Send Personalized Videos with Templates

Want to record a lot of similar — but still personalized — videos? Now, instead of typing out content for each video, you can just select a template!

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How to Get Video Testimonials From Customers

There is no denying that video testimonials are incredibly effective at boosting sales and convincing potential customers to do business with you. They provide your potential customers with a real-life example of how your product or service has helped others, and they can be highly effective in converting leads into customers. 

Top 9 Video Personalization Software for Businesses [2024]

With video marketing being pretty much everywhere, it can seem hard to know how to create content that sticks out. You’ve got a message, but actually being seen and heard can be quite a challenge.

The 11 Best BombBomb Alternatives, Reviewed [2024]

BombBomb is a video messaging platform that's well-regarded for integrating with email and SMS, allowing users to directly embed personalized videos into their communication channels. 

Video Sales Letters: Examples and Best Practices [2024]

If you sell big-ticket products and services, video sales letters need to be part of your sales and marketing strategy. 

LinkedIn Video Prospecting: Tips, Tools, and Best Practices

LinkedIn is the go-to network for B2B prospecting for quite a few reasons:

9 Best Bonjoro Alternatives for Personalized Video [2024]

Bonjoro is a video platform known for its user-friendly interface and robust customer support. 

The 11 Best Video Sales Letter (VSL) Software in 2024

There’s a famous quote about sales that goes: “People don’t buy products, they buy emotions.” And what better way to evoke emotions than through video? 

The 12 Best Hippo Video Alternatives for Sales [2024]

Hippo Video, a top video creation platform that’s been on the market for almost a decade, has carved out a nice niche in the content industry. Its video marketing and sales platform tools make it easy to record your screen and personalize videos, as well as use analytics to track performance. 

Sendspark vs. Loom: Side-By-Side Comparison [2024]

Sendspark and Loom are both popular video tools for screen capturing, video sharing, and asynchronous communication. Both are known for their user-friendly interfaces and top-notch video creation capabilities. 

11 Unique Vidyard Alternatives for 2024 [Free & Paid]

Compared to other video platforms, Vidyard stands out for its robust marketing features. With customizable players, video analytics, and lead generation tools, Vidyard offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to incorporate videos into their marketing strategy. 

Sendspark vs. BombBomb: Side By Side Comparison [2024]

Looking for a video tool? Then you’ve most likely heard of Sendspark and BombBomb. 

13 Unique Loom Alternatives for Every Use Case [2024]

Loom is a popular video tool platform that is great for asynchronous internal meetings and product demonstrations thanks to its intuitive interface and basic editing capabilities. Users can easily capture and share detailed presentations without complex editing processes. 

Mastering Video Prospecting: Unlocking Six-Figure Deals in 5 Proven Steps.

Buyers today want a seller-free experience, but buyers who are assisted by sales spend more and have a lower chance for churn. Can video messages be the thing that gives buyers what they need and helps sellers hit quota? Let’s take a look!

Does sending an email with a video embedded harm deliverability?

Video prospecting is one of the best ways for sellers to stand out in a busy world.

Dubb vs BombBomb: Which Video Communication Platform Is Best for You?

As of 2023, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, up from 63% in 2017.

Loom vs BombBomb: Which One’s the Better Video Messaging Platform?

Approximately 1/3 of all online activity involves watching videos. That’s a lot.

Loom vs Zight (Formerly CloudApp) which is the best one for your internal team?

A picture might be worth one thousand words, but a video is worth over one million

Loom vs Bonjoro, which tool is best for your sales team?

Today, customers expect personalization. Automated sales emails end up in spam folders. Boilerplate LinkedIn request messages are ignored. 

Loom vs Vimeo: Which One’s the Right Fit for Your Business?

17 hours – that was the global consumption of video content by people every week in 2023!

Loom vs. Vidyard: In-Depth Comparison 

If you’re in sales, you’ve probably noticed that video platforms are gaining popularity. And you’ve probably heard of Loom and Vidyard.

Vidyard AI Avatars - What To Know

On April 16th, 2024, Vidyard launched an AI Avatar Video feature to create Sales videos with avatars.  

Introducing Sendspark Dynamic Videos

At Sendspark we have been hard at work creating the best video tools for sales and marketing professionals.

Windsor Alternative - Best AI Video Platform for Email & SMS

Windsor announced that they are shutting down their AI Personalized Video platform on February 15th, 2024. Where does that leave you, as a Windsor customer?

How to Send Personalized B2B Videos at Scale

Most video recording applications aren’t made for sending videos in bulk. Finding one that lets you record, personalize, and distribute recordings at scale isn’t easy. 

What is Loom Lag - and How to Avoid It?

Loom lag is a common problem users mention in Reddit discussions and Loom product reviews. It refers to audio lagging behind video during playback, but can also manifest in the form of…

9 Ways AI is Transforming Video Sales & Marketing

Video is the most impactful way to sell and market today. 86% of businesses use it to drive sales; 80% of marketers say it beats other media types. In studies, video has been compelled 89% of respondents to buy a product. 

7 Ways to Transform Sales Prospecting with AI

Sales prospecting is a tough, time-consuming, and often tedious task. Most salespeople say it’s the toughest part of the sales process.

The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Video Content

Personalized video content is incredibly powerful. It can increase response rates from prospects by 85%. It makes users 35% more likely to watch your videos all the way through. And it gets up to 4.5x more clicks than other content types. 

The Ultimate Guide to Building & Managing a Successful Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is your business’s lifeline. With it, you’re getting a steady supply of new business. You’re growing - or at least maintaining revenue, which helps maintain your organization. 

Sales Enablement Best Practices for Boosting Revenue and Efficiency

Sales Enablement Best Practices for Boosting Revenue and Efficiency

How to Record Your Screen on Mac with Audio: A Concise Guide

The ability to record your screen has transformed the way professionals communicate, demonstrate, and educate. A well-crafted screen recording is fast to produce, engaging, and effective at relaying information. Whether you’re in sales or enablement, video just plain works. 

Common Sales Objections (and How to Overcome Them)

Most customers say “no” multiple times before saying “yes” (Hubspot). That’s how common sales objections are. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Asynchronous Selling

According to McKinsey, buyers choose digital interactions 2-3 times as often as in-person ones. 

How to Stop Being Camera Shy: 19 Tips and Techniques

Videos are engaging, easy to watch, and quick for your sales team to record. This year, virtually all businesses - 96% - will use them to sell their products. 

Power Words for Sales: Boost Conversions with Persuasive Language

Have you ever bought a product that was recommended by experts? What about limited-time offers; special deals; premium packages? Have you ever bought a product sold under any of these labels? 

14 Expert Tips for Effective Video Sales Pitches

In the digital age, standing out is more challenging than ever. Every second, a barrage of pitches, advertisements, and promotions compete for your prospects' attention. Yet, amidst this noisy marketplace, one medium emerges as a beacon of engagement – the video sales pitch.

Supercharge Your Sales Team with Video Marketing: Strategies for Success

Discover how video marketing can supercharge your sales team's performance with these effective strategies.

Introducing Sendspark’s New Desktop Recorder

At Sendspark, our goal is to give you the tools you need to to connect to customers with personalized video messages. 

What are Sales Quotas?

Sales quotas are set targets that sales professionals are expected to achieve within a specified timeframe. 

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales tactic that encourages customers to purchase a higher-end product or add-on, boosting the transaction value. From e-commerce giants like Amazon to SaaS platforms like Dropbox, upselling is used to enhance customer value and drive revenue.

What Is a Sales Funnel?


What Is CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)?


Customer lifetime value tells us how much a customer is worth to a business. While the concept is straightforward, it’s important to understand a few nuances.

Why? Because a new customer can be several times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Understanding and optimizing for CLV helps shift the the focus from short-term transactions to more valuable long-term relationships.

What Is a Warm Email?


What Is Video Messaging?

Video messaging is a powerful channel for all customer-facing communications. This includes the entire sales process, from prospecting to pitching to closing deals, but also marketing and support. 

What Is a Value Proposition?

A compelling value proposition - or value prop - is the difference between closing a deal and losing a profitable opportunity. But what is it, exactly - and what is its role in sales?

What Is TOFU (Top Of the Funnel)?

Before making a purchase, prospects go through a buyer’s journey. In marketing and sales, this journey is often visualized as a sales funnel

What Is Social Selling?

B2B sales dynamics are shifting. LinkedIn and other social platforms can help businesses gain an edge by fostering relationships with prospects. This - building relationships and selling on social platforms - is known as social selling

What Is a Service Level Agreement?

In the competitive world of sales, trust is your most valuable asset. To build and maintain that trust, professionals rely on Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These are contracts that lay out client-provider relationships clearly, leaving nothing to chance or misunderstanding. 

What Is a Sales Pitch?

The ability to effectively present a product or service in a persuasive way is the bedrock of sales. Enter the sales pitch. 

What Is a Sales Pipeline?

Sales pipeline is a term that comes up in sales a lot. On this page, we’ll cover what it means; what its stages are; what its role in sales is. 

What Is Sales Intelligence?

Data-driven decision-making is a powerful way stay ahead of your competitors. The converse is also true. Not using data to inform your sales efforts can mean falling behind. 

What Is Sales Forecasting?

In order to create and execute effective strategies, businesses need to predict future sales. This is where sales forecasting comes in. It ensures businesses can make informed decisions that shape their growth trajectory.

What Is Sales Enablement?

For businesses to grow and succeed, it’s essential to empower sales teams. They need the right tools, resources, and - of course - training in order to succeed. Embracing sales enablement can instantly turn an average sales team into a high-performing one.

What Is a Sales Development Rep?

There are a variety of roles in sales. Each role contributes to a company’s revenue operations. The Sales Development Representative (SDR) is one role that's particularly important.

What Are Sales Demos?

Sales Demos are an important instrument in the sales rep’s arsenal. On this page, we’ll explain what they are, why they’re impactful, and how to do them right. 

How Does a Sales Commission Work?

Anyone who knows sales knows what a sales commission is. It’s a monetary reward given to sales reps and sales teams when deals are closed. 

What Is a Qualified Lead?

The term "qualified lead" refers to how ready a potential customer is to be sold to. There are several types of qualified leads - for example…

Who Is the Point of Contact?

In sales and marketing, "pain points" are things bothering individuals and organizations. These can manifest as unmet needs, negative emotions, or anything else prospects struggle with. 

What Is a Pain Point?

In sales and marketing, "pain points" are things bothering individuals and organizations. These can manifest as unmet needs, negative emotions, or anything else prospects struggle with. 

What Is Outbound Sales?

Outbound is one of the most important channels and tactics in sales. It refers to contacting leads first, as opposed to waiting for them to approach you. It is popular and effective in niches as varied as SaaS, B2B, and consumer goods. 

What Is Opportunity Management?

Seizing and capitalizing on sales opportunities drives revenue. It also ensures a business beats the competition in competitive markets.

What Is the Net Promoter Score?

In a sales environment, net promoter score (NPS) is an invaluable metric. It provides deep insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding NPS is integral to developing customer-centric strategies that achieve long-term growth.

What Is Monthly Recurring Revenue?

Revenue forecasting is critical, especially in subscription-based business models. Enter Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). MRR lets you predict future revenue streams for accounting, financial, and strategic ends. Read on as we explain and explore the term on this page. 

What Is MOFU (Middle Of the Funnel)?

MOFU - Middle of the Funnel - is a stage in the sales funnel. It’s when prospects move from awareness and towards consideration. From a salesperson’s perspective, MOFUs are populated with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) we’re driving towards the Bottom of the Funnel. . 

What is a Master Service Agreement?

Building strong business relationships is integral to B2B sales success. To set the nature of a relationship in proverbial stone, organizations use master service agreements (MSA). 

What Is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

There are several types of qualified leads, i.e. leads whose behavior makes them qualified to be sold to. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are one of these lead types. 

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring is a term used in sales processes and CRM software. It helps understand the potential value of a lead and how ready they are to be sold to. On this page, we’ll discuss what lead scoring is and why it’s so important in modern sales. 

What Is Lead Nurturing?

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with potential buyers as they go through the sales funnel. It involves understanding leads’ needs, responding to them, and guiding them towards making a purchase decision. 

What Is Inbound Sales?

Inbound sales is a traditional sales methodology that has changed the way businesses attract new customers. It recognizes that today's buyers are more informed, discerning, and have different expectations. By focusing on behavior, sales teams can meet prospects where they are in their buying journey.

What Is an Ideal Customer Profile?

Knowing who your perfect customer is helps you find (and convert) them more easily. This is why the concept of an Ideal Customer Profile is so important in marketing and sales. 

Who Is a Gatekeeper?

A gatekeeper is a guardian of access in the sales process. They determine whether a salesperson gets to present their pitch to a decision-maker or not. Understanding and navigating through gatekeepers is key for sales success. 

What Does EOD (End Of Day) Mean?

"End of Day" refers to the time a working day ends. But its exact meaning changes based on context, industry, and even culture. 

What Is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding helps drive sales results. It boosts revenue by equipping your team with the information they need to sell better. It also lets them understand what makes your product valuable so they can sell more of it. 

What Is a Discovery Call?

The discovery call is the first time you communicate with a prospect after they express interest in your offer. Its goal is to understand the prospect’s wants and needs - and your ability to solve them. 

What Is Direct Sales?

Direct sales is the process of selling to users and customers directly. It’s different from indirect selling, where third parties - like retailers or third-party vendors - sell on our behalf. In B2B, direct sales often happen in a one-to-one context (e.g. a sales meeting). 

What Is the Customer Acquisition Cost?

Customer Acquisition Cost

The success of a business depends on understanding how much revenue they're bringing in… And at what cost. 

What Is Cross-Selling?

Cross-selling is a way to sell more products and drive revenue without acquiring new customers. It’s related to, but different from, upselling

What Is a CRM?

If you work in sales or marketing, you’ve likely heard the term “CRM” before. What does it stand for - and is it a concept or a kind of software? Read on to learn CRM basics and best practices on this page! 

What Is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates are important to both marketing and sales. However, the term is used so often - and so broadly - its meaning can be unclear or ambiguous. 

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a foundational outbound sales technique where businesses actively pursue prospective customers. It ensures potential sales opportunities are never left unexplored.

What Are COGS?

Cost of goods sold (COGS) shapes any business's profitability. It’s also essential for developing pricing strategies, accurate business reporting, and strategic decision-making. Read on to learn about the term and the concepts behind it. 

What Is the Closing Rate?

Close Ratio

Close ratio is a metric related to, but not the same as, conversion rate. It specifically represents the number of sales-qualified leads we’re converting into customers. This makes it a Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU)-specific conversion rate metric. 

What Is the Churn Rate?

Consistent growth requires acquiring new customers - but also retaining existing ones. This is why understanding and managing churn rate is so important. 

What Are Channel Sales?

Channel sales uses third-party vendors or intermediaries to sell products and services. The results can be a powerful way to expand market presence and boost revenue.

What Is the Buyer’s Journey?

What Is the Buyer's Journey?

The buyer's journey describes the steps a potential customer takes from first becoming aware of a product and through making a purchase. It maps out how customers behave at every step in the buying process.

What Is a Business Development Rep?

What is a Business Development Representative?

A Business Development Representative (BDR) is responsible for identifying and generating new business opportunities.

What Is BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)?

In B2B sales, the sales funnel is a way to visualize the buyer’s journey and/or sales process. The Bottom Of the Funnel (BOFU) is the decisive phase where prior efforts pay off in the form of conversions. In BOFU, sales and marketing efforts guide potential clients to a purchasing decision.

What is Average Order Value?

Average Order Value is a sales metric and KPI. Used together with other data points, it can tell us how well our sales efforts are going. It can also help us understand the market’s reactions to economic conditions and other unknowns. 

What Is Account Management?

In sales, the term "account" refers to clients and the relationships established with them. Skillful account management is about driving client results, increasing client satisfaction, and discovering growth opportunities.

What Is an Account Executive?

What is an Account Executive?

An account executive (AE) takes new leads from a sales development representative (SDR) and nurtures them. The idea is to take someone who’s new to our offer and move them along the funnel, towards a closed deal. 

What Is Account Based Selling?

As the B2B sales landscape evolves, so do the cadences and tactics. One of the more modern methods gaining popularity is account-based selling (ABS).

4 Web Browser Methods for Screen Recording With Audio

Everyone knows how to take a screenshot - it’s something we do almost every day on smartphones, tablet devices, and PCs. 

AI-Generated Scripts: Crafting Engaging Sales Videos for Your Business

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to introduce a business. While not all users have time to look through the website, they can click the video and get the needed information within minutes. Videos offer various benefits to entrepreneurs:

Add your SavvyCal to Sendspark Videos

Adding your SavvyCal link as a call-to-action (CTA) to your Sendspark videos is a fantastic way to increase your bookings and drive the next steps for your viewers!

Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Hubspot - The Complete Guide

With the Sendspark +  Hubspot Marketing Hub Integration, you can create personalized videos at scale to drive engagement and increase conversions. Make every recipient feel special with a video personalized just for them!

8 Proven B2B Email Marketing Best Practices for Beginners

Email marketing is expected to remain an important marketing tool in 2023 and beyond. Email marketing is cost-effective and can provide businesses with an effective way to reach and engage their target audience. 

Productivity Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Let's look at some tools that can help you make your work (and life!) easier!

AI in Sales: How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing The Sales Space

How much time is your sales team spending selling? You may be quick to say they spend the whole workday selling. It is in their job title, after all.

The Best Free AI Script Generators

Artificial intelligence tools (AI) are part of the latest trends in script writing, content writing and blogging. While many content and copywriters might be afraid of AI technology, it’s there to help them in their work. 

How to Write a Script for a Video that Sells

Marketing teams are always on the hunt for better and more creative ways to reach their audiences. One such way is by creating video content that helps grab attention, drives engagement, and ultimately seals the deal with a sale. But how do you write a script for a video that can successfully drive growth without coming off as overly sales-y?

8 Actionable Ways to Improve Sales Conversion On Your B2B Website

Whether you have an outstanding product or the most competitive market rates, if your audience is clueless about you, they’ll never purchase it. This is pretty common both in the B2B and B2C world. Fortunately, there are specific strategies that you can employ to boost your sales conversion rate. 

The Best Response to a “Not-Interested” Email

Email marketing remains a powerful part of interacting with potential clients and customers. When you interact with them, you’ll get some people who want to work with your business, but others may respond to your emails by saying they aren’t interested in it.

8 Proven Video Scripts to Increase Sales Prospecting Success

In today's digital world, incorporating video in your sales strategy has become more important than ever. Not only does video offer a more efficient way to share information, but it also allows for a more personal touch and a chance for prospects to see the team behind the company. 

How to Salvage Stale Leads with Personalized Videos

How do you get a prospect who has ghosted you to re-engage?

How to Choose a Webcam for Webinar Recording - Tips and Tricks

Running a webinar is a great idea to promote your business, share your expertise, find new partners and expand your business network. Recently, webinars became one of the most effective forms of interaction with potential customers. But to run an engaging webinar, you have to take care of the technical support, in addition to content and promotion. Fortunately, you don’t need many tools - just a computer, the Internet, and a webcam. Let's take a closer look at the latter. 

How To Personalize The Customer Experience And Reward Your Customers

As a business owner, you know that customer satisfaction is key to the success of your company. One way to show your appreciation for your customers is by personalizing their experiences and offering rewards.

The Top 20 Funniest Sales Memes of All Time

Sales is stressful... to say the least. So to get that salesman smile back on your face, we've compiled a list of our favorite sales memes. 

Webcam Tests 101: How to Optimize Your Webcam for the Best Results

Webcam Tests 101: How to Optimize Your Webcam for the Best Results

Are you looking to improve the quality of your webcam's images and videos? Whether you use your webcam for video conferencing, streaming, or other purposes, conducting regular webcam tests can help you ensure that your webcam is performing at its best.

How to Record Your Screen - Mac, PC, Chromebook, and More

Are you looking to record your screen for a tutorial, a video call, or some other purpose? With the right tools, it's easy to capture whatever is happening on your screen, no matter what type of device you're using.

11 Best Chrome Extensions for B2B Sales Teams

There is no second thought about the widespread popularity of Google in the digital world. It’s also not surprising that people across the world are highly relying on chrome making a giant figure of 3.2 billion active users. Chrome extensions can potentially allow your business to break into sales. 

Getting Started with Sendspark & Expandi | Automate Your LinkedIn Video Outreach

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to reach new customers. You can filter leads based on professional criteria, which makes it super powerful for B2B businesses to target prospects based on job title, company size, industry, and other business metrics.

How Webinars Can Increase Sales and Business Growth in 2022

Every business is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to increase sales and growth. One of the best ways for marketing and sales companies to grow is through webinars. 

What's the Best Time to Send Emails?

If your email is sent when most of your audience is rushing to work, your message may get lost in the pile of junk that won't be opened. Don't lose your market.

This is historically a dream for all marketers. No doubt, email is the best way to connect with your audience, but the million dollar question is: what is the best time of day to send mail

Just like social media posts like best to post on Instagram, Yes there is the best time to send mail too.

7 Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

Looking for a screen recorder extension for Chrome?

How to Use ABM Strategy to Get More High-Quality Leads

Account-based marketing, or ABM, is one of a business’s most important strategies. You could miss out on a high sales volume if you’re not using it.

The #1 Free Dubb Alternative: Introducing Sendspark

Are you looking for a Dubb alternative that’s easy to use and fairly priced? Then you’re in the right place. Sendspark is a free Dubb alternative that gives you easier recording, editing, and uploading with a simple user interface. 

How To Write Better Video Captions In 2023

Captions... are they worth it?

How to Use Intent-Based Outreach Tactics to Boost Your Sales

Blame it on technology or blame it on choice overload, but consumer-seller communication is as complex and volatile as one can only imagine. Just as a wake-up call, 44% of Millennials prefer absolutely no interaction with salespeople when making a purchase. 

How to Send Videos in VBOUT Emails

When focusing on growing a business; email marketing, analytics, and social media are all incredibly important areas of focus. VBOUT is a wonderful resource for nurturing these values, as it provides a hub for email automation, lead management, and more.

Lead Lists: What You Need to Know to Start and Scale

For those wanting to market their business, they're going to need a good lead list. Finding and maintaining those leads can be tricky, though. Creating a list is worth it though, as you'll be able to reach the customers who are already interested in your product and potentially want to buy from you.

How to Create Highly Compelling and Helpful Video Content (6 Simple Ways)

According to Cisco's 2022 Report, 82% of global internet traffic will come from either video streaming or video downloads in 2022.

Introducing the Sendspark + Outreach Integration: Send Videos in emails and sequences

We are excited to announce our integration and partnership with Outreach: Sendspark Video for Outreach.

Best Email Marketing Software and Tools to Use in 2023

Email marketing is here to stay. As long as you do it right, email marketing is one of the most effective tools for any business to reach engaged customers. That is why there’s no shortage of email marketing services. 

How to Send Personalized Videos in Klaviyo Emails

Everyone uses email nowadays… this is not a new phenomenon. Email platforms like Klaviyo allows for infinitely easier communication with people and companies across the world. It’s a wonderful resource that we all use constantly. 

Complete Guide To Writing & Adding Subtitles

Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective types of digital marketing which is why it is being used so commonly by businesses and creators of all types. Videos allow marketers to deliver information in a dynamic and engaging way.

7 Creative Ways to Write an Apology Letter for Your Customers

Writing an apology email is never an easy task. You may try consistently to keep your customers happy, but the unexpected can still happen, and mistakes can slip through. You need to know how to deal with the situation in the best possible way if you want to retain customers.

Send Videos in Zendesk to Genuinely Connect with Customers

Video messaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. There are many reasons why you should consider adding video to your customer communication in Zendesk.

10 Best Tools for Sales Teams (2023 Edition) | Sendspark

In the new normal, sales processes change quickly and new apps appear every week. Knowing which tools your team needs for remote work and remote selling can be tricky. 

Why Video is the Best Niche Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing strategies, options are practically endless. You could go the traditional route and purchase print or radio ads, or you could get creative and invest in guerilla marketing tactics like bus stop takeovers or human billboards.

7 Ways to Improve Your Agency’s Client Comms with Video

Client communications can take up a lot of your team’s time. They can result in excessive Zoom calls, stress, and eventual burnout. Even worse - they can be very unproductive. 

7 Chrome Extensions to 5x Your Sales Prospecting | Sendspark

Salespeople agree: prospecting is the hardest part of sales. Keeping your pipeline full of quality prospects is hard if you’re a salesperson and even harder for teams (who need more prospects). 

7 Ways to Use Customer Testimonials Effectively in Your Emails

When it comes to email campaigns you are likely always looking for new ways to spice up the content.  Customer testimonials are a good way of adding some engaging content to your emails and helps sell your products to other businesses while improving the relationships you have with existing clients. So how should you go about using these testimonials?

7 Tips for Creating Genuinely Personalized Cold Outreach Emails

Cold outreach emails. A phrase that makes some marketers cringe. They don't want to put in the effort. It isn't easy money. The ROI is bad.

LinkedIn Marketing - 7 Amazing Tools to Boost Your Efforts

The social platform which is famous for the purpose of creating a professional network is the one and only LinkedIn. 

Five Different Ways to Say “No” Politely

Do you find it hard to refuse overtime requests at your workplace? Does it feel difficult to stand your ground when your colleagues disagree with your opinion? Do you make excuses for things you don’t want to do?

9 Must-See Sales Training Videos to Turn Your Team into Winners

Sales have changed. As consumers become more educated and B2B buyers - more sophisticated, selling requires more finesse and empathy than ever before. Wolf-of-Wall-Street style push tactics are becoming less and less of a thing. 

15 Motivational Sales Videos to Motivate & Teach Your Team | Sendspark

Looking for energy and motivation before your next call, pitch, or meeting? 

 Advantages Of Screen Recorder Tool To A Business

A screen recorder is an online tool that allows you to record your screen and audio at the same time. A good screen recorder is simple to use and doesn't require any installation. It is a great tool for creating how-to videos, product demonstrations, and more. For businesses, the online screen recorder can be used to create training videos, product demonstrations, and more.

How to generate quality leads through video marketing

What better way to get leads than by using video? In the world of marketing, video marketing has taken center stage. It’s engaging, visual, and entertaining. When done correctly, video marketing can generate leads.

Why the Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies Makes Email Marketing More Important Than Ever

Who doesn’t love cookies? Whether fresh from the oven or straight out of the cookie jar, a cookie is always a treat. Well, almost always. 

B2B Marketer’s Guide To Writing A Great Video Script

Business-to-business marketing can be a tough job for sales and marketing teams. Such teams in the B2B industry need all the help they can get, when it comes to marketing. 

Sendspark Guest Blog Post Writer Guidelines

Hello marketers, content creators and friends! 

5 Reasons Why You Should Combine Email Marketing and SMS

Communication is always evolving. And, with this evolution comes more channels for communicating with customers.  

8 Deadly Mistakes Killing Your Lead Generation Strategy

You can't optimize sales without working on a good lead generation strategy. Lead generation is an essential aspect for sales-driven companies that rely on leads. 

11 Prospecting Video Examples [2023 Update]

Using videos to prospects lifts response rates, wins leads, and saves time. It's a powerful way to get more sales with cold outreach post-pandemic. But there's one important caveat.

Thank You For Your Patience | When to Use + 11 Alternative Phrases

“Thank you for your patience” is typically said when there is a long delay. However, this phrase is now so overused that we do not recommend using it for sales, customer service, or even recruiting. 

How to Build a Sales Pipeline from Scratch in 4 Stages [2022 Update]

Creating a consistent sales process can be tough.  We know this from our own experience and from working with hundreds of sales teams as a software provider. 

7 Case Study Video Examples [Updated 2023]

Case studies are a valuable in video marketing, social media marketing, and sales. They make your features and benefits more tangible for prospects. And they help viewers digest and remember key points.

Per Our Conversation | When to Use + 11 Alternative Phrases

Sales is all about building relationships with prospective customers. And that starts with good communication! 

10 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Understanding”

In sales, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Each phrase has its own connotation. And someones, a “good phrase” becomes so widely used, it loses its meaning. You want to be polite, respectful and conversational to build trust and long-lasting relationships… Which leaves no room for error. 

What Email Clients Support Embedded Video

Looking to send videos embedded in email? You've come to the right spot.

5 Ideas to Collect User-Generated Video Content (UGC Video)

With the consistently growing social media popularity, customers have shifted to user-generated content instead of ads. Brands are constantly jumping into what’s trending and working their way toward their customers. 

Snap Camera – Use Video Filters Anywhere on Your Mac or PC

What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is a virtual camera application made by Snap (formerly Snapchat) that lets you easily use virtual backgrounds, makeup, and filters anywhere on your Mac or PC. 

5 Ways CEOs Can Grow Revenue in a Recession

As a CEO, one of the best things you can do for your business during a recession is focus on growth. 

9 Best Virtual Selling Tools for Smart Sales Pros | Sendspark

75% of sales interactions now happen online. If you want to hit targets, feed your pipeline and help your company win, that’s where your sales process has to be: online. 

New Integration: Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Hubspot

Emails with personalized video can see up to 16x higher click-to-open rates and 4.5x higher in unique click-throughs compared to non-personalized content. 

How to Embed Videos in Email Marketing Messages | Sendspark

Video content is booming right now. Consumers love watching it, marketers love using it. In our clients' case studies, embedding videos in emails increased open rates by 200% - and revenue by 190% (Sendspark).

3 Steps to Better Customer Check In Emails

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz from sales influencers on LinkedIn against traditional check in emails.

New Management Features to Organize and Find Videos

We’re excited to bring you a new Sendspark dashboard to better organize and find videos! 

8 Virtual Selling Best Practices for 2023

A McKinsey study found 3 in 4 sales interactions now happen online.

9 Video Prospecting Best Practices (2023 Edition)

Post-pandemic, most B2B sales happen online. Things are likely to stay this way; 3 in 4 decision makers prefer virtual sales to in-person ones (McKinsey).

When is the Best Time to Send a Personalized Video?

We often get asked about the best time to send personalized videos during the sales process. 

Is Linkedin Sales Navigator Worth It?

The answer to whether Sales Navigator is really worth it solely depends on you, your needs, and your business goals.

Top 17 Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn [Updated for 2023]

Following sales influencers on LinkedIn is one of the easiest – and most fun – ways to accelerate your career.

Looking for a Sales Navigator Alternative? Here Are Our Top 4 Choices

Sales Navigator is a native LinkedIn tool that allows you to make the most of what this professional network has to offer - especially when it comes to prospecting.

8 Great LinkedIn Summary Examples for Sales

If you seriously mean business on LinkedIn, your summary is one of the top things you must pay attention to.

Top 9 Tips for LinkedIn Prospecting in 2023

LinkedIn prospecting is, simply put, the process of identifying your ideal customers on LinkedIn and building rapport with them.

How to Create a Video Email Signature

Want to add a personal touch to every email you send out?

How to Turn a Video Into a Link (100% Free)

Looking for an easy way to turn videos into links? You’re in the right place. Sendspark is a free 3-in-1 Chrome extension that records videos and screencasts; uploads them to our server; turns them into shareable links. 

How to Embed a Video in Google Slides (in 60 seconds)

To embed a video in Google Slides, upload it to Google Drive - then add it to your presentation using the Insert tab in Slides. The whole process takes seconds. 

Video Sales Enablement – The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows

Sales enablement is precisely what it sounds like - a set of practices, activities, and measures that aim to help sales reps close more deals in the most efficient way possible.

How to Send a Video That is Too Large

The best way to send a heavy video is as a streamable link. This way, you can send videos quickly and easily without adding large attachments to your messages.

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled sales professional that can transform prospecting from a miserable hit-and-miss slog into an effortlessly targeted process overnight. 

What are the Linkedin Video Specs for 2023?

The first thing you need to know about LinkedIn Video specs is this: they’re different for videos you share in posts or messages and for video adverts. 

How to Create the Perfect Welcome Video - A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you’re welcoming new employees or new customers, a great welcome video can make the difference between getting off to a flying start or stumbling out of the blocks. 

4 Best LinkedIn Video Makers

Picking the best LinkedIn video maker for your business can be a minefield…

How to Master LinkedIn Video Marketing - Our In-Depth Guide

Ever wondered how LinkedIn video marketing masters do their thing?

New: Send Personalized Videos at Scale with Templates

Sick of Copying and Pasting?

Want to record a lot of similar — but still personalized — videos?

Now, instead of typing out content for each video, you can just select a template!

(Note - templates are best used for when you want to create genuinely personalized videos for each prospect, but still move fast. If your goal to completely automate the video creation process, try our AI Intros feature to automatically add your viewer's first name to your video)

We Tried 4 Best Veed Alternatives - Here’s Our Detailed Comparison

Veed's video creation platform has some great functionality and a lot of personality. But is it right for your business?

New: Camera Spotlight

Take center stage with Camera Spotlight. 

Camera Spotlight lets you toggle focus the between yourself or your screen — so you can make engaging, personalized product video. 

Best 4 CloudApp Alternatives

Looking for CloudApp alternatives but not sure what’s right for your screen recording needs?

Weighing Up Snagit Competitors? Here Are Our Top Alternatives

If you’ve had it with Snagit, then look no further! 

How to Create a Video Marketing Funnel to Fuel High-Quality Leads

Attention marketers! Your video marketing funnel should be supplying your sales team with more hot, juicy leads than they can handle - without the need for inefficient, expensive cold outreach. 👍

The 6 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (Updated for 2023)

What is a LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedIn automation tools let you automate the manual tasks you’re already doing on LinkedIn. With a good LinkedIn automation tool, you’ll be able to automatically search for new contacts, send connection requests, and automate follow up messages. And the best LinkedIn automation platforms provide functionality around visiting LinkedIn profiles, liking posts, and endorsing skills, so you can easily boost your LinkedIn presence. 

Don't like Camtasia? We tried the 4 best alternatives, here's our feedback

Has Camtasia crashed on you one too many times? Uncomfortable downloading your video editing and screen recording software when everything else you use is SaaS?

Introducing CRM Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho

You can now see Sendspark viewer engagement right in your Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zoho CRM to measure the impact video is having on your business.

We Tried 3 Best Droplr Alternatives - Here's a Detailed Report

Thinking of dropping Droplr but not sure what to use instead? No need to panic - we’ve got you covered with this deep dive into the three best alternatives out there. 

Video in Email Prospecting: 10 moves to Power Up Your Sales Outreach


Introducing Viewer Insights

We’re excited to release Viewer Insights! This provides more context on who is watching your videos. 

Personalized Video: Everything You Need To Know

It’s 2022! And no doubt you’ve already read that video and personalization are **the** trends to watch in marketing, sales, and comms - right?

The Complete Guide on Creating Bulletproof B2B Sales Funnels

What’s a B2B sales funnel? And why is it like a pinball machine…? Just two of the questions we answer in this complete guide to creating B2B sales funnels that aren’t just bulletproof - but that eat bullets for breakfast! 😲

How to Grow Pipeline & Crush Targets with Video for Sales | Sendspark

We live in a world where most sales comms happen online and buyers increasingly prefer async, self-serve sales processes. To compete in this environment, sales teams are getting better at prospecting, nurturing, and converting leads using video

Video Distribution: The Best Places to Use and Share Video

What’s the use of a beautiful video that nobody ever sees? Video distribution needs to be a central part of your strategy if you want to get your message out there. 

The SaaS Sales Funnel: Build a Well-Oiled Sales Machine

Get ready to get SaaS-y about sales funnels 🤣🤣🤣! 

6 Video Types to Include in Your Customer Onboarding

Video is a powerful medium for customer onboarding. Almost 80% of users remember a video they watched in the last thirty days with remarkable accuracy. 

New Instant Integrations: Gmail, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Intercom, and Zendesk

Record and share videos faster! Now you can record and share videos directly from your favorite customer messaging platforms:

7 Tried & Tested Ways to Use Video for Customer Success

You ran into an issue on your mobile device, and now it wouldn’t play any audio. You can either spend hundreds of dollars on store repair or watch a couple of YouTube videos to see if you can fix it by yourself.

How to Use Videos in Your Product-Led Growth Journey

Let’s face it. Picture-based marketing campaigns are becoming outdated. And companies are innovating at a rapid pace to craft creative video marketing campaigns. 

Video Email Deliverability: How To Keep Video Emails Out Of Spam

Do Video Emails Go to Spam?

Surprisingly, no! When video emails are formatted correctly, they are actually less likely to go to spam than other types of emails. 

Create a Video Email Sales Funnel [Step-by-Step Guide]

Want to create an email sales funnel that takes the hard work out of selling? 

Then look no further! We’re going to take you through all the steps you need to get this highly effective marketing strategy for turning prospects into customers efficiently, effectively, and with nobody left behind up and running. 

And because we’re Sendspark - and we love connecting with video💖 - we’re going to make sure you don’t miss out on the power of video to turbocharge your funnels.

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