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9 Best Hippo Video Alternatives

We’ve put together the top 9 Hippo Video alternatives for video recording software. We hope this helps you find the best platform for you.

Why Look for Hippo Video Alternatives? 

Hippo Video is a popular video platform for recording, sharing, and tracking videos. Based in Chennai, India, Hippo Video was founded in 2016 and is now used by over 5,000 businesses. However, despite their progress, Hippo Video users sometimes complain about the following issues:

  • “Not so sexy” video landing pages
  • Lack of personalization features
  • No reporting on how team members are using Hippo Video
  • Limited integration with Hubspot, Windows, Outlook 365, and other common platforms. 

Here, we've put together the 9 strongest Hippo Video alternatives to help you find the best platform for your needs. 

Criteria for Evaluating Hippo Video Competitors

These are the criteria we evaluated as we put together this list of best Hippo Video alternatives. 

Features & functionality. Do these platforms have the same features as Hippo Video? Will they actually help you achieve your goals?

Pricing. Are these video platforms more expensive or cheaper than Hippo Video? We want to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Customer Ratings and Reviews. What are customers saying about each of these products? Are they raving about their purchase, or calling them out for false promises?

Alright, let’s get into it!

Best Hippo Video Alternatives 

These are the best Hippo Video alternatives:

  1. Sendspark
  2. Loom
  3. Vidyard
  4. CloudApp
  5. Veed 
  6. Camtasia
  7. Snagit
  8. Droplr
  9. OBS 

Hippo Video Competitor Details 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #1: Sendspark

#1 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Sendspark

Sendspark is the best Hippo Video alternative for virtual selling. Sendspark checks the box for all core Hippo Video features:

  • Record, upload, or request videos 
  • Easily share videos via email or a link
  • Understand how viewers are engaging with your videos
  • Integrations your CRM & email marketing platform

And Sendspark goes above and beyond for sales features that truly help create personalized videos at scale to connect with customers:

  • True Personalization at Scale – You can create a lot highly personalized videos quickly using video templates and dynamic variables – making Sendspark the best alternative for sales prospecting, customer success, and customer support communication
  • More Branding & Customization – Sendspark allows you to create polished video landing pages with your own brand styles, calls-to-action, and custom domain
  • Admin Reporting – Sendspark provides detailed video analytics to track both how your audience is engaging with videos and how your team is using the platform, so you can continue to improve your communication.
  • Deeper Integrations –  Sendspark has deep integrations with Hubspot, Gmail, LinkedIn, Outreach, Zendesk, Intercom, and many other platforms to ensure your videos are delivered beautifully. 

Most importantly, Sendspark was rated #1 in email video results by G2 for 2022. Sendspark is going to help you schedule more meetings, build more relationships, and close more deals. 

Sendspark has a free forever plan. Get started here, for free! 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #2: Loom

#2 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Loom

Where Hippo Video is complicated, Loom is simple. Loom has just what you need to record yourself or your screen, and share videos with a link. Compared to Hippo Video, Loom supporters say that they love Loom’s simplicity and ease of use

Others complain about limited functionality – especially when it comes to branding and personalization at scale. In general, Loom is good enough for internal communication, but can feel a bit “Loomy” when you want to deliver a polished experience for customers or prospects. 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #3: Vidyard

#3 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Vidyard

Vidyard is one of the original players in video communication. Vidyard has many of the same video recording and sharing features as Hippo Video, but Vidyard is known as being stronger for enterprises who need more advanced admin controls and security. 

The tradeoff is that Vidyard is more expensive than Sendspark, Hippo Video, and many competitors on this list.

Best Hippo Video Alternative #4: CloudApp

#4 Best Hippo Video Alternative: CloudApp

CloudApp is also a strong Hippo Video competitor. CloudApp’s desktop application and shortcut keys make it possibly the fastest video recording platform in the space. Also, in addition to screen recording, CloudApp also supports screenshots, making it one of the best overall communication platforms on this list of Hippo Video alternatives. 

However, like Loom, CloudApp lacks the branding and bulk customization features that are necessary for customer communication. CloudApp is best used for internal communication. 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #5: Veed

#5 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Veed

Veed is one of the strongest Hippo Video alternatives for editing and customizing videos. Unlike Hippo Video, Veed has strong browser-based editing. Veed is superior to Hippo Video when you need to create fast, edited videos for social media. 

However, if your focus is on creating personalized videos for customer outreach, you might be better off using Sendspark, Hippo Video, or another competitor on this list. 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #6: Camtasia

#6 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Camtasia

Camtasia is another great Hippo Video alternative if you need more editing. Camtasia has similar video recording and sharing as Hippo Video, but also a top notch video editing platform, including video and audio effects, annotations, options to zoom and pan camera, and so much more. 

Camtasia also has a unique pricing model. Instead of paying a monthly subscription, you pay a one-time fee, and then pay for additional future upgrades. At $299.99 per user one-time vs Hippo Video’s starting price of $15 / user / mo, it’s unclear if this saves you money, but is a nice option to consider.   

Best Hippo Video Alternative #7: Snagit

#7 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Snagit

Snagit, is a cheaper alternative to Hippo Video. Snagit pricing starts at $75 / user / year. Like Hippo Video, Snagit offers basic video recording and sharing functionality. You’ll be able to easily record, trim, and share videos for a low price

However, Snagit’s true strength lies in capturing screenshots. This makes it powerful for internal communication, but limited when it comes to customer communication. If you are looking to use video for sales outreach, customer success, or customer support, you might be better off with Sendspark or another Hippo Video alternative. 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #8: Droplr

#8 Best Hippo Video Alternative: Droplr

Droplr is a cool Hippo Video alternative that, in addition to its basic video recording and sharing functionality, also supports file sharing and “boards” (similar to Pinterest) to arrange videos and screenshots. Droplr is also a cheaper alternative to Hippo Video, with pricing starting at only $6 / mo. 

However, Droplr’s functionality is limited when it comes to virtual selling and customer communication. Droplr might be a better competitor to Box or Dropbox, where file sharing is your real goal. 

Best Hippo Video Alternative #9: OBS

#9 Best Hippo Video Alternative: OBS

If you want a cheaper Hippo Video competitor, OBS is the very best alternative, because it’s absolutely free! OBS is an open source video recording software.

However, the tradeoff of using free open source software is that there is no customer support. If you love tinkering with technology, OBS is a great free Hippo Video alternative with a ton of potential. However, you should expect to spend quite a bit more time getting started than with Sendspark or another Hippo Video alternative on this list. 

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