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Customer Testimonials - The Complete Guide for 2023 (with Examples)

What is a customer testimonial?

A customer testimonial is an affirmation from one of your customers that is content with, and passionate about, the service you provide. Typically, a customer testimonial will include a brief explanation of the customer’s experience with your product, with evidence of its success in their life. 

7 Fantastic Customer Testimonial Video Examples

Need some help producing a customer testimonial video for your business? We compiled a list of some fantastic customer testimonial video examples to inspire you!

7 Product Demo Video Examples to Inspire You


Looking for some inspiration for a great product demo video? We put together some of our favorite product demo video examples that are sure to catch your eye.

How to Add a Logo to Your Video

Adding a logo to your video messages is a fantastic way to personalize your customer correspondences with a professional look. 

How to Embed Videos in Email

Sending video in email is a fantastic way to personalize virtual conversations with your customers.

How to Make Professional-Looking Videos for Your Customers


Creating personalized videos for your customers is the best way to make meaningful connections. Follow this tutorial to learn a simple way to make professional-looking videos for your customers, using Sendspark. 

How to Send a Video Message on LinkedIn

It can be difficult to stand out on LinkedIn. Video messaging is a great way to make an impression on a customer. Follow this guide to learn how to easily send video messages in LinkedIn. 

Send Video Messages in Slack

Slack is a great resource for communicating with coworkers. Follow this simple guide to learn about the benefits of sending video messages in Slack. 

35+ Digital Marketing Statistics To Support Your Strategy (2022)



The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. It is always exciting, as one never knows when a new development or trend will shake the foundations of marketing as we know it.

How to Customize a Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are super important for catching a customer's attention. Following this quick and easy 5 step guide, you can learn how to customize a video thumbnail using Sendspark. 

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