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Getting Started with Sendspark & Expandi | Automate Your LinkedIn Video Outreach

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to reach new customers. You can filter leads based on professional criteria, which makes it super powerful for B2B businesses to target prospects based on job title, company size, industry, and other business metrics.

Unfortunately, your competitors know this, too...

Once you identify ideal target customers, you need to cut through the noise and demonstrate why your solution is better than the competition.

Sending videos in LinkedIn messages lets you stand out, make a human connection, and SHOW how you can help. 

With the Sendspark Integration for Expandi, it’s never been easier to connect personally at scale. 

Read on to see 3 video outreach "starter" campaigns you can implement right now to book 2-5 meetings per day, per LinkedIn account. 

We’ll also go deep into how you can create automatically personalized videos, so you can scale your outreach and make a great impression for future customers. 

Let’s get started!

3 Video "Starter" Campaigns for LinkedIn

There are ton of ways that you can use video to amplify your LinkedIn outreach strategy. The way to think about it is… What are you doing right now that’s almost working, but needs a little something extra? 

Video can make that difference to spark that connection or close that deal. 

If you’re just getting started, these are 3 simple automations we recommend you set up to start connecting. Once you've implemented these, you can check out more video scripts for sales prospecting here

The possibilities are endless. Always iterate, improve, and let your creativity shine through! 

1. The Classic Intro

Start by identifying your target audience based on characteristics about them (job title, industry, company size, etc.) and then just start reaching out. 

How this works:

Sample Script:

Connection request: keep it empty so it doesn’t feel like a generic pitch.

Video follow- up: “Great to connect, [first name], I’ve been building out [your company name] to help [target audience] achieve [desired outcome]. Here’s a quick video to show how you’d be able to [get desired outcome].”

Notes on the Classic Intro:

The video should be no more than 30 seconds. It’s not a 30 minute product demo… Just a teaser of how much better their life would be using your solution! 

The nice thing about this campaign is that it’s evergreen. You can set it up, and then just keep enrolling new contacts who fit your lead criteria every week or so. The tradeoff is that it’s pretty generic. You know some general criteria about your lead, but you don’t know how relevant or top of mind your solution is. 

So, while we recommend having this campaign going, we don’t expect it to be your big breadwinner. The following campaigns are more targeted, so these are likely to get higher engagement (though they have shorter lifespans), so they will ultimately require a little more work to set up and maintain. 

2. Leverage Influencers

This is my personal favorite, and this is how it works:

  • Identify a post on LinkedIn from an influencer about your category with a lot of engagement. Ideally, the fact that someone is engaging with the post indicates that they fit your ideal customer persona. 
  • Use Expandi to get a list of all people who engage with the post (👉 how to set up a post engagement campaign in Expandi).
  • Send a connection request with an intro on why your service might be of interest to them, based on their interest in the hot post. 
  • Send a video follow-up with a quick “teaser” of how you can help.
  • Make sure to use a call-to-action in your video to either schedule a meeting or direct them to a free trial.

Sample Script:

Connection request: “Hey [first name], I saw you liked [Influencer]’s post on healthy lifestyles for golden retrievers. I work for DogCrunch, and we just introduced a new dog food with all the nutrients golden retrievers need. Would you like to learn more?”

Video follow-up: “Hey [first name], here’s a video of how happy your pup will be after their first bite of DogCrunch. Click the button under the video to get your first box of DogCrunch for 10% off ”

3. Poach from competitors

This is a similar concept, but instead of targeting people who like hot industry posts, you target people who are engaging with your competitor’s posts. 

  1. Identify a post from a competitor that has a lot of engagement.
  2. Send a connection request that introduces your product, and why it’s better.
  3. Follow up with a video teaser showing the benefits they get by using your product.

Sample Script:

Connection request: “Hey [first name], I noticed you liked Quickbook’s latest product announcement. If you’re using Quickbooks for your SaaS, you might be struggling to get your numbers for MRR, Churn, and Retention in real time. I started SaaSMetrics to help SaaS founders get the SaaS metrics they need in real time. Would you like to learn more?”

Video follow-up: “Hey [first name], thanks for accepting. Here’s a video to show the beautiful charts you could make with SaaSMetrics. Way better than Quickbooks, right?”

Alternative Approach

A slightly less aggressive tactic is targeting people who engage with your partners’ posts, instead of competitors. For example…

Connection request: “Hey [first name], I noticed you liked Stripe’s latest product announcement. If you’re using Stripe, you can generate real-time charts to visualize your MRR, Churn, and Retention metrics using my platform, SaaSMetrics. Would you like to learn more?”

Video follow-up: “Hey [first name], thanks for accepting. Here’s a video to show the beautiful charts you could make with SaaSMetrics. It just takes 2 clicks to integrate Stripe and start seeing these!”

How to Send Bulk-Personalized Videos in Expandi

You can use Sendspark to automatically personalize videos in Expandi. Read the steps below, or watch this video!

I. Setup your Sendspark Account:

  1. Create your Sendspark account. Start a free trial here to get all you need to send personalized videos at scale.

  2. Set up your account styles. Add your logo and brand styles in your workspace settings, so your videos will make a great first impression.

Set Sendspark Global Styles

II. Create Your Video:

  1. Record or upload your video. Sendspark makes it easy to record videos of yourself, your screen, or both yourself as a bubble talking over your screen. Feel free to create a new video, or upload an existing video
  2. Use dynamic personalization. After you’ve recorded your video, you can customize the page around your video. Leave placeholder variables for any fields that you want to automatically personalize. Note: the header will show up in the preview on LinkedIn, so this is a great place to add personalization.
  3. Add a call-to-action button. Want to book meetings from your video outreach? Add a link to your calendar below the video to make it easy for your viewer to schedule a meeting while they are most engaged. 

Personalized Video Example


III. Send Your Video in Expandi:

  1. Click “Share Video”
  2. Click Expandi (if you don’t see Expandi here, follow these steps to add Expandi to the share modal). This will copy the share snippet for Expandi to your clipboard
  3. Paste into a campaign in Expandi.
  4. That’s it! When your viewer receives the video, it will be automatically personalized for them. 

Personalized Video Example on LinkedIn

IV. View analytics:

  1. You’ll get an email the first time someone watches your video.
  2. Click into the video to see detailed analytics of who is watching your video and what they’re seeing.

Final note about Sending Videos on LinkedIn

Keep in mind that you must be connected with your recipient on LinkedIn in order for them to see a preview of your video message. Otherwise, they will just see a link. For this reason, we recommend using videos in the follow-up messages and not the initial connection request. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about sending videos on LinkedIn. We’re happy to help!

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