Send Personalized Videos with Templates

Want to record a lot of similar — but still personalized — videos? Now, instead of typing out content for each video, you can just select a template!

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7 Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

Looking for a screen recorder extension for Chrome?

How to Use ABM Strategy to Get More High-Quality Leads

Account-based marketing, or ABM, is one of a business’s most important strategies. You could miss out on a high sales volume if you’re not using it.

The #1 Free BombBomb Alternative: Introducing Sendspark

Are you looking for a Bombbomb alternative that’s good for all channels - not just email - and fairly priced? Then you’re in the right place. Sendspark is a free Bombbomb alternative records videos quickly and easily across all your apps.

The #1 Free Dubb Alternative: Introducing Sendspark

Are you looking for a Dubb alternative that’s easy to use and fairly priced? Then you’re in the right place. Sendspark is a free Dubb alternative that gives you easier recording, editing, and uploading with a simple user interface. 

How To Write Better Video Captions In 2022

Captions... are they worth it?

Networking - What it is and why it matters

Did you know there have been many instances where a deal gets sealed before representatives even meet? 

How to Send Videos in VBOUT Emails

When focusing on growing a business; email marketing, analytics, and social media are all incredibly important areas of focus. VBOUT is a wonderful resource for nurturing these values, as it provides a hub for email automation, lead management, and more.

Lead Lists: What You Need to Know to Start and Scale

For those wanting to market their business, they're going to need a good lead list. Finding and maintaining those leads can be tricky, though. Creating a list is worth it though, as you'll be able to reach the customers who are already interested in your product and potentially want to buy from you.

Introducing the Sendspark + Outreach Integration: Send Videos in emails and sequences

We are excited to announce our integration and partnership with Outreach: Sendspark Video for Outreach.

Best Email Marketing Software and Tools to Use in 2022

Email marketing is here to stay. As long as you do it right, email marketing is one of the most effective tools for any business to reach engaged customers. That is why there’s no shortage of email marketing services. 

How to Send Personalized Videos in Klaviyo Emails

Everyone uses email nowadays… this is not a new phenomenon. Email platforms like Klaviyo allows for infinitely easier communication with people and companies across the world. It’s a wonderful resource that we all use constantly. 

Complete Guide To Writing & Adding Subtitles

Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective types of digital marketing which is why it is being used so commonly by businesses and creators of all types. Videos allow marketers to deliver information in a dynamic and engaging way.

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