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Video Sales Enablement – The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows

Sales enablement is precisely what it sounds like - a set of practices, activities, and measures that aim to help sales reps close more deals in the most efficient way possible.

Video Sales Enablement


Without sales enablement, your sales teams are pretty much left wandering in the dark, making attempts at selling randomly and arbitrarily. 

Where are all the sales?

An utterly clueless sales rep, wasting your time and money, colorized


That’s why sales enablement as such should be included in your overall business strategy by all means.

And you know what can help you improve your sales enablement game and empower your sales reps in the easiest, quickest, and most engaging way possible?

Go on... tell me more about video sales enablement!

You’ve guessed it right – it’s videos!

Since video sales enablement has become the next big thing in business, we’re dead-set to help you get started with it ASAP, so we’ll cover all the essential tidbits on this topic, such as:

  • What is video sales enablement, and what makes it so awesome?
  • How to make the most of video sales enablement– all you will ever need to rock 🎸 your video sales enablement strategy.


  • Videos are one of the most versatile mediums out there – that’s what makes them perfect for sales enablement, as their use cases are practically endless;
  • Video sales enablement encompasses a whole lot of things – from employee training and onboarding videos to customer reviews and everything in between;
  • A comprehensive analytics dashboard will come in handy for getting a clearer picture of what works and what's underperforming;
  • There are several forms of videos that should be part of every successful video sales enablement strategy, and we’ll provide you with the necessary tips for creating your own 💪foolproof plan.

Why should you use video sales enablement, and what is it exactly?

The term video sales enablement is pretty self-explanatory: it stands for the use of videos as a predominant means of enabling your sales reps to do their job in the best and most efficient way possible.

And what makes videos such a pivotal point in sales enablement?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why videos have become a crucial part of any decent sales and marketing strategy - including sales enablement - such as:

  • 59% of senior executives claim that if both options are available, they prefer watching a video on a topic over reading it in text; 
  • People only retain about 10% of a message when reading it in text but retain about 95% of it when viewing it in a video
  • For boosting audience engagement, video is the second most commonly used form of content on social media;
  • Campaigns on LinkedIn with videos have view rates of 50%;
  • 94% of marketers say video has helped them increase understanding of product or service;
  • Video testimonials are the highest converting marketing tool;
  • Video has been said to directly increase sales by 80% of video marketers.

The numbers speak for themselves - videos are #1 for increasing audience engagement and conversions and can make a much stronger and more personal impression than any other type of content.

Pretty cool, right?

Videos are mind blowing!


So, why not make the most of the gold mine videos have become and incorporate them into your sales enablement strategy?

It’s never been easier to create a video sales enablement plan all by yourself - all you need is to get yourself a good video-making software and come up with creative ways of incorporating video in your sales enablement plan.

And to help you swap your boring old sales enablement for a much more efficient and engaging video sales enablement, we’ll share some of the best use cases of video sales enablement that are sure to skyrocket your sales.🚀

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Video sales enablement use case #1 – Onboarding new employees

Transforming those rookie sales reps into lean, mean, selling machines inevitably takes time and some effort on your side.

Teaching new employees about your product, its perks, its shortcomings, your target audience, and ICP is something you cannot do without.

Videos can significantly leverage that since you can create detailed explanations, tutorials, educational material, and whatever else you may need to help your new employees get the hang of your business’s best sales practices.

In fact, some studies have shown that:

  • Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles;
  • Video reduces the cost of employee training;
  • Video provides consistency in training materials and experiences;
  • Videos make learning 83% more effective, with those effects increasing over time.

And once you’ve recorded videos that give in-depth explanations – or elementary ones, depending on what you need in a given situation – you can reuse them over and time again for as many new employees as you may have.

So, make an effort to create a video once and reap the fruit of your work countless times.

That’s a pretty nifty method of saving time, energy, and money, and all that in just one stroke.

Videos are easy


Video sales enablement use case #2 – Training videos

The thing with sales and marketing is that they’re areas that demand continuous learning and improvement as the market shifts and changes in a blink of an eye.

That’s why you have to train and educate your employees constantly – both new ones and veterans alike – if you want them to stay on top of the game.

The problem here is that the forgetting curve is enormous: studies have shown that people will have forgotten a staggering 50% of the information you’ve presented.

And it only gets worse as within as little time as just one week, employees claim to have forgotten as much as an average of 90% of everything they’ve been taught.

Let's go, video!


And here, once again, enter videos as the very best employee-training solution there is.

Videos will give you a huge hand with this problem for one simple reason – you can create a database of training videos that will be easily accessible.

That way, employees can use those videos whenever they feel there’s a need to learn something new, jog their memory a little, or deepen their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, recording videos of all the vital info regarding your business, lessons, training guides, and programs and saving them for later use will allow your employees to learn at their own pace.

Such practice will help them both comprehend and retain much more information than they would otherwise.

Video sales enablement use case #3 – Create the most actionable content

The best way to help your sales reps rock at their job is by providing them with the very best content that can:

  • Generate leads;
  • Increase your conversion rate;
  • Help with customer retention.

You’ve guessed it right – it’s videos.

Videos are the most engaging type of content for all sorts of audiences, including decision-makers, customers, and prospects alike, since people are visual creatures, after all.

Creating highly-personalized videos for every step of your sales funnel will work like a charm, no matter whether it’s:

  • Prospecting – since you can create videos that help people get to know more about your brand, your product’s specific use cases, and upsides;
  • Educating your audience – making detailed walkthroughs, tutorials, and product presentations;
  • Onboarding new customers – with personalized welcome videos that are bound to make them stick with your product, as they’ll feel valued and acknowledged;
  • Following-up – rekindle the love between you and former customers by making videos with special custom-made offers for them alone and sending them easily via email or sharing them in apps such as LinkedIn or Slack.

Bonus tip: make sure you record both your screen and yourself when making tutorial or walkthrough videos to make them more personal and engaging.

Sendspark has options for recording both simultaneously, as well as some neat features such as a camera spotlight when you need that extra ✨emphasis✨.

Record videos for sales enablement


What’s more, adding an extra touch, such as a personalized landing page tailored for a single prospect, or a customized animated thumbnail, will further leverage your conversions.

Sales enablement video



Video sales enablement use case #4 – Ask the customer

There’s no better insight into your product and its strong and weak points than the one given by your customers.

That’s why you should make getting customer feedback a mandatory part of your sales enablement strategy.

Video feedback for sales enablementSource:

By asking your customers for reviews, you’ll provide sales reps with answers to vital questions like:

  • What’s the most common use case of your product?
  • What makes it stand out compared to other similar products?
  • What’s a common issue users face?
  • What, if anything, would they change about it?

No one can give better answers on this than the very people who’ve used and liked – or disliked – your product or service.

And once you know what makes your product special, what puts people off it, or what areas could do with some improvement, you’ll have equipped your sales reps with an invincible weapon for their future endeavors.

Although written reviews will do, having your customers record short videos of themselves talking about your product will kill two birds with one stone:

  • Your sales reps will get the material they need to gain a better understanding of your product-market fit;
  • You can always use those testimonials for future marketing campaigns, include them in your video sales letters, and share them on social media or your website to increase your brand's credibility and emotional appeal.

With Sendspark’s request videos option, your users can record a video just by clicking on a link you have sent them – with absolutely no installation needed – and the video will automatically be uploaded to you. 

Request videos for sales enablement


And if you need ideas on what questions to ask your customers to get the best possible understanding of all the crucial bits you may need, you can lend an 👀 to our blog for some pro tips.😎

Video sales enablement use case #5 – Track the stats

Another reason why videos are a very nifty little thing to include in your sales enablement is that it’s pretty easy to keep track of all the essential data.

Video analytics can give you invaluable insights into things that matter, such as:

  • Where your target audience is predominantly from;

Video insights to guide sales enablement


  • Where your users stop watching;
  • What percentage of the video has been watched;


  • How many likes or clicks on CTA buttons your video got.

All these stats can tell you just how compelling your content is, if it resonates with your target audience, and show you whether you have a good product-market fit, among other things.

Having features such as video insights and video heatmaps will allow you to track all this effortlessly.

And since these stats are pretty straightforward, you'll manage to wrap your head around it even if you have zero experience with the arcane arts of analytics. 😉

So, make sure to take notice of this data, as it’ll help your sales reps gain a much clearer understanding of what to do and what to avoid at all cost.

The Bottom Line

Equipping your sales reps with all the necessary info and know-how regarding the particular product you’re selling - as well as insights into your target audience and their pain points -  will save you much precious time, money, and energy.

That alone makes it clear why video sales enablement has become a must-have.

Videos can be used in many different ways to support and improve your sales enablement – the only limit is your creativity and imagination.

So, don’t miss out on all the fun, and start using videos to get more sales rolling your way.🥂

With Sendspark, you can start implementing your video sales enablement strategy right now. It’s never been easier to create and share any type of video all over the web!

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