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A Comprehensive Guide to Asynchronous Selling

According to McKinsey, buyers choose digital interactions 2-3 times as often as in-person ones. 

A lot of these digital interactions now happen asynchronously. Instead of jumping on calls, prospects and sellers send each other recorded videos, written messages, and reactions. 

This works well for all parties. Selling async increases sales team performance while reducing customer acquisition costs by 40%. For B2B executives, going async means choosing when - and how - they make buying decisions, giving them time flexibility. 

The caveat is, selling async is different from regular, real-time selling. It’s more about consulting and less about trying to close sales forcefully. It also uses a different set of tools; for example, conference apps like Zoom are replaced by async video tools like Sendspark

With that in mind, this page is going to tell you all about selling async. We’ll walk you through the difference between sync and async, powerful tips for sales teams, and more. But first, let’s start with key takeaways. 

Key Takeaways

  • Asynchronous selling utilizes video messaging to accommodate clients' schedules and enhance sales communication.
  • This method improves personalization, efficiency, and consistency, leading to higher chances of closing a sale.
  • Embracing asynchronous sales strategies allows businesses and sales teams to adapt and thrive.

What Are Asynchronous Sales?

Asynchronous sales is the process of selling without real-time communication. The buyer and the seller communicate at different times, i.e. asynchronously. They usually do so using email, instant messenger, and video recordings

The main benefits of asynchronous sales are…

  • Save time. No need to wait for in-person meetings or Zoom calls during business hours. Gather the necessary information and communicate with your prospects at your own pace.
  • Accommodate potential clients. Your prospects may have different schedules and preferred methods of communication. Asynchronous methods give you the flexibility to adapt to their needs.
  • Increase conversion rates. Giving prospects the freedom to respond when it is convenient for them can enhance their buying experience. This makes them more likely to complete the sales process.

Examples of Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communications

You might have heard of the terms synchronous and asynchronous communication, but what are the differences? And what are some common examples of each type of communication?

Synchronous Communication

Synchronous communication is when two or more people communicate with each other in real-time. Common channels include:

  • Face-to-face conversations
  • Phone calls
  • Zoom calls and equivalent
  • Live chats

In these situations, you're able to immediately receive a response from the other party. This is ideal when you require instant feedback or quick decision-making.

Asynchronous Communication

Asynchronous communication has a time delay between the sender's message and the receiver's response. People respond at their own comfort and leisure. Some examples include:

Asynchronous communication allows you to respond to messages at your own pace without the pressure of an instant reply. This is useful for those who want time to process information and formulate a response. It’s also helpful when working with people across different time zones. 

The Benefits of Selling Async

Asynchronous communication lets your team work at their own pace and get more done. 

That’s because your team can focus on sales-centric tasks without worrying about meetings. They can sell when they’re feeling productive instead of when they’re forced to. They can easily block off time for priority tasks, increasing their output. 

Another benefit of async? It lets team members access information at any point during the sales process; a powerful way to improve sales performance. No need to guess, wonder, or ever make a mistake. All the information you need is easy to find when you have time. 

A third key benefit of async is that customers prefer it. As many as 88% of B2B buyers now prefer async, self-service content to live sales meetings. If you want to appeal to your prospects, you need async. 

Some other key benefits of going async?

  • Increased flexibility in work hours, improving work-life balance.
  • Better information flow management.
  • Enhanced availability of resources such as training materials and product documentation.
  • Easy to get input from other sales team members
  • Buyers can review materials at their own leisure

Adopting asynchronous communication methods can improve the overall efficiency of your sales team. The result is higher profits and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Powerful Async Sales Tips

Transitioning from traditional synchronous to asynchronous selling is easier than you might realize. With the right strategies, async methods can change your entire sales approach. Here are some tips that can help:

Learn to Love Video Prospecting

In asynchronous selling, you can’t rely on face-to-face connections for non-verbal cues. Video prospecting is one way to embrace this type of communication. It humanizes the interaction, bridging the gap created by a lack of real-time conversations. 

Creating videos using platforms such as Sendspark allows you to deliver personalized messages that convey tone, emotion, and urgency. Using async video for sales training is another way to work video recordings into your sales process. This also ensures your team is comfortable with videos before using them to pitch clients. 

Know Your Audience

With asynchronous selling, you can't see the other person in real time. For this reason, it’s imperative to research and understand your audience beforehand. Understanding their preferences, challenges, and goals allows you to tailor your messages accurately. 

This means predicting what they might ask and addressing that upfront. You may even create canned videos, demos, emails, and other resources ahead of time to address expected questions and problems. 

Focus on Building Connections

It’s not always easy to create meaningful relationships using asynchronous methods. However, consistent and valuable communications can change this. Always acknowledge a prospect’s queries or feedback, no matter how trivial. 

Offer insights they might not find elsewhere – perhaps a recently published report or a value-add video. As the interactions progress, you can get more personal. Share success stories from past clients who faced similar challenges. The idea is to weave a story they can relate to. 

Consult Instead of Selling Aggressively

When using asynchronous selling, you want to think of yourself as an industry consultant. Regularly share industry news, changes in regulations, or even potential challenges prospects might face. This positions you as a thought leader, someone who is looking out for their interests. 

Outline the 'why' behind your recommendations when suggesting solutions. This details how your solutions align with a prospect’s goals or address their challenges. Over time, this consultative approach cultivates a perception of you being a trusted advisor.

Mix Sync and Async Channels

Using asynchronous sales methods doesn't mean you should exclusively focus on asynchronous channels. Some clients or prospects may prefer real-time interactions. Understand when to switch between the two. 

Use asynchronous methods for initial interactions or follow-ups, but be ready to hop on a live call for in-depth discussions or negotiations. Through versatility, you not only cater to varying preferences but also maximize engagement and responsiveness.

Add Value with Information and Expertise

Merely presenting your product or service isn't enough to close sales anymore. Prospects want information; to stand out, you need to offer valuable insights, research findings, or industry trends. Asynchronous video can be a powerful tool here. 

One example is using video case studies or demos to illustrate complex concepts. You could also host webinars that your leads can view at their convenience. This not only establishes your authority but ensures your leads view you as a resourceful partner.

Nurture Your Leads Long-Term

Just because there's no immediate response doesn't mean there's no interest. The prospect is still in your sales funnel. Keep the conversation alive by sending periodic check-ins, sharing relevant articles or studies, or even offering exclusive early-access deals. 

Your aim is to remain top of mind. This consistent nurturing shows that you value the relationship beyond the immediate sale, cultivating loyalty and trust. 

Create an Impactful Slide Deck

Craft slide decks that aren't just informative but also engaging. Use a balanced mix of visuals and text to avoid information overload. Infographics can simplify complex data, while testimonials or case studies can reinforce your claims. 

A compelling slide deck can be the difference between capturing interest and losing it, especially when you're not operating in real time.

A/B Test Script Variations

Not every message will resonate equally with all audiences. Fine-tune your approach by experimenting with different versions of your video script. Maybe a more casual tone works better for startups, while corporates prefer formal language. 

By A/B testing your messages, you gather invaluable data on what works and what doesn't. This not only optimizes your current sales strategy but provides insights for future campaigns too. Sendspark has an AI-powered video scripting tool that will be useful here.

How to Use Video for Async Sales

Using video in your asynchronous sales process can be a major value add. Here are a few of the main applications, some of which we cover in-depth on this page:

Reach Out to Prospects

Video has become one of the most powerful ways to reach out to potential clients. By creating high-quality, personalized video messages, you can connect with prospects in a more engaging and memorable way. 

This is especially true when incorporating personalized thumbnails that capture attention immediately.

Nurture Prospects

Nurturing relationships with prospects is important in any sales process. Video can be used to tailor content that includes valuable information and builds trust over time. Keep your video content engaging, informative, and focused on your prospect's needs and interests. The more value you provide, the more likely they are to consider your offerings.

Show Off Your Product

Create videos that showcase your product's features and benefits, helping potential customers understand how it will solve their problems. Research has also shown that visual information is more likely to be retained, enhancing the effectiveness of your sales pitch.

Replace Sales Meetings

Use async video to replace calls and meetings. Let prospects watch and respond at their own pace, eliminating the need to coordinate. Respect your prospects’ time, increasing the odds of having meaningful conversations that lead to sales. 

Answer Questions and Share Knowledge

Show off your expertise and knowledge by providing video responses to common questions or concerns. This not only addresses a prospect’s questions but establishes you as a trusted resource. By consistently sharing valuable insights, you can position yourself as an industry leader and sway undecided prospects.

Run Sales Demos

Video is the perfect medium for demonstrating your products or services. Sales demos can be pre-recorded, allowing you to present your offerings at any time without the need for live meetings. Prospects can watch the demos at their convenience and refer back to them later if they need to.

Walk Prospects Through Slide Decks

Another way to incorporate video into your async sales process is through slide deck presentations. Rather than sending text-heavy materials, create a video that walks them through the content in a clear and engaging manner. 

This approach allows for better retention of the information and shows your commitment to a prospect's understanding of your services or products.

Add a Human Touch

Lastly, use personalized asynchronous videos to add a human touch to your communications. In addition to your own recordings, incorporating video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Async Sales: Best Practices for Your Team

Going asynchronous will only work if you make it work. Here are some of the top ways to do that with best practices. 

Set Clear Expectations

When assigning tasks to your sales team, they should always know the 'why' behind them. If a team knows the broader goal, they can better align their efforts. 

Regular team meetings to discuss targets, client feedback, and overall company direction is a must. The use of digital task boards or project management tools can further enhance clarity and motivation.

Create and Share SOPs and Documentation

By creating comprehensive SOPs and documentation, you're equipping your team with a playbook. Whether it's for lead outreach, follow-ups, or even handling objections, having a reference ensures there's a standard quality. 

Consider using cloud storage for easy accessibility and ensure regular updates to these documents to reflect any changes.

Take Screenshots

Screenshots are more than just visual aids; they're records. In an environment where real-time interactions aren’t always possible, having records of particular situations can be invaluable. 

Promote the idea of maintaining personal digital logs. Filled with screenshots, notes, and observations, these logs can serve as personal diaries that team members can refer back to.

Communicate Internally

Asynchronous sales can sometimes create silos within your team. To prevent this, go the extra mile in sharing updates. Whether it's new lead insights, changes in a client's requirements, or general feedback, ensure it's communicated to the whole team. 

Frequent check-ins create a cohesive team environment. It ensures everyone has the required information, reducing the risk of missed opportunities.

One way to improve internal communications is with Sendspark’s “team” tier. This tier lets team members share video libraries with each other. This makes it easy to follow sales processes, share effective canned content, and more. 

Don't Forget to Communicate in Real-Time

Even when using asynchronous communication, the value of real-time interactions can't be understated. Schedule designated time slots where team members make themselves available for real-time discussions. This allows for flexibility with windows for immediate feedback, brainstorming, or problem resolution.

In Closing

B2B buyers now have a strong preference for async, digital interactions. This makes asynchronous communications more than a buzzword. If you’re hoping to sell effectively in the future, you need async processes and tools in your sales. 

Why the love for asynchronous selling? First, it lets your team focus on sales-centric tasks and closing deals. Second, it also slashes customer acquisition costs. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

But here’s the catch – asynchronous selling is different to traditional sales. It's less about sealing the deal and more about offering consultative insights. The tools of the trade have evolved as well, with platforms like Sendspark being async-first.

In this light, embracing the asynchronous paradigm is not merely about keeping up with trends, but about redefining and optimizing the sales process for the digital age. Sellers must pivot, adapt, and leverage these new tools and approaches to meet the evolving expectations of their buyers.

Sell Async with Sendspark

Asynchronous selling is no longer an option—it's a necessity. And you can make your async sales more impactful and effective with Sendspark. 

With Sendspark, you get a free account that lets you record and upload videos with ease. 

  • Enjoy free storage, ensuring you always have access to your sales content.
  • Access advanced analytics that tell you who viewed your videos, when, and from where.
  • Personalize your pitch with custom landing pages for your videos.

Create better connections, nurture leads more effectively, and close deals faster. Join Sendspark today and transform your sales strategy with the power of asynchronous video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is asynchronous selling?

Asynchronous selling allows sellers to communicate with buyers at their convenience without the need for real-time interactions. It involves using tools like email, video, and landing pages to communicate information and pitch products or services.

How does asynchronous selling increase productivity?

Sellers can optimize their time and resources by not being tied to real-time conversations. They can create templates for commonly asked questions, record video messages, and design landing pages that provide personalized information for buyers. Asynchronous selling helps maximize sales outreach processes.

What is the role of a landing page in asynchronous selling?

A sales landing page showcases products or services, provides information, and entices potential buyers. A well-designed landing page can go a long way in influencing buyers' decisions. It provides them with the information they need to make informed choices.

How can asynchronous selling empower sales teams?

Asynchronous selling empowers sales teams by allowing them to reach a wider audience. It enables them to communicate with buyers who may have different schedules, preferences, and communication styles. This flexibility can help build credibility and rapport with potential customers.

How can asynchronous selling transform sales conversations?

Asynchronous selling removes the constraints of real-time interaction. It allows sellers to carefully craft their messages, provide detailed information, and address specific buyer concerns. This can result in more informed and productive discussions.

What are 5 tips for selling asynchronously?

Five ways that you can increase the success of your asynchronous sales efforts include:

  1. Create compelling sales landing pages that provide all the necessary information.
  2. Use email templates to streamline communication and save time.
  3. Record professional and concise video messages that clearly convey your pitch.
  4. Customize your messages to cater to individual buyer needs and pain points.
  5. Follow up consistently and promptly to ensure ongoing engagement with potential buyers.

Why is video an important asynchronous selling tool?

Video allows sellers to deliver key information even when the buyer is not available for a live conversation. It ensures the seller's message is received and gives the buyer the flexibility to watch the video at their convenience. Video is especially useful when trying to reach busy decision-makers who may not have time for a lengthy sales call.

How can asynchronous selling benefit sales professionals?

Asynchronous selling is an opportunity for sales professionals to adapt, learn, and improve their sales approach. This is achieved with analytics and feedback from prospects. Data allows sales teams to identify patterns in buyer behavior, refine their messaging, and optimize their sales process.

Why is asynchronous selling becoming more popular?

Asynchronous selling is becoming more popular because it aligns with the changing needs and preferences of buyers. Today’s buyers have busy schedules, prefer self-directed research, and value convenience. Asynchronous selling makes it easier for sellers to meet these expectations and engage with potential customers effectively.

Can asynchronous selling transform the buyer's journey?

Asynchronous selling provides buyers with more control and information. It allows them to access detailed product or service information, compare options, and make informed decisions. And this can all be done without the pressure of real-time sales conversations. When buyers can engage at their own pace, they’re more likely to convert. 

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