right tools. The latter is super important; 62% of top-performing sales teams use virtual sales tools well (McKinsey). 

Virtual Selling Growth Over Time

On this page, we’ll cover tools that make the biggest difference. We list our favorite apps and services across multiple categories, starting with best scheduling and appointment-setting app. 

Calendly - Best Scheduling Tool for Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling Tool #1: Calendly

Scheduling appointments is an important part of virtual selling. Calendly makes scheduling easy by giving you a personalized landing pages where others can book meetings with you. The landing page only shows times that are available based on your settings and calendar.

With Calendly, prospects and clients can set meetings quickly and easily. You never have to waste time finding a slot that works for everyone. And all Calendly data is pulled and uploaded to whichever calendar you integrate with the platform.

The best part is that Calendly comes with sophisticated email and SMS reminders. These minimize no-shows by letting parties know a meeting is coming up. You can even add videos to Calendly emails to make them more personal.

You can see other calendar tools we like here... But Calendly is our overall favorite because of its simplicity and its best-in-class scheduling landing pages.

Google Calendar - Best Calendar for Virtual Selling

Google Cal is a simple, intuitive calendar app. It lets you set and adjust your schedule, both manually and by pulling data from apps like Calendly.

We like two things about Google Cal. First, it makes calendar-sharing easy for virtual sales teams. When sharing is enabled, you can instantly see other reps' meetings, time blocks, etc. You can also see virtual meeting links and details so you're able to jump in on key calls with buyers, partners, etc.

The second cool thing about Google Cal is that it comes with iOS and Android apps and an excellent cross-platform web app. There's even a smart watch app. Your sales reps can take their calendar with them, no matter where they are.

If you use Gmail or Google Workspace, you'll find useful integrations with Google Cal there. Some of them - like sending email reminders via the Cal app - help streamline the sales process.

Sendspark - Best Video Software for Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling Tool #3: Sendspark

Sendspark is a video recording app optimized for customer communication. It gives you…

Powerful personalizations: branded landing pages, CTAs, captions, and custom thumbnails. 

A deep integration library: LinkedIn, email tools, and more. 

Templates that let you produce personalized videos at scale. 

Analytics that give you advanced data to help improve customer-facing comms. 

Sendspark works directly from your browser. No need to install an app, which is great news for your company’s security. 

Another cool feature is that recorded videos are instantly available for download as local files. You will never lose a video to a janky or lost connection with Sendspark. 

To try Sendspark for free today, just make a free account here.

Panda Doc - Best Contracts & Proposals Tool for Sales

Virtual Selling Tool #3: PandaDoc

If you're a sales leader, you've likely seen PandaDoc before. Their software lets your sales team create, send, and sign on contracts and proposals. It's known for beautiful designs and cool extra features - like interactive quotes and integrations.

What we like about Panda Doc is their deep library of document templates. With over 750 templates, you can easily find one that works as the base for your next document. The pricing is a little high - $19 per month - but worth it if you do a lot of remote selling.

Make - Best Automation Tools for Sales 

Virtual Selling Tool #5: Make

Working in a virtual selling environment can involve lots of manual work. Sales presentations need to be shared, sales calls need to be booked, and so on and so forth. This is where automation tools come in, helping you delegate simple, repetitive tasks to digital robots.

Our favorite tool in this class is Make. Sure, Zapier and IFTTT are better-known. But Integromat has all of their features at a small fraction of the price.

Consider this. Make costs just $16 per month for 10,000 automated tasks. Zapier costs $129 per month for the same 10,000 tasks. That's a 706% difference.

Make lets you automatically send onboarding documents to new clients; send marketing messages to prospects who watched your Sendspark video; create powerful, cross-platform sales cadences. The possibilities are endless - and the amount of manual work saved is colossal.

Intercom - Best Support Tool for Sales

Virtual Selling Tool #6: Intercom

Intercom is a support chat tool with excellent CX features, pre-canned response functionality, and awesome extras like "usual reply time". It helps support customers directly from your website - but that's not all.

Intercom makes it easy to transition from support into sales cadences. It's a powerful way to turn website visits into leads, sales meetings, and more. This makes it our #1 support tool for sales.

Sales Navigator - Best Prospecting Tool for Sales

Virtual Selling Tool #7: Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a prospecting tool with a unique advantage. Unlike alternatives - Lusha, Appollo, etc - it doesn't just give you prospects' data. It gives you deep social information, like how long someone's been at a position; which topics interest them; how many direct reports they have and what their last promotion was.

All of this makes it easy to craft highly personalized messages and Sendspark videos. It also increases your chances of getting a reply; in our own experience, people are more likely to reply to social messages than formal emails.

Slack - Best Communication Tool for Sales

Virtual Selling Tool #8: Slack

Slack is an excellent tool for synchronous and asynchronous communications. It integrates with popular sales tools - Zoom, Hubspot, and others - and has built-in video and audio call functionality. It makes internal communications easy for sales teams.

Externally, Slack lets you invite people from other organizations into your channel. This lets both sides interact as if they were in each other's organization; very convenient, especially if you have a long sales cycle.

Slack has a reputation for interrupting work. To stop this from happening and make communications asynchronous, just disable notifications. Team members will be able to work uninterrupted.

Hubspot - Best CRM Tool for Sales

Virtual Selling Tool #8: Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the leading CRM solutions for sellers. We like it because it combines the following features:

  • Powerful inbound marketing tools, including a website builder
  • A core CRM that gives you critical information on prospects, clients, and partners in one place
  • A strong feature set for outbound marketing and sales: custom email templates, call scheduling, and more

The best part is that Hubspot has one of the best knowledge bases in the world, distributed across their blog and their customer service site section.

With all this educational content, sales leaders can easily onboard their teams onto Hubspot... And sales professionals can quickly learn how to leverage the system to improve results.

In Conclusion

Now you know which virtual selling tools to use to sell online. As of us writing this, all of them have free versions - so use the links on this page to try them out for free.

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