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Weighing Up Snagit Competitors? Here Are Our Top Alternatives

If you’ve had it with Snagit, then look no further! 

We’re here to tell you what’s good, bad, and ugly about Techsmith’s veteran screenshot and screen recording software - and what you should be using instead.

The good, the bad, and the ugly GIF

Good, bad, ugly - Source:

We’ve lined up four Snagit competitors to put through their paces and give you our recommendations on which use cases they win out on. 

Best Snagit Alternatives

  • Sendspark: A simple video platform that has been designed for sales and marketing messaging.
  • Nimbus: A very inexpensive alternative for creating and editing screenshots, recording video, and sharing both links and files.
  • Loom: A browser-based video recorder and sharing platform, with some cool functionality like subtitles and transcription
  • Droplr: Better looking than Snagit and Nimbus, but with essentially the same functionality and an added “Boards” feature.
  • CloudApp: A Snagit alternative that captures images and short videos, then turns them into links. More expensive but far more versatile than Snagit.
  • Greenshot: A free, open source snippet tool that is easy to use and lightweight. Basic, but again; it’s free. 
  • Screencast-o-Matic: A free tool that works a lot like Snagit but has an outdated, clunky interface. Lacks robust cloud storage features.

Snagit - What’s good about it

Snagit’s been around forever, just like Techsmith’s other video tool, Camtasia

It’s best known for its screenshot capabilities, but it also includes a video screen recorder. 

Sweet screenshots

Snagit gives you a massive range of options to create and edit screenshots. 

Snagit Screenshot

Snagit’s screenshot app - Source:

As well as full-screen, window, scrolling, time-delay, and many other capture types, it lets you add effects and share the file to other applications directly from the recording tool. 

Then, in the editor, you can go to town with the effects. 

Snagit Screenshot Editor

Snagit’s screenshot editor - Source:

And with OCR image-to-text capabilities, those screenshots can be put to good use. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Template styles and preset filters
  • Combining multiple screenshots into a single file
  • A blur tool to obscure sensitive background material

Snagit’s template options - Source:


Summing up, Snagit’s not the best-looking or most intuitive screenshot tool (more on that later), but it’s one of the most comprehensive. 

15-day free trial and low price

You can download Snagit free and try it out for 15 days, without giving credit card details. 

Snagit 2022 is currently priced at £56.12 per user per year (around $75). That includes in-year updates and maintenance. The price has gone up by around £12/$16 since the 2021 version

Snagit Pricing

Snagit’s pricing - Source:

That works out at around $6.25 per month, which is pretty cheap, and if you work in the Education, Government, or Non-Profit sectors, there are discounted offers as well. But there is no option of a month-by-month payment. After the free trial, you’re in for the whole year. 

Works offline

Snagit is a desktop app, so you don’t need to be online to use it. 

Some handy video tools

As we’ll see in the next section, Snagit’s video recorder is its Achilles heel. But having said that, it has a few cool features:

  • You can stop and restart a recording, making it well-suited to longer presentations
  • You can select an area of your screen to record - not just the whole screen. Great if you need a script open as you present!
  • You can trim sections out of your finished videos

Snagit - What’s not so good about it

Those positives are offset by some pretty significant drawbacks. Let’s look at those now. 

Old-fashioned styling

SaaS tools usually look better than downloadable software, but come on Techsmith! Snagit still looks like a throwback to the early era of the web - despite getting a refresh every year. 

The recorder looks like this, for example. 

Snagit Video Recorder

Snagit’s recorder - Source:

Too many sharp edges, too many different UI elements, and a “Windows” look that most software has moved on from. 

Video sharing

We’ve already mentioned that Snagit is a desktop app. That means your screenshots and video files are saved to your computer - in turn, that means:

  • It will quickly eat up storage space on your device
  • Your content is only available on the computer you downloaded the software to

Snagit Video Storage

Snagit’s space usage

Snagit tries to get around this problem by allowing easy file-sharing directly from the recorder and from the editor to a wide range of applications (eg Slack, Google Drive, Twitter, DropBox, YouTube, etc). 

But for all these options, you will be transferring potentially very large files. This is a particular problem with email, which is not a one-click option in Snagit. You have to download a file and attach it to send via email - or upload it to a web service and share a URL from that instead. 

Lack of balance

The options Snagit provides for creating and editing screenshots are significantly more impressive than those it offers for video. 

With just basic trimming capabilities in terms of editing and file-sharing, the video element looks distinctly tacked on to the superior screenshot offering. 

For what it’s worth, the video capture seemed to be of lower quality than the other recorders tested for this blog - but that is just one writer’s experience!

Snagit competitors #1: Sendspark - for sales and marketing video messaging

Sendspark is a SaaS screen and webcam recording tool that’s been designed for sharing sales and marketing video content. If Snagit is a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none, Sendspark reigns supreme in its niche. 

Snagit Competitor #1 - Sendspark

Sendspark’s video recorder

Why use Sendspark instead of Snagit?

Sendspark is purely a video tool. There’s no screenshotting functionality, so if that’s something you need, you should consider Droplr or Nimbus rather than Sendspark or Loom. 

It’s also a web application (so no offline version) and there are no options for editing your recordings. 

Where Sendspark excels is in video sharing and video messaging. 

  • Snagit is limited to sharing video files, whether directly to other platforms or as a download. While Sendspark also provides this functionality, recordings are hosted in the cloud - meaning you can share them via a URL instead
  • Not only that, Sendspark gives you the power to customize the landing pages where those videos are viewed, including your logo, a bespoke welcome message, a call to action, and more

Snagit vs Sendspark Video Landing Page

Sendspark’s landing page customization

  • All sharing is controlled through one single, easy-to-use modal. From here, you can embed the video in HTML5 email, create an animated GIF or still thumbnail to add to your emails, download the file, or copy a link to the landing page

Sendspakr Video Sharing Capabilities

Sendspark’s sharing control panel

  • Sendspark offers video templates - a range of preset options plus the ability to create your own. This makes it very efficient to create personalized video versions of your prospecting messages, allowing you to give a bespoke touch to outreach at scale

Snagit vs Sendspark Video Templates

Sendspark video templates

  • With its “Request Video” feature, Sendspark turns video messages into video conversations. With a single click, you can send a link to your contacts which opens up the Sendspark recorder (no install needed!) so that they can reply to you in person

Unlike Snagit, you won’t have to wait a year for the next update with Sendspark: new features are regularly being added. For example:

Sendspark is getting better and better!

Snagit versus Sendspark: Pricing

As Sendspark is a SaaS tool, it’s slightly tricky to compare pricing with a download like Snagit. So, we’ll compare them on the total cost for a year. 

One Pro Sendspark license costs $12 per month or $144 for a year compared to $75 for Snagit. 

Snagit vs Sendspark Pricing

Sendspark pricing - Source:


But Sendspark does offer:

  • A free-forever version compared to Snagit’s 15-day trial
  • Monthly subscription options: so your minimum outlay to try Sendspark Pro is just $15 

Given their very different strengths, this is a bit of an “apples and oranges” comparison. It’s probably best to compare Snagit and Sendspark on their features and your needs rather than price. 

Snagit competitors #2: Nimbus - for a super-cheap alternative

Nimbus is primarily positioned as a note-taking application - but we’ve included it here because it has screenshot and screen recording capabilities just like Snagit. 

Snagit Competitor #2 - Nimbus

Nimbus’ browser extension - Source:

Why use Nimbus instead of Snagit?

Hey, if you like the way Snagit looks, you’ll **love** Nimbus! 🤣🤣🤣 If anything, it’s even more old school. Check out these editing controls:


Snagit vs Nimbus Video Recorder

Nimbus’ in-recording effects - Source:

Takes you right back, doesn’t it? 

But looks aren’t everything. What has Nimbus got that Snagit hasn’t?

  • The screen recorder has some nice in-recording effects (three different pointer styles, drawing, stamps, etc) and with the ability to define keyboard shortcuts, you’ll be able to switch between them while you present. Snagit doesn’t have any of this
  • Screenshot editing options are pretty comprehensive - if you’ve used Microsoft Paint, you’ll find the interface very familiar
  • An entire note-sharing platform, that enables you to exchange and collaborate on the files you create with other Nimbus users in your workspace

Snagit vs Nimbus Note Sharing Platform

Nimbus’ sharing platform - Source:

  • Being web-based, you can access your Nimbus files from anywhere you can go online; and you can send links from your Nimbus files that non-users can view

Beyond that, Nimbus can match Snagit on most of its functionality: basic video trimming; video file-sharing options; OCR image-to-text conversion, etc. 

But be warned: each Nimbus user can only upload a fixed amount of data per month (5GB per Pro user; 10GB per Business user). Snagit is only restricted by your device’s storage space limits. 

Snagit versus Nimbus: Pricing

Nimbus is exceptionally cheap. One Pro license for a year would cost you just $48 compared to Snagit’s $75. 

Snagit vs Nimbus Pricing

Nimbus pricing - Source:

Nimbus also offers payment monthly, at $5 for a single user. Of course, a solo user won’t be able to make use of Nimbus’ sharing workspace but those links can be shared - displaying a very basic playback landing page. 

Snagit vs Nimbus Video Landing Page

Nimbus’ landing page - Source:

Snagit competitors #3: Loom - for sharing video internally

Loom is a SaaS screen and webcam recording app that claims to be “an essential tool for hybrid workplaces”. 

Like Sendspark, it doesn’t feature screenshot functionality - but for many video use cases, it’s a better option than Snagit. 

Why use Loom instead of Snagit?

Loom is designed for capturing and sharing videos - through links to cloud-hosted landing pages, through social uploads, or by file download. In this respect, it’s very much like Sendspark. 

Snagit Competitor #3 - Loom

Loom’s recorder - Source:

Like Snagit, Loom offers basic video trimming. Like Nimbus, it has a load of in-recording drawing tools. What it has that the other Snagit competitors don’t have are:

  • Filler word removal - great for automatically cutting out all the “ums” and “ahs” it’s so hard to avoid saying
  • Automatic transcription and subtitling - great for accessibility 

If you want to share quick videos across your organization, Loom is great. But if you’re looking to send them to third parties, Sendspark is better suited to your needs:

  • Loom’s landing pages are basic and very “Loomy”. Sendspark allows you to tailor far more aspects of the landing page to provide a high-quality user experience

Snagit vs Loom Video Landing Page

Loom’s landing page - Source:

  • Similarly, Loom doesn’t offer video CNAME functionality for total white labeling - Sendspark does 
  • Loom doesn’t let you tailor GIF previews of your videos in-app, which Sendspark does

Loom is better than Snagit for the video-sharing use case. By cloud-hosting your recordings, Loom saves you the need to download and upload large files - and it can provide you with data on views and clicks. 

But if you’re planning on sharing outside of your organization, it’s worth spending the extra money (see next section!) to get Sendspark’s advanced capabilities. 

Snagit versus Loom: Pricing

Loom will cost you $96 per Business user per year, making it more expensive than Snagit. 

Snagit vs Loom Pricing

Loom pricing - Source:

Having said that, Loom does offer a pay monthly option at $10 per user per month. And like Sendspark, it offers a free-forever version. (Read more about Loom alternatives)

Snagit competitors #4: Droplr - for a SaaS screenshot option

Droplr is very similar to Snagit in terms of its features and its pricing. But as a SaaS tool, like Nimbus, it supports some very different use cases. 

Snagit Competitor #4 - Droplr

Droplr’s recorder - Source:

Why use Droplr instead of Snagit?

To be honest, there’s not much between these two tools:

  • Both have screenshot and video capture capabilities, with the screenshot options being far more extensive in each
  • Droplr has both a SaaS version and a desktop app (although there are fewer editing tools in the web app). So, you could use Droplr offline - but you’re also not necessarily stuck saving files to your computer
  • Droplr doesn’t suffer from those Windows 95 looks - although the UI is not perfect (no countdown for screen recordings starting, non-intuitive buttons for starting recordings - see here for more details)

Droplr’s big advantage is a cloud-based sharing ecosystem, that helps you to organize your files and collaborate with team members. These “Boards” are a great feature - looking and functioning more like Pinterest than Nimbus’ Windows Explorer vibe. 

Snagit vs Droplr Boards

Droplr’s boards - Source:

Sharing outside of the workspace is easy: either as downloads, direct to social media or as short links to a landing page for the cloud-hosted video. However, there are no options to customize the landing pages - making it a pretty rough and ready experience for viewers. 

Snagit vs Droplr Video Landing Pages

Droplr’s landing page - Source:

Nevertheless, that’s an option Snagit just doesn’t have at all. 

On the other hand, Droplr doesn’t have OCR capabilities, so it’s not all one-way traffic. 

Snagit versus Droplr: Pricing

Droplr’s Pro Plus plan costs $6 per month, or $72 per year - almost the same as Snagit. 

Snagit vs Droplr Pricing

Droplr pricing - Source:


If you don’t want to commit to a full year, you can get Droplr on a month-by-month basis at $8 for a solo user, or $9 per user when you buy multiple licenses. There’s no free-forever version and only a three-day free trial. 

Bear in mind: if you want analytics comparable to Sendspark’s or Loom’s, Droplr will charge you another $2 per month for it!

Snagit competitors #5: CloudApp - a similar app with strong screenshot features

CloudApp is close to Snagit considering it has the same core features: a screenshot maker and a video screen recorder. The video recorder is best used for short GIFs of up to 60 seconds in length. But a key area CloudApp outshines Snagit is…

  • Iits screenshot feature set
  • Its browser-based app 

CloudApp UI

Why use CloudApp instead of Snagit?

Choose CloudApp if you want to store your GIFs and images on the cloud. The app uploads everything automatically, kind of like Sendspark does with videos. You can then share uploads in seconds by copying a link and sending it to the recipient.

Another reason to choose CloudApp is if you want to annotate, clip, and otherwise edit images often. There’s a nice editor built into the app; you can easily add text, arrows, boxes, and other shapes. Helpful if you work with visual content often. 

Specific reasons go with CloudApp…

  • Deep editing capabilities. Snagit has editing options for images and videos. You can choose special effects, add shapes and text, and more.
  • Record your videos and screenshots in HD. Snagit only lets you capture in standard definition. On modern devices, you can really tell the difference. 
  • CloudApp has both a browser-based app and a desktop one. This gives you a lot of flexibility. The browser app is easy to use and compatible with all modern browsers. The downloadable app has more features. 
  • CloudApp allows you to store your images and videos on the cloud. You get unlimited storage and collaboration is easy; click a button to get a share link. Like Sendspark, CloudApp also gives you access to helpful analytics.

CloudApp Platfrom

CloudApp Dashboard - Source:

While Snagit does offer some editing features, CloudApp’s are better. CloudApp also offers video workflows, analytics, and team management functions. These features help you and your team stay connected whether you’re working with images or not. 

Snagit versus CloudApp: Pricing

Snagit vs CloudApp Pricing

Snagit's individual and business plans are both $63 per year. CloudApp is $120 per year, but the extra utility and unlimited storage make it worth it. The goodies - cloud hosting, high-definition screenshots, and more - add a lot of value.

Snagit forces you to pay for a whole year, which won’t work for everyone. CloudApp has monthly subscriptions (which we quite like). 

In terms of free options, CloudApp gives you 25 free uploads plus basic analytics in theirs. Snagit has a free trial, but that only lasts 15 days, which we weren’t crazy about. 

Snagit competitors #6: Greenshot - a lightweight screenshot app

Greenshot is a free, open-source tool for taking screenshots. There isn't much to the program, but it offers a no-cost option to Snagit and the other apps on this page.

Greenshot Example

Greenshot in Action - Source: Chris' Tutorials, "Learn Greenshot in 10 Minutes" video

Why use Greenshot instead of Snagit?

Greenshot is a good option because it is free and easy-to-use. Snagit has more editing features and the ability to record videos. But believe it or not, Greenshot has a couple tricks that Snagit can't match. The main differences are…

  • Greenshot is purely for screenshots. Snagit offers the ability to record videos through its video screen recorder. Snagit’s video features aren’t the best in the world, but they get the job done. 
  • Snagit has decent editing features and a special effects library. Greenshot has a basic built-in editor. The editor is okay if you just need to draw a couple of notes or annotations, but that’s about it. 
  • Greenshot has a cool feature that lets you upload your image directly to imgur so you can quickly share it.
  • Both apps require you to download and install them. They don't don't have a web-based version or a browser extension. You need to store your captures on your computer, too.

One quirk that you have to get used to with Greenshot is its hotkeys. They’re tricky to remember at first because they’re non-standard. 

Greenshot hotkeys

Snagit and Greenshot both require software downloads to use. This seems a bit outdated in 2023. But Greenshot gets some points for its sharing feature; we loved that.

Snagit versus Greenshot: Pricing

Snagit has an individual and a business plan that are both $63 per year. Greenshot is free for Windows users and $2 for Mac users (one-time fee).

Snagit vs Greenshot Pricing

If you just need to capture screenshots, there is no comparison, Greenshot wins easily; it’s free! If you are looking for more editing features and the ability to record videos, Snagit is the pick for you.

Since Greenshot is free and open source, there is no risk to trying it. 

Snagit competitors #7: Screencast-o-Matic - a web-based screen recorder

These two are very close with similar prices and core features. In our opinion, Screencast-o-Matic is a bit better - if clunkier - to use.

Screencast-o-matic Pricing

Why use Screencast-o-Matic instead of Snagit?

Screencast-o-Matic is a screen capture app that was popular in the past. Screencast-o-Matic is easy to start using, but difficult and clunky to use well. Its price point is similar to Snagit’s, with more features but a worse interface. 

  • Both have screen capture as their core technology. Both tools are based on the same core feature: screen capture. Snagit is better for images; Screencast-o-Matic is more video-focused. But fundamentally, the two are similar. 
  • Screencast-o-Matic's interface is sometimes hard to navigate. The interface is clunky, confusing, and outdated. The good news is that even the basic version gives you the ability to create on mobile devices. Snagit is easier to handle, but it doesn't offer as many features. 
  • Screencast-o-Matic offers some cool features that Snagit is lacking. Advanced analytics, team management tools, and instant cloud uploading. Screencast-o-Matic offers unlimited cloud hosting with its Solo Premier subscription. With Snagit your only option is to store your captures on your computer.

The differences in editing features are pretty noticeable. Snagit has more editing options, like a special effects library. Screencast-o-Matic has some cool features like being able to draw and annotate while recording.

Screencast-o-matic recorder

Snagit versus Screencast-o-Matic: Pricing

Screencast-o-Matic has 3 primary subscriptions that range in price from $3-$10 per month. The pricing is around the same as Snagit; the difference is that you can choose to pay monthly. 

Screencast-o-matic vs Snagit pricing

Both have free trials; the difference is that Screencast-o-Matic’s is available indefinitely, whereas Snagit’s is time-limited. 

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. Snagit is a fantastic screenshotting tool but a mediocre screen recorder, that is outclassed by tools that specialize in video use cases. 

And being a download rather than a SaaS product has pros and cons: on the one hand, Snagit can be used offline. On the other, your recordings are only available on one device. 

The Snagit competitors we looked at are best for the following needs:

  • Sendspark: for sales and marketing video messaging via email and LinkedIn
  • Nimbus: a sharing tool, for screenshots, documents, and video within its ecosystem
  • Loom: for short, snappy, internal video communications
  • Droplr: a SaaS-based alternative screenshot tool, with a video recorder bolted on
  • CloudApp: A Snagit alternative that captures images and short videos, then turns them into links. More expensive but far more versatile than Snagit.
  • Greenshot: A free, open source snippet tool that is easy to use and lightweight. Basic, but again; it’s free.
  • Screencast-o-Matic: A free tool that works a lot like Snagit but has an outdated, clunky interface. Lacks robust cloud storage features. 

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