Which email clients support embedded videos in emails?

Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & CEO
July 23 2020

These email clients DO support videos embedded in emails:

  • Apple Mail (Mac and iOS)
  • Outlook on Mac
  • iOS Mail
  • Samsung Mail
  • Thunderbird

These email clients do NOT support videos embedded in emails:

  • Gmail
  • Android
  • AOL Mail
  • Lotus Notes
  • Outlook (everywhere except Mac)
  • Yahoo! Mail

So how can you reliably send videos in email?

When you send out a video in email, you should include both the video and fallback option that will show up on unsupported email clients. With the fallback option, you can show an image or GIF with a play button and link to a video landing page. 

Embedded Video Email

When you use Sendspark to make personalized video emails, you can automatically show the embedded video when it is supported, and the fallback option when the email is being viewed on an unsupported email client. 

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