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LinkedIn Video Prospecting: 10 Expert Techniques for Networking

4 in 10 B2B marketers say LinkedIn is their best lead acquisition channel. Anecdotally, this is because more and more people use the platform to network in the new normal. We meet people less often in person - so we rely on LinkedIn to find vendors, partners, and providers. 

The cool part? Users are only getting more active on the platform. With 150 million new people joining since 2020, you can find virtually anyone you want there. 

This makes LinkedIn one of the best ways to grow your sales pipeline - and your business - for the foreseeable future. 

The question is, how do you prospect effectively? Decision-makers get a lot of pitches; how do you make sure yours get noticed? 

The answer’s simple: LinkedIn video prospecting. Videos are more engaging; they converts better; they’re fast and easy to produce. They get up to 85% more responses than written outreach, giving you more opportunities to generate leads. 

And since we run a video recording tool for sales team, we have a lot of data and best practices specific to LinkedIn. On this page, we’ll share all of them - and give you 10 actionable tips to improve your prospecting. 

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn video prospecting helps you stand out and build stronger relationships with potential clients.
  • Video content works well with cold messages, InMail, and for nurturing. 
  • Combined with Sales Navigator and Sendspark’s analytics, videos can be a powerful tool in your lead-gen arsenal. 

What is LinkedIn Video Prospecting?

LinkedIn video prospecting is the process of reaching out to LinkedIn users via video messages. These can be screencasts, selfie-style shots, or a combination of both. They can be personalized - or made for cohorts and segments of people. 

All other things being equal, video prospecting increases engagement and makes it easy to demonstrate value. As a result, it helps you generate more leads

There are different ways to prospect on LinkedIn using video. When you use Sendspark - our tool - you can embed videos directly into LinkedIn conversations. We’ll explain how to do this in a minute; for now, just remember that getting started with Sendspark is free

Why LinkedIn Video Prospecting Works

Following the pandemic, face-to-face sales meetings became less common. There were also fewer conferences and live events. This made digital outreach strategies more viable. 

This, combined with LinkedIn’s massive popularity (over 930 million members), makes LinkedIn the best place to prospect. No matter who you’re looking for, you’ll find your audience on the platform. You just have to go and find them, then pitch them. 

Video is a smart way to do this. Professionals are bombarded with generic messages and posts daily. Video lets you cut through the noise and stand out better. This is why LinkedIn video prospecting is better than old-school, text-based prospecting. 

Last but not least, there’s the fact that tools like Sendspark have been designed to convert cold prospects.For example, our videos embed into LinkedIn messages - and take viewers to landing pages with on-page text, calls to action, and other elements. 

This makes it easy to get prospects to download an eBook, sign up for a demo, or visit your website. As a result, LinkedIn video prospecting - when done right - is a gamechanger for sales teams. 

3 Ways to Prospect Using LinkedIn Videos

There are 3 strategies you can apply to reach people on LinkedIn. These are…

Cold Prospecting

Cold prospecting is reaching out to prospects you have no prior relationship with. It’s the bread-and-butter of LinkedIn video outreach. 

The goal is to grab a prospect’s attention and spark their interest. You can do this by creating engaging videos that demonstrate your expertise and showcase the value of your product or service. Be confident and clear in your communication.

For instance, you could share a brief video to introduce yourself in your connection request. Then you can talk about industry trends and how your solution addresses them. An approach like this not only demonstrates your knowledge but also establishes trust.

For examples of effective prospecting videos, click here

Warm Outreach

Warm outreach is talking to people you already know. It leverages your existing connections. Prospects are already familiar with you, increasing the likelihood of positive engagement. That being said, it’s still important to put effort into your messages to warm leads; same as with cold prospects.

On LinkedIn, consider sending a video message to people who have engaged with your posts or shared your content. Talk to past colleagues and people you know who might benefit from your service. 

Also consider reaching out to leads you stopped following up on previously. Reiterate the value of your offering and emphasize the benefits it can deliver. If necessary, ask acquaintances for a referral or an introduction to a decision-maker within their organization.

Reconnecting with Past Customers

LinkedIn videos are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with past customers. Use videos to update them on new products or improvements made to existing services since their last interaction. Share relevant success stories and client testimonials. 

This approach keeps your brand top of mind, making ex-clients consider your solutions in the future. It’s also a good way to nurture relationships. 

Prospecting Tools: InMail, Manual Outreach, Sales Navigator

There are a few ways to prospect on LinkedIn. Broadly speaking, you can use manual cold messaging; InMail paid messaging; Sales Navigator-powered cold messaging. 

Cold Messaging

Cold messaging means sending messages to prospects. For your messages to appear, you need to first connect to the other person. 

With cold prospecting, this means sending a connection request accompanied by an optional short message - then following up with what you’d like to say. 

This approach is completely free and can broaden your network. However, you need to connect with people to send more messages. You also need to know who you’d like to reach out to. This prep work can be time and resource-consuming. 

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a monthly, paid LinkedIn feature. It lets you filter through LinkedIn users at scale using a range of filters, e.g. title and company size. It also gives you a limited number of InMail messages you can send; we’ll cover these below. 

Sales Navigator basically gives you a way to reach a lot of prospects quickly. It lets you message hundreds of people per month easily, and costs a lot less than an InMail.

Just remember: messages should always be tailored to your recipients. Research each prospect’s background and highlight common connections or shared interests. An easy way to do this is with Sendspark’s dynamic personalization and video stitching features. 


InMail is a paid feature. It allows you to send messages directly to anyone, regardless of your connection status. Your message appear directly in the recipient's inbox. 

InMail is ideal for high-value prospects. It provides more personalization opportunities than regular messages. It also lets you make a stronger first impression by showing you value your prospect enough to InMail them. 

The best way to InMail is using video. Videos help you stand out, increasing your message’s odds of being seen and receiving a response. InMail also offers an important extra feature: the ability to see if your message has been read.

If a message does not get read, you can explore other ways to send your video pitch to your prospect. 

Top 10 LinkedIn Prospecting Best Practices

Create a Descriptive and Personable LinkedIn Page

While having an impressive profile is valuable, it's just as important to be approachable and human. There are countless bots and fake profiles out there that companies use to prospect. The more your profile stands out as genuine, the better your odds. 

Be descriptive in sharing your experiences and accomplishments. Show your authenticity, hobbies, and any personal touches that demonstrate you're not just another automated profile. This will highlight your value and make you more relatable to potential connections.

Invest into Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a goldmine for sales prospecting. It empowers you to locate and engage with targeted prospects more efficiently. Save leads, get real-time updates on potential customers, and utilize its advanced features to maximize your prospecting results.

Automate your Outreach

Reaching out manually is difficult and time-consuming. You have to find people on Sales Navigator, make connections, then start conversations. 

Why not automate the first two steps of this process? Use tools like Expandi, Growth-X, and SkyLead to reach out to your target audience automatically. The tools can add people to your network and send introductory messages on their own. 

Since this is video outreach, we recommend you follow up with customized videos… But those first stages are easy to automate and save loads of time. 

Ask Before Pitching

Before sending a message or a video, always start with a simple "Hi" or ask for permission. A gentle introduction paves the way for more meaningful conversations, ensuring you don't come across as too forward or intrusive.

Get Active on LinkedIn

Consistently publish content on LinkedIn to showcase your expertise, build authority, and get attention. You can share informative articles, insightful posts, and relevant industry news. To help you stay on track, you may even want to develop a content calendar. 

Engage Authentically in Comment Threads

Actively participating in discussions under LinkedIn posts can be a game-changer. Engage authentically in comment threads, especially under posts from industry leaders. 

Not only does this increase your visibility, but it also allows you to connect with potential prospects you meet in these threads. Conversations that start this way tend to easily convert into new business, referrals, partnerships, etc. 

Leverage Alumni Connections

LinkedIn's alumni feature is an under-tapped resource. Engage with fellow alumni from your educational institutions, leveraging shared experiences to create bridges and find prospects.

This is a form of warm prospecting that can, directly and indirectly, drive new leads your way. 

Create Video Script Templates

Video script templates make it simpler to tailor your messages to each prospect. A well-planned script ensures clear communication, conveys value, and addresses pain points. 

Sendspark has a useful AI-powered script generator that can speed up this process. 

Join Networking Groups

LinkedIn groups are hubs for professionals to share knowledge and insights. Being active in relevant groups can lead you to potential prospects, foster meaningful connections, and help establish your authority in the industry.

Send Personalized Videos as InMail Messages

LinkedIn InMail allows you to send personalized videos to your prospects. This combines the benefits of video messaging with their premium email platform. Video outreach has yet to be widely used, which makes this the perfect opportunity to get ahead and stand out. Sendspark makes it easy to record & share personalized videos in LinkedIn

5 Steps to LinkedIn Video Prospecting

Here are the 5 basic steps to prospecting on LinkedIn using video


To get started, determine your ideal customer profile. From there, you can browse Sales Navigator for potential prospects that fit this description. Spend some time playing around with the tool to make sure you’re good at finding the perfect leads. 

An important note. If you’re only going to do 1-to-1 outreach, Sales Navigator is fine. But if you’re going to group prospects together and bulk-message them? Consider using a tool like Expandi, or other Sendspark integrations like Growth-X or SkyLead

These tools make it a lot easier to outreach to large groups of people. They also make it easy to A-B split test different audiences you find in Sales Navigator. 


Next, you want to make sure you connect with as many of your prospects as possible. You can do so with a message or not. Either way, you need to be connected - or in a 2-way conversation - for people to see embedded Sendspark videos.

Since embedded videos tend to work a lot better, it’s important you start with this. People who don’t approve connection requests can be targeted with InMail. 

Recording and Sending Video Messages

Next, you need to work on creating compelling video content. Always ensure your video is relevant to your prospect. Refer to their posts or interactions to add a personal touch; demonstrate an understanding of their needs based on your prior research. 

If you're not connected, videos will not show up. If this is the case, start with a generic written message or ask if you can send a video. Once a prospect responds, follow up with your video message. This ensures your video is not just sent but also viewed.

Not sure what to say? Use our AI script generator to get a script that entices and converts prospects. 

Not sure how to record outreach videos? Read our guide on the topic - or follow the tips two sections down from this one! 

Driving Action

Beyond simply recording quality video, you need to make sure you’re driving action. This can mean…

  • Customizing thumbnails to drive video views
  • Using Sendspark’s landing pages with embedded CTAs
  • Asking your prospect to take action verbally
  • Following up when prospects don’t respond

Strike a fine balance between delivering value and asking your prospects to take the desired action. 

Analyze and Refine

Using Sendspark video analytics lets you see who watches your videos and how they engage with it. As you run your campaigns, use data to refine your targeting, your scripts, and your delivery.

When it comes to video length, you may need to experiment to see what works best for your audience. Some may prefer short video messages, while others might find value in more in-depth content. 

Remember, video prospecting on LinkedIn is not solely about selling right away. Rather focus on forming genuine connections and nurturing relationships first. Over time, you’ll figure out what works and drive meaningful results with LinkedIn video outreach. 

How to Use Sendspark for LinkedIn Outreach

Incorporating Sendspark videos into your LinkedIn outreach adds a personal touch that written messages often lack. It provides a unique opportunity to present yourself, your services, or your products in an engaging manner. 

Here’s a concise guide on using Sendspark for LinkedIn video prospecting:

Install the Extension

To begin, make sure to install the Sendspark Chrome Extension. This will enable the integration with LinkedIn, giving you direct access to the tool when you're composing LinkedIn messages.

Sendspark LinkedIn Extension


Spot the Icon

After installation, whenever you create a new LinkedIn message, you'll notice the Sendspark logo at the bottom of your compose window. This will be visible in Direct Messages, Sales Navigator, and InMail.


Start Recording

Click on the Sendspark logo and select 'Record new video'. The Sendspark extension allows you to record yourself or even capture your screen. But remember, you must be on Chrome and have the extension active.
Launch Video Recorder


Editing Your Video

After you’ve finished recording, you can preview your clip. If you wish to make changes, the 'Edit Page/Thumbnail' option will direct you to Sendspark's platform where you can customize your video landing page.

Preview video for LinkedIn

Edit Video Page

Share Your Video on LinkedIn

When you're satisfied with your recording, select 'Insert Video'. This action embeds a Sendspark video share link into your LinkedIn message. Your recipients will view an image preview, and upon clicking, they'll watch your full video. 

Note: Video previews show for 1st-degree connections or if your InMail has been accepted.

Share Video in LinkedIn


In Closing

In the "new normal," prospecting and sales are moving online. LinkedIn has emerged as a powerhouse for B2B outreach.

LinkedIn video prospecting is the best way to reach out to - and convert - leads. It cuts through the noise, engages prospects, and makes your connections more personal. 

Remember, in a sea of similar pitches and outreach efforts, standing out is paramount. By harnessing the power of video, you can capture attention, differentiate yourself, and leave a lasting impression on your prospects. 

So, if you're still relying on traditional written outreach, it's time to adapt and embrace the future. Equip yourself with the right tools, techniques, and strategies outlined in this guide and start prospecting like a pro.

To make a free Sendspark account and start video outreach on LinkedIn today, click here! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective video prospecting techniques?

Some of the most effective video prospecting techniques you can use include:

  • Personalization. Personalize your videos by addressing a prospect by name to form a real connection.
  • Clear and concise videos. Ensure your message is clear and to the point while keeping the video length short and engaging.
  • Quality visuals. Make sure you’re using high-quality images, lighting, and sound to create a professional video.

How can I optimize my LinkedIn video prospecting efforts?

A good prospecting strategy starts with research. The more you know about your target audience, the more effective your videos will be. It also helps to follow a video script and use features such as LinkedIn InMail. A well-planned script can help you convey your message more persuasively. And by leveraging InMail, you can analyze the performance of your videos.

What are some common LinkedIn video prospecting mistakes?

Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • A lack of personalization. Personalized videos showcase a genuine interest in the needs of your prospects.  
  • Poor video quality. Invest in good lighting and sound equipment to boost video quality. 
  • No CTA. Be clear about the next steps you want a prospect to take. 
  • Being overly salesy. Avoid making your message sound like a sales pitch.

Which prospecting tools can enhance my LinkedIn video strategy?

Tools like Sendspark can enhance your LinkedIn video strategy. They provide features like video recording, editing, analytics, and a seamless integration with LinkedIn. These tools can help you create and manage your video prospecting efforts more efficiently.

Can video content improve prospecting conversion rates?

Video content improves prospecting conversion rates by generating more interest and trust. Engaging video content is an opportunity to showcase your personality, demonstrate your expertise, and connect with your prospects on a more personal level. By nurturing relationships in this way, you can increase conversion rates. 

What are the components of a successful LinkedIn video prospecting campaign?

A successful LinkedIn video prospecting campaign consists of the following elements:

  • Targeted prospecting. Begin by researching your target audience to craft personalized messages.
  • Engaging video content. Create engaging videos that clearly communicate your value proposition.
  • Consistency. Consistently post and interact with your prospects to maintain visibility.
  • Continuous improvement. Analyze the performance of your videos and refine your approach to continuously improve your campaign.
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