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How to Create a Video Email Signature

Want to add a personal touch to every email you send out?

Follow this simple guide on creating a video email signature!

Video Email Signature Example

I started using a video signature because I do a lot of external communication. Between customer communication, investor communication, prospecting, partnerships, and interviewing candidates, I’m easily sending over a hundred emails per day; many to people whom I’ve never met before. 

The video email signature adds sparkle to my email in a few ways...

With a video email signature, people who have never met me, can click to learn more about me. They can get a sense of my (loud) voice, (fast) talking style, and (high) energy. 

And they can easily book a meeting with me with my video call-to-action – which is often a win!My Video Email Signature

In a sea of crowded inboxes, video emails stand out. Just having a video in an email can increase replies up to 400%

Of course, I frequently use Sendspark to record and share video demos and personalized videos for sales, onboarding, and customer support. But, when I don’t have a need for a full video, the video email signature is always there to add a friendly, personal feel for my emails.


How to Create a Video Email Signature

To create your own video email signature, watch this video or follow these steps:

  • Record the video for your signature. You can get Sendspark for free to easily record a video from your web browser. With Sendspark, you can choose between recording yourself (with your webcam), your screen, or yourself as a floating bubble over your screen. 
  • Customize the video landing page around the video. What do you want the viewer to do after watching the video? Make sure to add a video call-to-action to direct your viewer to the next step. 
Customize Video Email Signature
  • Create the image for your video email signature. I recommend adding a simple play button to your normal profile picture. If you aren’t a designer yourself, feel free to use this photoshop file or this simple template we have in Figma. Make sure to use the passcode sendmorevideos to see the file.  
    • Duplicate the template for yourself
    • Upload your own headshot
    • Change the color to your brand’s primary color
    • Export as a PNG
  • Update the links in this video email signature template. You can duplicate this google file here, and then update all of the content and links with your own information. Make sure you use your new video headshot and the hyperlink to your video!
Video Email Signature Template
  • Add your video signature to your email. Just copy and paste all of that content from the template into your email client.
    • Go to the signature section in your email client settings
    • Click “Create New” and name your signature
    • Copy and paste the video email signature from your the google doc template
    • Set your “Signature Defaults”
    • Click “Save Changes”

Video Signature in Gmail

  • Send a test email to make sure it all looks good. We’d also love to see it – feel free to send a video email test to

Tips for Creating an Awesome Video Email Signature 

Not sure what to say in your video email signature? Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your video short and sweet. We recommend 20 - 40 seconds. Just give a quick introduction, and how you might be able to help your viewer. Since you’ll have a wide audience watching your video signature, you’ll want to keep this general. Note, if you’re worried about time, you can check out Sendspark video analytics to see where viewers are dropping off watching your video. 
  • Wear seasonally ambiguous clothing – the nice thing about a video signature is that you can set it and forget it. The first time I recorded a video signature was from Austin, TX in the summer, so I was just wearing a tank top. The video felt out of date just a few months later in the winter, so I needed to re-record. That being said…
  • Update your video signature occasionally – You might still want to update your video email signature every few months or years to make sure it’s still fitting. Sendspark makes it easy to re-record over existing videos without changing the link, so this is easy to do. 
  • Use a Call-to-Action below your video – You can choose what you want your viewer to do after watching your video. Here are few good options:
    • Add your calendar link
    • Add your LinkedIn profile
    • Add a link to your website
    • Add a request video link to let viewers send you videos back
  • Have fun with it! Let your personality shine through. The point is to be yourself, and show that you’re a real person, not just an email. 

Tools to Create Video Email Signatures

I mentioned some tools that will help create a video email signature above. Here are the quick links for you to get started

  • Sendspark – to record and host your video
  • Figma file (password: sendmorevideos) – to create your video headshot
  • Photoshop file template – if you prefer Photoshop to Figma
  • Google doc template – to format your video email signature
  • Brandon – still need help? Shoot us an email with your headshot and primary color, and Brandon has offered to help :)

Final thoughts on Video Email Signatures

Video email signatures are a great way to let your personality shine through your emails. If you set aside a few minutes now to create one, and it makes each of your emails 1% better, the compounding impact over time will be enormous. 

Happy recording!

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