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How to Send Personalized B2B Videos at Scale

Most video recording applications aren’t made for sending videos in bulk. Finding one that lets you record, personalize, and distribute recordings at scale isn’t easy. 

Our app - Sendspark - is the exception. We specifically built it for video selling. It’s used by sales professionals who need to create, personalize, and distribute videos to lots of contacts. As a result, Sendspark is perfect for sending personalized B2B videos at scale. 

On this page, we identify and describe 4 key ways you can send 1-to-1 videos with our app. We explain what these features are; why they’re important; how they can help personalize video with minimal effort from your team. 

But before we move onto that, let’s talk basics. 

What are Personalized B2B Videos?

Personalized B2B videos are videos that…

  1. Are sent from one business to another. 
  2. Are tailor-made for each recipient. 

This means a video is addressed - completely or in part - to a specific person or organization. 

Some videos are heavily personalized. For example, let’s say a high-value prospect asks a salesperson about a specific feature. They’re likely to receive a 1-to-1 response that walks them through the feature’s value. 

Other videos are only slightly personalized. For example, let’s say a salesperson is sending videos to a large group of leads. They may personalize some of the details in each video - but the overall pitch is likely to stay the same. 

Personalized B2B videos are often used for…

In other words, B2B videos are almost always consumer-facing and revenue-generating. 

Why are Personalized B2B Videos Important? 

Personalized B2B videos are a fast, effective way to make connections; answer questions; close deals. They help explain complex information quickly and easily. They also make customers feel good; nothing says “you’re important to us” like a video made for you. 

Personalized videos are proven to work. They get 4.5x more clicks and 16x more video opens than generic videos. Once opened, they’re 35% more likely to retain viewers! All of this helps drive up to 3x more revenue in B2B spaces (Sendspark).

4 Ways to Send Personalized B2B Videos at Scale

Here are 4 ways you can send personalized videos to customers, colleagues, and partners with Sendspark. 

1. Record Personalized Video Intros

Record Personalized Intros

A lot of the time, you don’t want to personalize everything you’re saying. You just want to add some degree of personalization - a greeting, a unique visual element, etc. In other words, you want a standardized video with a unique intro. 

There are two ways to go about this, both of which we offer. 

First, you can record intros then add them to a longer video separately. One way to do this is to use software like Adobe Premiere Pro. This is expensive and time-consuming. 

A simpler alternative is to use Sendspark’s Combine Video feature. This lets you combine unique introductions with longer videos using a simple web interface. This way, you can personalize sales, client onboarding, and customer support videos quickly and at scale. 

The main part of your video can be…

  1. Recorded using the free Sendspark Chrome extension or Mac app
  2. Uploaded to Sendspark via our backend (we offer free hosting).

Either way, once you have the main part of your video, just record the intros you want to add using Sendspark. This takes minutes - so you can create as many personalized videos as you need to quickly. 

To learn more about custom video intros, click here! 

2. Have AI Personalize Your Intros

AI Personalized Video Intros

With AI, you can automatically personalize video intros for as many recipients as you want. 

All you have to do is record an introduction using a placeholder word - “Watermelon” by default - instead of a prospect’s name. Our AI will then change the placeholder to each individual prospect’s name, e.g. “Hey Bob”, “Hey Jack”, etc. 

You can give the videos an even more personal feel by having our software automatically create personalized landing pages. These will automatically add prospects’ first names, company names, etc to multiple page sections. We’ll touch on these later. 

Want the actual videos to contain some unique visual elements? No problem. We can pull prospects’ websites and social media pages, adding them to the background of each individual video. 

The end result is a completely personalized experience - unique greetings, landing pages, videos - with zero work required on your end. 

No need to record multiple intros; use Sendspark’s AI features to overlay your video introduction onto the backdrop of a prospect's website. Then have our software add each prospect’s name to the intros - e.g. “

This approachnot increases viewer engagement, sparking meaningful connections without demanding much time or resources from sales teams.

3. Add Unique Overlays to Your Video Content

Personalize Video Thumbnails

Adding text and logo overlays to your B2B videos and thumbnails is another way to create personalized videos at scale. 

Sendspark’s text overlays can greet customers by name or communicate a personalized message. This helps grab attention; when recipients see a thumbnail with their first name or company name, they’re compelled to click and watch the video. 

Another option is to add a logo overlay. This makes videos feel personalized - but in this case, to organizations and not individuals. It’s a good option if you want to focus on the company - or if you’re not sure who the recipient is. 

Both kinds of overlay make your content visually appealing and add a personal touch. They are not completely automated, but the amount of work required to add them with Sendspark is minimal. 

4. Create personalized landing pages for videos

Personalize Video Landing Pages

We touched on personalized landing pages earlier. Basically, Sendspark lets you send unique - but templated - personalized video landing page with custom elements like…

Dynamically updated copy. Sendspark can pull first names, company names, and more - then add them to landing pages in multiple places. 

Unique CTAs. You can add whatever copy you want to create targeted calls to action. Personalized calls to action perform 3x better than regular ones - so it’s worth spending a few seconds on creating them. 

Brand colors. You can add your own brand colors to landing pages. You can also go a step further and make landing pages match your recipient’s brand styles. 

Customizable page elements. Pretty much any part of your landing page - from the header to the text overlay - is easy to customize using our simple web application. 

All of these customizable features make it easy to create 1-to-1 video experiences. 

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