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9 Best Bonjoro Alternatives for Personalized Video [2024]

Bonjoro is a video platform known for its user-friendly interface and robust customer support. 

The tool is particularly favored by small to medium-sized businesses aiming to add a personal touch to their customer interactions. It excels in customer engagement, onboarding, and follow-up, helping businesses build stronger relationships and improve conversion rates.

However, Bonjoro does have its limitations. While it offers a variety of useful features, its customization options are somewhat limited compared to other platforms. Users seeking more advanced branding capabilities and integrations might find Bonjoro lacking. 

Additionally, while Bonjoro’s simplicity is a strength for some, it can be a drawback for those who require more sophisticated tools for extensive video marketing campaigns. 

As we explore the top nine Bonjoro alternatives, we’ll examine how other platforms measure up in terms of features, customization, and overall value, providing you with a comprehensive view to make an informed decision.

1. Sendspark

Best for creating and sending personalized videos at scale.

Sendspark is a video messaging tool that lets you record one video and then personalize it for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients in just one click.

Designed for sales, marketing, and customer success teams, Sendspark helps you cut through the noise, engage your prospects, and generate better results.

How it works

You get started with Sendspark by uploading an existing video or creating a new video. You can create a video using either Sendspark's desktop app for Mac/Windows or its Chrome extension — each allows you to record yourself, your screen, or both yourself and your screen.

In the introduction to your video, say "Hi, Watermelon," instead of a name. This lets Sendspark know which section of the video to personalize with the recipient's name. After that, the platform uses its voice-cloning technology to replace "watermelon" with the name of individual recipients.

Once your video is complete, you can get started creating individual, personalized videos by adding your recipients to Sendspark. You can do this in several different ways: enter them manually, upload a CSV, import from your CRM, or use Sendspark's API.

When you're finished, simply click "Generate videos," and Sendspark will create personalized videos for everyone on your list, each using the prospect's name in your voice in place of "watermelon."

In addition to personalizing the name in your videos, use dynamic backgrounds to automatically replace what's displayed on your screen in your video with your prospect's website or LinkedIn profile, and create unique thumbnails for each recipient that show a personalized caption or display their brand logo.

When recipients click on your video thumbnail, they're taken to a personalized landing page that includes a header with your company's branding, a custom message, and a call to action. You can even embed your calendar on the page to make it as easy as possible for viewers to book meetings after watching your videos.

Additional features

  • Combine videos: Already have a great demo video you don't want to re-record? No problem! Just upload the demo video to Sendspark, record a new introduction, and then combine the two videos to take advantage of Sendspark's personalization features.
  • Camera filters: Look and feel your best with virtual backgrounds, filters, and effects to touch up your appearance.
  • Analytics and notifications: See who watched your videos, how far into the video they watched, and whether or not they clicked your CTA. You can also get real-time notifications when a recipient watches your video so you can follow up with them while you're top-of-mind.
  • Request videos: Use Sendspark to ask customers to create a video for you. They can record instantly from their phone or computer — no installation needed! When they're finished, the video instantly uploads to your Sendspark account.
  • Integrations: SendSpark has more than 75 integrations with the top email, CRM, and calendar platforms, including Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, Clay, Apollo, Marketo, Outreach, Salesloft, LinkedIn, Chili Piper, Calendly, Pipedrive, and more.


Sendspark's pricing starts at $39 per seat per month and includes 200 dynamic video minutes, AI personalization, dynamic backgrounds, and basic CRM integrations.

Ready to get started with Sendspark? Sign up now, or request a demo.

2. Loom

Best for internal teams and presentations.

Loom is probably one of the more well-known video recording tools. It allows users to record their screens, cameras, or both simultaneously, making it perfect for tutorials, presentations, and feedback.

Key features

  • Screen recording: Loom is well known for its screen recording capabilities. With its Chrome extension, you can easily capture your screen activity alongside a small camera bubble. This is great for long tutorials or presentations, especially for async teams. 
  • Viewer insights: Loom offers fairly extensive viewer insights. You can see who watched your videos and for how long, indicating their engagement level. 
  • Editing: With Loom, you can quickly edit your videos post-recording (trimming, adding CTAs, etc.) Transcripts and closed captions are also available, and the AI filler word removal feature automatically detects and avoids words like “um” or “uh.” For users looking to create fairly lengthy, polished videos, these features are highly helpful. 


Starter Plan: Free

  • Up to 25 videos/person, 5 minutes/video, screen recording, unlimited transcriptions, privacy controls, viewer insights, team workspace, comments, and emoji reactions.

Business Plan: $12.50/creator/month (annually)

  • Unlimited videos and recording length, everything in Starter, plus Loom AI, live rewind, edit by transcript, remove Loom branding, embed links, import/download, password-protected videos.

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing

  • Everything in Business, plus Salesforce integration, request email to view, SSO (SAML) and SCIM, advanced content privacy, auto-titles, and custom onboarding.

Loom AI Add-On: $4/creator/month (annually)

  • AI workflows, auto CTA, titles, summaries, chapters, filler word removal.

3. Vidyard

Best for enhancing engagement and understanding viewer behavior.

Vidyard is a video tool that’s great for enhancing engagement, understanding viewer behavior, and driving business growth.

Key features

  • Script generator: Vidyard uses AI to create script templates to match specified content format, audience, and message. This is a big time saver on the video preparation front, especially for long-form or detailed videos such as customer support videos. 
  • Analytics: Vidyard has pretty extensive analytics capabilities, including video and team performance. Video analytics track things like view counts, engagement rates, CTRs, etc. Team performance analytics track how specific people on your team are using video content. This includes things like videos created, engagement rates on those videos, and overall impact on KPIs. 
  • Vidyard rooms: Vidyard rooms are collaborative spaces for reviewing, sharing, and collaborating on videos across a team. Team members can access and comment on videos in the workspace. 


Free Plan: $0

  • Ideal for: Individuals
  • 25 videos, video editing, video sharing, AI script generator, stock AI avatars.

Pro Plan: $19/month (annually) or $29/month (monthly)

  • Unlimited videos, real-time viewer insights, call-to-actions, branding, password protection.

Plus Plan: $59/month (annually) or $89/month (monthly)

  • Advanced analytics, customizable branding, team performance analytics, folder management, video captions.

Business Plan: Custom pricing

  • CRM/MAP integration, fully-customizable CTAs, custom permissions/security, priority support, onboarding.

4. BombBomb

Best for email marketing with video.

BombBomb is a video platform meant for email marketing, helping users send videos directly through email efficiently. 

Key features

  • Mass sends: After you record a video, BombBomb supports mass video sending — users can send that one video to multiple recipients at once. If you want to create personalized, 1:1 messages, you can do that using their Gmail or Chrome browser integrations or via the BombBomb mobile app. 
  • Email tracking: BombBomb tracks video open and click-through rates, helping users track their email video campaigns. 
  • Templates and customization:  BombBomb’s email and landing page templates are great for maintaining consistent branding across your video sends. Plus, you can apply brand elements to both videos and emails. 


Essentials: $39/month

  • Unlimited camera and screen recording, unlimited videos and storage, custom branding, video editing, privacy protection.

Plus: $69/month

  • Everything in Essentials, plus video insights, advanced video interactions, automations (mass email sending, email scheduling, unlimited email campaigns), advanced video editing, admin and team controls.

Teams: Custom pricing

  • Advanced admin controls, security and compliance features, CRM integrations, single sign-on (SSO), SCIM/OKTA support, custom onboarding and support.

5. Dubb

Best for detailed analytics.

Video platform Dubb is known for its versatility in use cases, detailed analytics, and personalization features. 

Key features

  • Integrations: Dubb integrations include CRM systems, calendars, and YouTube. This makes it easier to manage contacts and leads, schedule meetings from video emails, and share and track YouTube video performance. 
  • Feedback assistant: Dubb’s Caira Feedback Assistant helps to track and gather feedback from video recipients. This includes feedback given directly through interactive features in the video, sentiment analysis, and viewer data. 
  • Email/SMS campaigns: Dubb lets users leverage video in email and SMS campaigns. Campaigns can be customized and automated (drip campaigns and follow-ups) and then tracked via engagement metrics. 


Starter: Free 

  • 25 SD video limit, video email/SMS, basic landing pages, mobile and computer access, Gmail/Outlook/LinkedIn integration, self-serve support.

Pro: $42/month (billed annually at $499/user)

  • Everything in Starter, unlimited HD video, email/SMS campaigns, custom branding/CTAs, teleprompter, AI Productivity Suite, onboarding training.

Pro Plus: $90/month (billed annually at $1080/user)

  • Everything in Pro, full custom branding, automation workflows, additional resources, ad retargeting, custom account setup, 1:1 training.

Enterprise: Custom pricing 

  • Everything in Pro Plus, account manager, admin and team controls, security controls, custom team setup, strategy and training, Salesforce/HubSpot/CRM integration.

6. Covideo

Best for onboarding and recruitment.

Covideo is a video messaging platform designed to help businesses send personalized video emails and messages. It’s known for being user-friendly, its recording tools, and detailed tracking. 

Key features

  • Personalization: Covideo has a customized video messaging option, which lets you record personalized videos tailored to each individual recipient. They also offer customizable thumbnails and dynamic fields that automatically fill in info like name and company. 
  • CTAs: With Dubb, you can embed CTAs within your videos. These can direct your recipients to a landing page, schedule a meeting, download a resource, or any other relevant action. Or embed links directly within the video. 
  • Analytics and tracking: Covideo has strong analytics and tracking features to monitor video engagement and measure the success of campaigns.


No public pricing is available. 

7. Hippo Video

Best for customer support teams.

HippoVideo is a video platform that’s great for customer support teams with features like screen recording, custom branding, and detailed analytics.

Key features

  • Interactive CTAs: Hippo Video has interactive CTAs — you can add clickable buttons, forms, and links directly within your videos. 
  • Advanced AI editor: Hippo Video’s AI editor helps automate editing suggestions to improve video quality, reduce background noise, and provide video stabilization, and offers smart overlays and animations that enhance the visual appeal of videos.  
  • Teleprompter: Hippo Video has a built-in teleprompter that displays your chosen script while you’re recording. This helps users deliver long speeches or presentations without missing points. 



  • 2 video flows, 10 minutes of closed captions, 5 videos, AI editor, 2 sales page templates, automated 50 personalized videos, website and LinkedIn background personalization, basic editing and analytics, teleprompter, mobile and desktop applications, Gmail/Outlook/LinkedIn integrations.

Pro: $20/month/user (annually) or $30/month/user (monthly)

  • 5 video flows, 30 minutes of closed captions, 10 videos, AI editor, 5 sales page templates, automated 100 personalized videos, chapters, unlimited full HD recordings, advanced editing and analytics, virtual background, interactive CTAs, custom branding and URL.

Teams: $60/month/user (annually) or $75/month/user (monthly)

  • 15+ video flows, 200 minutes of closed captions, 50 videos, AI editor, 15 sales page templates, automated 300 personalized videos, integrations with sales platforms, advanced sales pages, team reports, tags in folders, document to video .

Enterprise: $80/month/user (annually) with a minimum of 10 seats

  • Unlimited custom video flows, unlimited closed captions, unlimited videos, AI editor, unlimited sales page templates, automated 500 personalized videos, AI generated chapters, Salesforce integration, 50 humanize videos, role-based access and controls, single sign-on, dedicated account manager, video coaching, and solution engineering. 

8. Videoform

Best for lead generation.

VideoForm is great for creating video emails directly from tools like Gmail and HubSpot CRM, making it ideal for businesses focused on generating leads. 

Key features

  • Custom workflows: Tailor and automate video campaigns to fit specific audience segments, enhancing engagement and conversion.
  • Interactive video content: Combine interactive elements within videos to foster a conversational experience, helping drive customer engagement.
  • Real-time analytics: Track video performance with detailed analytics, providing insights on viewer behavior and engagement.


Free Plan: $0/month

  • Basic video recording and sharing, limited to a set number of videos and basic integrations.

Indie Plan: $29/month

  • Advanced personalization, integration capabilities, and more extensive video analytics.

Team Plan: $69/month

  • Team collaboration tools, higher limits on video creation, advanced reporting, and more comprehensive integration options.

9. Wistia

Best for brand and video marketing.

Wistia is a standout choice for businesses focused on enhancing their brand through video marketing.

Key features

  • Video hosting: Wistia offers customizable video players that maintain a consistent brand look. They include in-video lead capture forms to convert viewers into leads directly within the video player.
  • Analytics: Wistia provides a range of analytics tools, from basic metrics in the free plan to advanced insights in higher tiers. This includes detailed data on viewer engagement, video heatmaps, and viewer trends, helping businesses optimize their video content effectively.
  • Integration capabilities: Wistia integrates with various marketing tools and platforms, enhancing workflow efficiency and extending the reach of video content across different channels.


Free Plan: $0/month

  • Up to 10 videos, customizable player, recording and editing tools, basic analytics.

Pro Plan: $79/month (Billed at $948 per year)

  • Everything in Free, remove Wistia branding basic CTAs, multiple users, lead capture forms, enhanced data analytics, webinar hosting.

Advanced Plan: $319/month (Billed at $3,828 per year)

  • Everything in Pro, marketing integrations, unlimited video galleries, custom branded webinars.

Premium Plan: Custom pricing

  • Customizable plan tailored to enterprise needs, expanded content capabilities and collaboration tools.

Choosing the right Bonjoro alternative for your business

As we explore alternatives to Bonjoro, it's clear each platform offers unique strengths tailored to different business needs and video marketing strategies. 

Bonjoro excels in simplifying personalized customer interactions and enhancing engagement, yet its limitations in advanced customization and integration options prompt consideration of other tools.

For example…

Sendspark stands out for scaling sales and marketing efforts with robust customization features and seamless integration capabilities. It's ideal for creating professional, branded videos at scale and enhancing engagement through personalized video messages and streamlined workflows.

Loom remains unmatched for internal team communication and educational content creation, with its strong screen recording and editing capabilities. It excels in providing comprehensive viewer insights and tools for collaborative video creation.

Dubb offers versatility with detailed analytics and personalization features, suitable for integrating video across multiple channels and enhancing customer interactions through interactive campaigns.

Wistia enhances brand visibility through customizable video players and advanced analytics, supporting businesses in optimizing video marketing strategies and extending audience reach.

Each alternative brings unique strengths, from personalized customer engagement to detailed analytics and integrative capabilities, ensuring there's a suitable choice for every business looking to leverage video for growth and customer satisfaction.

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