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The 12 Best Hippo Video Alternatives for Sales [2024]

Hippo Video, a top video creation platform that’s been on the market for almost a decade, has carved out a nice niche in the content industry. Its video marketing and sales platform tools make it easy to record your screen and personalize videos, as well as use analytics to track performance. 

Yet Hippo Video is only one of many video platforms on the market — and some offer alternative features and tools that may fit your use case better. After all, you don’t want to invest in a tool only to find your processes don’t quite fit the way the tool operates. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 12 powerful Hippo Video alternatives for you to explore and consider for your video marketing and sales outreach strategies.

The 12 best Hippo Video alternatives and competitors

Below are the 12 best Hippo Video alternatives based on their unique features, pricing, and customer reviews.

1. Sendspark

Best for creating and sending personalized videos at scale.

Sendspark is a video messaging tool that lets you record one video and then personalize it for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients in just one click.

Designed for sales, marketing, and customer success teams, Sendspark helps you cut through the noise, engage your prospects, and generate better results.

How it works

You get started with Sendspark by uploading an existing video or creating a new video. You can create a video using either Sendspark's desktop app for Mac/Windows or its Chrome extension — each allows you to record yourself, your screen, or both yourself and your screen.

In the introduction to your video, say "Hi, Watermelon," instead of a name. This lets Sendspark know which section of the video to personalize with the recipient's name. After that, the platform uses its voice-cloning technology to replace "watermelon" with the name of individual recipients.

Once your video is complete, you can get started creating individual, personalized videos by adding your recipients to Sendspark. You can do this in several different ways: enter them manually, upload a CSV, import from your CRM, or use Sendspark's API.

When you're finished, simply click "Generate videos," and Sendspark will create personalized videos for everyone on your list, each using the prospect's name in your voice in place of "watermelon."

In addition to personalizing the name in your videos, use dynamic backgrounds to automatically replace what's displayed on your screen in your video with your prospect's website or LinkedIn profile, and create unique thumbnails for each recipient that show a personalized caption or display their brand logo.

When recipients click on your video thumbnail, they're taken to a personalized landing page that includes a header with your company's branding, a custom message, and a call to action. You can even embed your calendar on the page to make it as easy as possible for viewers to book meetings after watching your videos.

Additional features

  • Combine videos: Already have a great demo video you don't want to re-record? No problem! Just upload the demo video to Sendspark, record a new introduction, and then combine the two videos to take advantage of Sendspark's personalization features.
  • Camera filters: Look and feel your best with virtual backgrounds, filters, and effects to touch up your appearance.
  • Analytics and notifications: See who watched your videos, how far into the video they watched, and whether or not they clicked your CTA. You can also get real-time notifications when a recipient watches your video so you can follow up with them while you're top-of-mind.
  • Request videos: Use Sendspark to ask customers to create a video for you. They can record instantly from their phone or computer — no installation needed! When they're finished, the video instantly uploads to your Sendspark account.
  • Integrations: SendSpark has more than 75 integrations with the top email, CRM, and calendar platforms, including Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, Clay, Apollo, Marketo, Outreach, Salesloft, LinkedIn, Chili Piper, Calendly, Pipedrive, and more.


Sendspark's pricing starts at $39 per seat per month and includes 200 dynamic video minutes, AI personalization, dynamic backgrounds, and basic CRM integrations.

Ready to get started with Sendspark? Sign up now, or request a demo.

2. Dubb

Best for sales teams and entrepreneurs looking for a comprehensive video communication platform with AI-powered features and multi-channel distribution.

Another sales video marketing creator on the market is Dubb — similar to Hippo Video but with a heavy focus on artificial intelligence throughout the process. 

Dubb offers a robust set of tools for creating, sharing, and tracking video content across various platforms. It stands out with its AI-powered copywriting and video generation capabilities, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to scale their video marketing efforts.

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Dubb's IRA™ and Ava™ AI assistants help users generate copy and narrated screen videos, streamlining content creation.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Users can easily share videos via email, SMS, LinkedIn, and social media platforms, expanding their reach across different communication channels.
  • Advanced Analytics: Dubb provides real-time activity tracking and detailed reporting, helping users optimize their video marketing strategies and measure ROI effectively.

Dubb Pricing: Starts at $42/month.

3. Loom

Best for teams looking for a quick and easy screen recording tool with the ability to share content and concepts with team members, customers, and clients.

You’ve likely used Loom – or you’ve probably received one from a teammate or client in your work. 

Loom specializes in easy-to-use screen and webcam recording, making it ideal for teams that need to share information quickly and efficiently. Its streamlined interface and instant sharing capabilities have made it popular for both internal communication and customer-facing content.

  • One-Click Recording: Loom's intuitive interface allows users to start recording their screen, camera, or both with a single click.
  • Instant Sharing: Videos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, generating a shareable link for immediate distribution.
  • Team Collaboration: Loom offers features like comments, emoji reactions, and video editing, enhancing team collaboration on video content.

Loom Pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $8/month.

4. Vidyard

Best for sales teams looking for a comprehensive video solution with AI-powered features and robust analytics.

Back on the Hippo Video-style platforms, Vidyard is a tight competitor. The Vidyard solution offers a powerful platform for creating, hosting, and analyzing video content, focusing on sales enablement.

  • AI Avatars: Create personalized sales videos at scale using hyper-realistic AI avatars, allowing for efficient outreach without losing the human touch.
  • Video Hosting and Analytics: Comprehensive video hosting solution with advanced analytics to track viewer engagement and identify potential leads.
  • AI Script Generator: Simplify video creation with AI-powered script generation, helping sales teams craft personalized and effective messages.

Vidyard Pricing: Starts at $19/month.

5. Vimeo

Best for businesses seeking a professional-grade video hosting platform with robust creation and editing tools.

Vimeo really needs no introduction. As a video platform nearly as ubiquitous as YouTube, Vimeo has been around for a while. 

For businesses, Vimeo offers a comprehensive suite of video tools for hosting, creating, and managing content. It's known for its high-quality video player and advanced customization options, making it ideal for businesses prioritizing a polished, professional appearance in their video content.

  • Advanced Video Hosting: Ad-free, customizable player with privacy controls and detailed analytics.
  • Creation and Editing Tools: Built-in video creation and editing features, including AI-powered tools for streamlined production.
  • Live Streaming: Robust live streaming capabilities with virtual event hosting options.

Vimeo Pricing: Starts at $12/month.

6. Wistia

Best for marketing teams looking for a video platform with strong lead generation and analytics features.

Another popular video marketing tool on the market is Wistia. With Wistia, you can hone in on creating content focused on video marketing, with the platform offering tools that go beyond simple hosting to help businesses attract, engage, and convert viewers. 

Its focus on marketing integration and detailed analytics makes it an excellent choice for companies looking to maximize their video ROI.

  • Marketing-Focused Features: Built-in SEO tools, lead capture forms, and integration with marketing automation platforms.
  • Advanced Analytics: Detailed engagement data, including heatmaps and A/B testing capabilities.
  • Customizable Video Experiences: Branded players, galleries, and channels for a cohesive viewing experience.

Wistia Pricing: Starts at $19/month.

7. BombBomb

Best for sales professionals and teams looking to personalize their outreach with video email marketing.

The unique aspects of BombBomb go beyond the funny name. BombBomb specializes in video email marketing, allowing users to create and send personalized video messages directly from their email clients. 

It's particularly useful for sales teams looking to stand out in crowded inboxes and build stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

  • Video Email Integration: Seamlessly record and send videos within popular email platforms and CRMs.
  • Automation and Tracking: Set up video email campaigns and track engagement with detailed analytics.
  • Mobile App: Create and send video messages on the go with the mobile application.

BombBomb Pricing: Starts at $33/month.

8. Zight

Best for teams seeking a versatile and affordable screen capture and sharing tool for improved communication and collaboration.

If you are looking to create and send professional marketing and sales videos, Zight might be a good choice. Zight has a range of visual communication tools – including screen recording, screenshot annotation, and GIF creation. 

Its simplicity and integration capabilities make it ideal for teams to enhance their existing systems with a cleaned-up look and feel.

  1. Versatile Capture Options: Easily create screen recordings, annotated screenshots, and GIFs.
  2. AI-Powered Features: Automatically generate video titles, descriptions, and captions to improve content discoverability and engagement.
  3. Extensive Integrations: Seamlessly works with popular productivity and collaboration tools.

Zight Pricing: Starts at $7.95/month.

9. Vyond

Best for businesses looking to create engaging animated videos for training, marketing, and internal communications.

Are you looking to go a bit more faceless in your video marketing? Vyond specializes in animated video creation, offering a user-friendly platform for businesses to produce professional-looking animated content without extensive design skills. 

It's particularly popular among Learning & Development, HR, and marketing teams.

  • Diverse Animation Styles: Choose from multiple animation styles, including contemporary, whiteboard, and 2D animated characters.
  • Extensive Asset Library: Access a vast library of pre-made characters, props, and backgrounds to streamline video creation.
  • AI-Powered Features: Utilize AI to enhance video creation, potentially including script generation or voice-over capabilities.

Vyond Pricing: Starts at $25/month.

10. Brightcove

Best for large enterprises and media companies requiring a robust, scalable video hosting and streaming solution.

A lot of the options we’ve covered focus on sales enablement video creation. But what if you need a larger enterprise option that has more than the basics? 

Brightcove is an enterprise-grade video platform offering comprehensive solutions for video hosting, live streaming, and monetization. It's well-suited for media companies, large corporations, and organizations with complex video needs.

  1. Advanced Monetization Options: Flexible monetization models including SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD, with robust ad-tech support.
  2. Global Content Delivery: Multi-CDN delivery platform optimized for efficient global content distribution, including China.
  3. Enterprise-Grade Analytics: Detailed insights into audience engagement, content performance, and quality of experience (QoE).

Brightcove Pricing: No public pricing is available.

11. Camtasia

Best for educators, trainers, and professionals needing comprehensive screen recording and video editing capabilities.

Similar to Loom, Camtasia is a powerful screen recording and video editing software known for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set. 

It's particularly popular among educators and corporate trainers for creating instructional videos and tutorials. The learning curve is fairly small, so you’ll find it easy to catch on and start creating quickly.

  • Advanced Screen Recording: Capture screens with high resolution and frame rates, along with camera, microphone, and system audio.
  • AI-Powered Features: Utilize Camtasia Audiate for AI-assisted audio editing, transcription, and voice generation.
  • Extensive Asset Library: Access a large collection of royalty-free video, audio, and image assets to enhance your videos.

Camtasia Pricing: $179.88/year.

12. Renderforest

Best for small businesses and individuals looking for an all-in-one platform for video creation, logo design, and website building.

An animation-focused video creator like Vyond, Renderforest has an easy-to-learn interface with a click-and-drop builder. The platform has a wide range of creative tools, including video making, logo design, and website creation.

  • Diverse Template Library: Access a vast collection of video templates, logo designs, and website themes for quick content creation.
  • Multi-Purpose Platform: Create videos, design logos, build websites, and produce other marketing materials all in one place.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Leverage AI for tasks like script-to-video conversion and image generation to streamline the creative process.

Renderforest Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month.

Choosing the right Hippo Video alternative for your business

Any of the above options will get you started creating excellent videos for your business, but as you can see, each comes with unique tools, features, and price tags. 

So, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few questions to keep in mind as you shop the top Hippo Video alternatives on the market.

Need robust screen recording and video editing capabilities? 

Look for platforms that offer high-resolution screen capture, system audio recording, and webcam integration. The ideal solution should support multiple monitor setups and provide a comprehensive video editing suite. 

The ability to easily combine screen recordings with other video elements can greatly enhance the quality and impact of your content.

Seeking analytics and CRM integration? 

Prioritize tools that provide detailed viewer engagement metrics, heatmaps, and conversion tracking. The platform should seamlessly integrate with popular CRMs, allowing you to log video interactions, trigger automated follow-ups, and score leads based on video engagement. 

Want faceless animation or AI-powered features?

Those interested in creating animated content without appearing on camera should look for pre-made animation templates, character customization options, and text-to-speech functionality. 

See if the platform leverages AI for features such as automated video transcription, smart editing suggestions, and AI-generated voiceovers.

Prioritizing ease of use and team collaboration? 

Look for tools featuring intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-made templates to ensure non-technical team members can easily create content. 

The ideal platform should also offer robust collaboration features such as shared video libraries, comment and feedback tools, version control, and team analytics.

Want extensive customization and interactive video capabilities? 

Focus on solutions that allow for high levels of branding customization, including custom video players, branded video pages, and white-label options for client work. 

Look for platforms that let you create interactive videos with features like clickable hotspots, branching scenarios, in-video quizzes, and call-to-action overlays. 

When you find the right video creation platform for your business, you can start engaging with your ideal customers faster — and with engaging and informative content. 

Don’t be afraid to shop around and try out demos for each to find one that fits your existing processes and flows. Soon, you’ll be sending out personalized, interactive videos that help you stand out in your market!

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